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"Torchlight 2": Dual Wand Embermage Build Guide for Beginners

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Wand Embermage, Copyright Runic Games

Wand Embermage, Copyright Runic Games

This build maximize the use of dual wands with high amount of Focus. Combine with powerful passive skills Wand Chaos, Fire Brand, Ice Brand, and Lightning Brand.

Defensively, the build keeps opponent at bay with Ice Prison and Prismatic Rift.


  • Dexterity (100 Stat Points): 100 points is enough for the build’s needed critical hit chance, dodge, and fumble recovery.
  • Focus (345 Stat Points): The stat boosts elemental damage of both wands and skills. It also increases mana and chance to strike both similar weapons when dual wield.
  • Vitality (50 Stat Points): Put some few points here for survivability.


Inferno (30 Skill Points)

  • Elemental Attunement (15 Skill Points): It helps Wands and Active skills to inflict elemental effects. This skill grants passive aura that has chance to inflict Burn, Freeze, Shock, and Poison on nearby enemies.
  • Fire Brand (15 Skill Points): The skill works well with Elemental Attunement and Prismatic Rift. Passive provides extra fire damage to burning enemy that you hit.

Frost (47 Skill Points)

  • Frost Phase (1 Skill Point): Use this skill to teleport from one place to another. Even a single point on this skill is useful for both escaping and chasing enemies. It’s also good for travelling faster.
  • Ice Prison (15 Skill Points): This skill keeps your opponents at bay. Once you encase enemies in prison. You can now send barrage of damage to your enemies without worrying. Opponents also receive ice damage overtime. A must to keep your Embermage protected from harm.
  • Astral Ally (15 Skill Points): Summoning companion helps you unleash more damage to your enemies.
  • Frozen Fate (1 Skill Point): Putting a single point on this skill provides you some chance to freeze more enemies. It works well with Ice Brand.
  • Ice Brand (15 Skill Points): The skill works well with Elemental Attunement, Frozen Fate, and Prismatic Rift. Passive provides extra ice damage to frozen enemy that you hit.

Storm (55 Skill Points)

  • Thunder Locus (15 Skill Points): The skill’s duration complements well with Ice Prison and Dual Wands.
  • Prismatic Rift (10 Skill Points): This passive is another line of defense in case enemies swarm you. Prismatic Rift has chance to teleport enemies away with another chance to cause random elemental effects. It complements well with Fire Brand, Ice Brand, and Lightning Brand.
  • Wand Chaos (15 Skill Points): The main skill for this build that grants bizarre random elemental disturbance.
  • Lightning Brand (15 Skill Points): The skill works well with Elemental Attunement and Prismatic Rift. Passive provides extra lightning damage to shocked enemy that you hit.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Elemental Overload - The spell increases the damage of your Wands and Elemental Skills.
  • Spell: Heal All - Good addition for this build that allows you to heal the entire party.
  • Tome: Arcane Tools - Passively increases the damage of your wands.
  • Tome: Dual Wielding - Passively increases the damage of your wands when dual wielding.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Multi Element Dual Wand: A must weapon for your high amount of Focus stats and passive skills.
  • Boost elemental damage: Lots of equipments can provide this kind of boost.
  • Critical hit chance or critical hit damage: Extra damage is more welcome for this build.
  • Health stolen on hit: You’re going to hit enemies a lot using your wand. Bonus health on hit really helps for survivability.

Feel free to make your own variants.


ard on July 23, 2020:

Thinking about dropping Astral Ally, as it does die quickly. I might replace that with death's bounty for extra health, and free up that affix property for something else. I may change it out to Prismatic Bolt for more varied experience. Multiple way's to play that dual build. Super awesome build BTW. I'm just now starting torchlight II, and I feel like a pro because of guides like this one.

Arc Sosangyo (author) on November 23, 2014:

Thanks for dropping by.

mcflipflop on November 23, 2014:

Great looking build. Just picked the game up yesterday and this has given me a great jumping off point.

I was going to go pure fire dual wand, but from your build it seems completely viable to put points into different trees. That frees the game up somewhat!


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