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Top Twenty Best Snooker Quotes- The Commentators

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Snooker Commentators

There have been may memorable snooker commentators, and ever since Ted Lowe uttered his memorable quote" Steve is going for the pink ball - and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green." Snooker commentators have given us a lot more amusing and unforgettable snooker quotes.

Top Twenty Snooker Quotes

This looks like being the longest frame in the match, even though it's the first. Clive Everton.

All the reds are in the open now apart from the blue. John VIirgo.

Well, the shot would have been safe if the red hadn't ended up over the pocket.Ted Lowe.

I am speaking from a deserted and virtually empty Crucible Theatre. David Vine.

Well, valour was the better part of discretion there.   Jack Karneham.

Tony Meo beginning to find his potting boots. Rex Williams.

A little pale in the face, but then his name is White. Ted Lowe.

Tony Meo is eyeing up a plant .  David Vine.

I know people say Ronnie O'Sullivan is the best thing in snooker since Tiger woods.Willie Thorne.

 Mark is facing defeat in the face. John Virgo.

Well he has conceded there, but he never gives up ,does he Steve. John Parrot.

A two frame lead is really only one.  Eddie Charlton.

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And Jimmy's potting literally doing the commentary here. Ted Lowe.

He has to stay level, or one frame behind, that's the only way he can beat him.Dennis Taylor.

He made a break of  98 , which was almost 100.  Alan Weeks.

Perrie Mans played a prominent part in this tournament in1979- in fact he won it. Ted Lowe.

He (Jimmy White) has popped out to the toilet to compose himself for the final push. Steve Davis.

After 12 frames they stand all square. The next frame, believe it or not, is the 13th. David Vine.

Although he has virtually won this match now he still really needs to win it.  John Pulman.

All square all the way round.Ted Lowe. 


Sven on January 23, 2013:

John Virgo's comment after Shaun Murphy plays in off in the right center pocket:

It's not unlucky, those pockets are always in the same position.

Pawan Sahni on December 15, 2010:

My fave quote: "The final frame, the final black."

Additionally, excellent place to gain snooker dvds:

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