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Torchlight 2: Electric Storm Embermage Build Guide

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The Storm Mage is proficient in shocking enemies with variety of electric skills.

Striking multiple foes is what storm builds all about, with some assistance from both inferno and frost.

Electric Embermage, Copyright Runic Games

Electric Embermage, Copyright Runic Games


Dexterity (100 Stat Points)

Do not miss putting few points in dexterity for critical hit chance, fumble recovery, and dodge.

Focus (345 Stat Points)

The stat makes your thunder strike deadlier. This includes all other elemental damaging skills.

Don’t forget that focus also increases maximum mana and execute chance like dual wield wands.

Vitality (50 Stat Points)

Boost some vitality to increase your chance of survival in case you are hit by heavy damage.


Inferno (23 Skill Points)

Immolation Aura (15 Skill Points)

You need Immolation Aura to decrease damage that can totally kill you.

This skill cannot be cast often since it has longer cooldown than the duration. So it is advisable to use it wisely.

Nearby enemies are also damaged with fire using this skill.

Elemental Attunement (7 Skill Points)

This passive skill offers chance to burn, freeze, shock, and poison surrounding enemies.

All your remaining skill points should be invested here.

Elemental Attunement complements with Fire Brand, Ice Brand, and Lightning Brand.

Fire Brand (1 Skill Point)

Some high electric resistant enemies should be dealt with other elements like fire.

Regarding activation of this passive skill, you have Elemental Attunement etc...

Frost (49 Skill Points)

Hailstorm (15 Skill Points)

Cast Hailstorm first to make enemies more vulnerable to your electric damage. The skill can also freeze or stun affected enemies.

It complements with Shocking Orb, Thunder Locus, and Lightning Brand.

Frost Phase (1 Skill Point)

Frost Phase grants you the ability to teleport with just 1 level.

Do not waste more skill points; you just need the teleport ability.

Elemental Boon (15 Skill Points)

The ultimate Embermage buff skill. Powerful but has longer cooldown than the duration.

Use this skill on bosses or elite enemies to:

Increase your elemental damage

Reduce your elemental damage taken

Increase your mana recovery

Increase your resistance to slow and immobilize effects

Ice Prison (1 Skill Point)

This skill traps enemies holding them for a while.

One level is enough for this skill.

Astral Ally (15 Skill Points)

Summons a mage ally increasing your damage per second capability.

Frozen Fate (1 Skill Point)

The skill has chance to freeze enemies whenever you kill an enemy. Don’t add more skill points here.

Ice Brand (1 Skill Point)

Some high electric resistant enemies should be dealt with other elements like ice.

Regarding activation of this passive skill, you have Elemental Attunement etc...

Storm (60 Skill Points)

Thunder Locus (15 Skill Points)

Cast this skill on a target location and it will blast any foes there for a few seconds.

Since it’s a onetime cast, you have moments to throw other skills like spamming Shocking Orb.

Shocking Orb (15 Skill Points)

This is you main damage dealing skill. It skill excels in striking multiple opponents. So no matter how many minions are there, the skill can quickly wipe them all.

Shocking Orb inflicts weapon damage so it also gains bonus power from strength (if there is any from item affixes).

Prismatic Rift (15 Skill Points)

It has chance to teleport enemies away when they hit you.

Nice addition to your defense because you need to avoid damage as much as possible.

Lightning Brand (15 Skill Points)

With this passive skill, you deal more electric damage to shocked enemies. Spamming Shocking Orb and Thunder Locus means activating Lightning Brand is not a problem.

Spell Tome

Spell: Elemental Overload

Your backup power up in case Elemental Boon is on cooldown.

Spell: Heal All

During higher difficulty, you need all the health recovery that you can get.

Tome: Arcane Tools

Permanently increases damage of either your wand or staff.

Tome: Concentration

It lets your mana hungry Embermage spam more skills.

Equipment Affixes Priority


You need the highest weapon damage as possible for your Shocking Orb.

All Armor, Health, and Reduce damage taken

Protect yourself from death because high damage is nothing if you are dead.

Critical hit chance and critical hit damage

These affixes multiply your electric damage.

Boost Electric damage

Get every electric damage boost that you can.

Feel free to make your own version of this build.

God Bless you more