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"Torchlight 2": Critical Striker Dual Claw Berserker Build

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Unleash Berserkers fury using barrage of basic attacks.

The build relies on powerful and quick basic attacks using dual claw.

Claws are fast, damaging and can penetrate target’s armor. That’s why it can maximize the effectiveness of Blood Hunger, Executioner, and Shred Armor.

However, claws cannot strike multiple enemies. So Stormclaw and Red Wolf plus good amount of critical hit chance is included on this build.

This Berserker is dangerous in duel.

Claw Berserker, Copyright Runic Games

Claw Berserker, Copyright Runic Games


  • Strength (200 Stat Points): Strength is what you need to increase weapon damage of your claws. It also increases critical hit damage which is good since this build has high amount of critical hit chance.
  • Dexterity (195 Stat Points): You can do a lot of things with dexterity for this build. Critical hit not only multiplies your damage but also proc Blood Hunger and Red Wolf. High dexterity also means you can dodge a lot and increases fumble recovery.
  • Vitality (100 Stat Points): Good amount of vitality to complement with Blood Hunger’s healing and Shred Armor’s bonus physical armor.


Hunter (61 Skill Points)

  • Howl (15 Skill Points): This is the first skill that you are going to cast before attacking enemies. Howl decreases nearby foes overall speed and increases the damage they take.
  • Battle Rage (15 Skill Points): Cast Battle Rage before anything else making you deadlier in the field. It increases your damage for each enemy within skill’s range. Damage you take is also reduces for each enemy within skill’s range.
  • Blood Hunger (15 Skill Points): Both critical hit chance and maximum health is important for this skill. Blood Hunger is the reason why Berserkers are hard to kill. The passive skill heals your Berserker for a percentage of maximum health whenever landing critical strike.
  • Executioner (15 Skill Points): Execute lets you attack with both similar weapons at the same time. This passive skill increases chance to execute so that you don’t need to invest stat points in focus. You also gain more charge when execute successfully.
  • Rampage (1 Skill Point): Put 1 point in Rampage to gain some unexpected increase in overall speed.
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Tundra (25 Skill Points)

  • Stormclaw (1 Skill Point): Casting this skill provides chance to hit multiple enemies with Lightning. Lightning bounces towards nearby enemies. Investing more points is not worth it for this build. Make it 1 point wonder only. It’s a nice addition to this build since claws cannot hit multiple enemies.
  • Cold Steel Mastery (15 Skill Points): Only affects melee attacks. Cold Steel Mastery increases physical damage and greatly increases ice damage. This passive skill is forcing you to equip claws that deal ice damage. Or you won’t maximize the skill’s effectiveness.
  • Shatter Storm (1 Skill Point): Since Cold Steel Mastery forces you to equip claws that deal ice damage, putting 1 point in this skill is also good.
  • Rage Retaliation (8 Skill Points): All your remaining skill points should be put here. Rage Retaliation automatically counterattacks an enemy that struck you.

Shadow (46 Skill Points)

  • Wolf Shade (15 Skill Points): Basically, you need this wolf to steal health for you. It can also help you in killing multiple enemies.
  • Savage Rush (1 Skill Point): Use Savage Rush to move quickly letting you travel faster. This skill is not part of your offense. So put only 1 skill point for lower casting cost.
  • Shred Armor (15 Skill Points): Shred Armor makes enemies more vulnerable and makes you harder to take physical damage.
  • Red Wolf (15 Skill Points): Since claws cannot hit multiple enemies. Red Wolf grants chance to hit multiple whenever you land critical strike.

Spell Tome

  • Tome: Armor Expertise - Passively increases your armor.
  • Tome: Weapon Expertise - Permanently increases the damage of Claws.
  • Tome: Dual Wielding - It maximizes the damage potential of your dual claws.
  • Tome: Willpower - This tome makes you an unstoppable force.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Dual Claws with ice damage: This build is design for dual claws. And don’t forget the ice damage so that Cold Steel Mastery won’t be wasted.
  • Critical hit chance and critical damage: Dealing critical strikes is what this build all about.
  • Health: More health means more Blood Hunger life steal.
  • Bonus strength, dexterity, and vitality: You should get more stats from items.

Feel free to make your own variants.

© 2014 Arc Sosangyo

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