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Top Ten Citadel Paints for your High Elf Army

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Warriors of the Blade by Games Workshop

Warriors of the Blade by Games Workshop

New High Elf Paint Collection from Games Workshop

Games Workshop is now offering to sell you paints in sets according to army. The High Elf Paint Collection is a 34-paint set that will give you all the paint you could ever need for painting your High Elves in the classic Ulthuan color scheme.

Citadel paints are 12 milliliter pots of paint. The paint itself is none-toxic, water-based acrylic paints designed specifically for Citadel miniatures. The Citadel paints allow you to mix the paints easily, you do not have to put on layer after layer on your miniature for the paint to be vibrant and the color intended, also because it is water-based the paints can be easily removed.

Have you decided to paint a High Elf army but do not want to get this paint set and instead want to minimize the amount of paint you buy but still want to have your army look amazing? Here is a list of the top ten paints to buy if you want to paint your High Elf army on a budget.

High Elf Paint Collection by Games Workshop

High Elf Paint Collection by Games Workshop

What is in the Collection?

For the your High Elves' blue robes and heraldry the collection includes Caledar Sky (basecoat), Drakenhof Nightshade (wash), Teclis Blue (layer), Lothern Blue (layer), Etherium Blue (drybrush), and Guilliman Blue (glaze).

For their white robes the collection has Celestra Grey (basecoat), Nuln Oil (wash), Ulthuan Grey (layer), White Scar (layer), Praxeti White (drybrush).

For the steel of their weapons the collection has Leadbelcher (basecoat), Nuln Oil (wash,only one of these), Ironbreaker (layer), Runefang Steel (layer), and Necron Compound (drybrush).

For the flesh of your High Elves there is Ratskin Flesh (basecoat), Reikland Fleshshade (wash), Bestigor Flesh (layer), Ungor Flesh (layer), and Eldar Flesh (drybrush).

For the gold the collection has Balthasar Gold (basecoat), Agrax Earthshade (wash), Gehenna's Gold (layer), Auric Armour Gold (layer), Golden Griffon (drybrush).

For the light wood there is XV-88 (basecoat), Seraphim Sepia (wash), Balor Brown (layer), Zamesi Brown (layer), Terminatus Stone (drybrush).

And then for gems the collection includes Abaddon Black (basecoat), Mephiston Red (layer), Troll Slayer Orange (layer), Yriel Yellow (layer), White Scar (layer, only one of these).

If you just want to go ahead and get this expansive collection here.

Games Workshop Paint System for High Elves

High Elves Paint Collection by Games Workshop

High Elves Paint Collection by Games Workshop

High Elves Paint Collection by Games Workshop

High Elves Paint Collection by Games Workshop

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1. Caledor Sky

Caledor Sky is a Citadel basecoat paint. Blues are incredibly important if you want to paint your High Elves in the colors depicted in Warhammer. If you have the older Citadel paint system the correlating color is Enchanted Blue. You would use Caledar Sky in basecoating the robes, heraldry, and other items with blue in them.

2. White Scar

White Scar is a Citadel layer paint. White is the second most important color to have when painting your High Elves. This is because where there is blue there is usually white to help accent the blue. Sometimes there is more white than blue in the robes. When it comes down to it White Scar is an essential citadel paint for most armies. White can be used in eyes, robes, bones, and many other parts of the Warhammer miniatures.

3. Leadbelcher

Leadbelcher is a metallic basecoat paint. This is used for the chainmail on armor and the steel on weapons. This is an important citadel paint for your warriors who have spears, swords, and armor. Leadbelcher is also used for other Warhammer armies' miniatures. It is so important to your painting that it is one of the select paints in Citadel Hobby Starter kits.

4. Ungor Flesh

Ungor Flesh is a Citadel layer paint. This flesh tone is used for just that: painting your High Elves skintone. The right skintone is very important for High Elves. You would not want your High Elves to look like Dark Elves would you?

Well you could if you really wanted to be evil.

5. Auric Armour Gold

Auric Armour Gold is a Citadel layer paint. Gold is used in various ways on your High Elves. There are parts of gold on weapons, armor, helmets, shields, on robes, and so on. Gold is used to make the High Elves look superior and therefore is a must for your miniatures.

6. XV-88

XV-88 is a Citadel basecoat paint. This brown would be used for any wood that needs to be painted. For example bows and arrows would need a brown color.

7. Nuln Oil

Nuln Oil is a Citadel wash. This wash is important when bringing out detail in items such as armor. Washes are important because it brings out the natural recesses without you having to create your own shadows to accentuate the miniature.

Nuln Oil is another paint that is important, not just for High Elves, but for the other armies as well. Like Leadbelcher and others it is in the Warhammer Paint starter kit.

8. Abaddon Black

Abaddon Black is a Citadel basecoat paint. Abaddon Black is just one of those colors that you could end up using on various things, and is not restricted to the High Elves.

9. Lothern Blue

Lothern Blue is a Citadel layer paint. Blues are very important for your High Elves. Usually when the name of the paint refers to the High Elves specifically then it is an important paint for your miniatures.

10. Etherium Blue

Ehterium Blue is a Citadel drybrush paint. Using this blue for your drybrush at the end of your painting will bring out the ethereal look your High Elves have. The color blue is what distinguishes them from the other armies and therefore it is important that you highlight it.

Citadel Paint Sets

If you are feeling adventurous instead of frugal, then you can just buy the whole set. Citadel has many paints and if you want to be able to use any and all of them then by all means buy the whole set. It is up to you and the amount you are willing to pay for to maintain your hobby. I do not think it is necessary to buy every single paint because there are just some I will never use. My armies are fairly monochromatic.

I made this list as a guide for buying Citadel paints on a budget. By no means do you have to stick to it. Everyone paints differently and everyone will want a certain look for their army. You can paint your army with a small amount of colors and it will still look good and look like an army.

In Conclusion, this is a guide on what paints to buy. If you want to know how to use the paints, check out tutorials on the specific squad or Hero you will be painting.

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