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Top Five Characters That Should Be DLC in "Super Smash Brothers Ultimate"

Nigel has been playing video games ever since he first picked up a Master System controller in his diapers. Nintendo fanboy.

The reveal image to announce Incineroar, of Pokemon Sun and Moon fame has joined Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

The reveal image to announce Incineroar, of Pokemon Sun and Moon fame has joined Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

December has arrived and with that will come (or has already come depending on when you read this) the new Smash Brothers entry, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. For April Fools Day this year, I wrote a gag article about the top ten entries using entries nobody asked for. Today I turn to serious thoughts about who I genuinely would like to see—nay, who I would actually pay extra money for—in Smash Brothers Ultimate.

A few caveats: I actually have never played Banjo-Kazooie so I cannot comment on authority if he would be a good addition. Plus I want to shine a spotlight on characters that may be overlooked in the discussions among Smash fans, or at least the discussions I've been following. Goku was on my gag list because I really don't want him in Smash. I'm neither a Dragonball Z fan, nor do I think those who have requested him understand how game balancing works and would be crying foul after the first time they use Goku and lose to Ice Climbers. So Goku is not on the list and let's consider Banjo an honorable mention.

Secondly, I will not be adding characters that could be "Echo fighters" as I think they could have their own list.

Thirdly, this is my opinion, and if commentors on my Greatest Anime of all Time list have taught me anything, it's that my opinion probably sucks, so please take my views with a grain of salt.

Image of Phoenix Wright from the sixth entry in the popular series.

Image of Phoenix Wright from the sixth entry in the popular series.

#5 - Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright Franchise)

I'm a bit surprised this one doesn't come up more often. Phoenix does come up in conversations about Smash, but is often overshadowed by other wish list characters such as Shadow and Banjo Kazooie. Phoenix already has what could be a great basis for a moveset, borrowing from his Marvel vs Capcom 3 moveset that was hilariously out of place for that game but would fit in quite well with the Smash Brothers aesthetic.

Until recently, his core game appearances have been exclusive to Nintendo, with his only appearance on a rival console being Marvel vs Capcom 3. Though the original trilogy has gone multiplatform, Capcom has always had a great working relationship with Nintendo, even sticking by their side through the dreaded WiiU days. Megaman could use some company from his parent company and Phoenix Wright is just the attorney to deliver.

Mona has been a mainstay in the WarioWare series since the original release. No, she's not a WaPeach or WaDaisy and is actually pretty cool.

Mona has been a mainstay in the WarioWare series since the original release. No, she's not a WaPeach or WaDaisy and is actually pretty cool.

#4 - Mona (WarioWare Series)

Mona, the beauty that Wario fans ship as much as she herself ships pizzas. She's definitely not a WaPeach or any other "WaPrincess" but is rather one of Wario's friends who help him design video games in the WarioWare universe. Her day jobs vary from entry to entry but usually involve food of some sort.

Since almost all the character appearances in WarioWare are brief, it's hard to get a specific moveset nailed down, though she could dash across with her scooter, hit people with her baton or even use the noise from her guitar as a weapon (or use the guitar itself, if she feels so inclined). She could also serve food, using handing an ice cream cone as a quick attack or throw pizzas at opponents.

Aside from the Biker Wario costume for Wario and some trophies and music, this is a game that has been underrepresented in Smash Bros and it's high time it gets some fighter representation.

Promotional artwork released by Nintendo of Ribbon Girl.

Promotional artwork released by Nintendo of Ribbon Girl.

#3 - Ribbon Girl/Spring Man (Arms)

Nintendo's newest IP is chock full of colorful characters perfectly designed for Smash Bros, after all it is a fighting game. For this one, I picked Ribbon Girl and Spring Man, with either one being alternate skins/color swaps of the other, similar to how all the Koopalings are swaps for Bowser Jr.

Of course, they could borrow parts of their moveset from Arms, however, they will need some close range moves and they will need to be adjusted for balance so they can't just be smashing everyone from across the screen. And my favorite part? Their unconscious/dizzy animation can have their masks fall off, rendering their arms useless for a few seconds.

Splatoon should have been considered for DLC in Smash Bros WiiU and 3DS, and ranked very high in every poll for it, and would have ranked higher I imagine had voters not assumed the Inklings would be a given. Let's not make Arms wait until the next Smash Bros game to get it's entry.

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Promotional Image for "Cuphead in 'Don't Deal with the Devil'"

Promotional Image for "Cuphead in 'Don't Deal with the Devil'"

#2 - Cuphead (Cuphead)

Technically, this is Cuphead and Mugman, but I think Mugman would be better as an echo fighter instead of a simple pallet swap. I was originally going to go with 2B from Nier:Automata in this position but 2B has already been added to Soul Caliber 6 as DLC, plus Nier being a PS4 exclusive means more effort on Sakurai's part as well as Square-Enix and Platinum Games legal teams.

Cuphead has so far been a mostly XBox and Microsoft deal, but Nintendo has been working hard to court indie developers and it's not hard to imagine Cuphead appearing on the Switch at some time in the future. While I think that's a while yet before that happens, Nintendo owners will have to settle for Cuphead appearing as DLC in Smash.

Besides, the roster seems to be overloaded with sword users lately. It could use another gunner to round things out.

Licensed Artwork for "Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero"

Licensed Artwork for "Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero"

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#1 - Shantae (Shantae Series)

This is another that comes up in conversations on forums and message boards but gets overshadowed and ignored on social media and YouTube vids devoted to the subject. And of course, my personal top choice for who should be added. Seriously, I had been campaigning for Shantae back in the WiiU/3DS Smash Bros polls.

2D platformers have always been among my favorite genres and Shantae is no exception. It was also a cult breakthrough for indie developers, having been created and designed by a husband and wife team from WayForward games for the Game Boy Color. Nearly never seeing a sequel after poor sales but high critical success, a second game released in 2010 and not only revived the franchise but helped push indie companies into the mainstream.

It's time, Shantae is perfectly suited for Smash Bros Ultimate, with her cartoon combat style and unique humor, and since nothing is prohibiting Spirits from also being combatants - in fact, the whole roster also has a spirit of them as well - the fact that Shantae is indeed in Spirits Mode could be a good sign of things to come.

Wrapping up

My pre-order is already in, so if I can put down Smash Bros long enough you can expect a review sometime in the future. Because we're totally going to need more Smash Bros Ultimate reviews. There's 5 DLC spaces announced so far to be in Smash Bros Ultimate. Let's hope they don't go to waste. If you'd like to check out my top 5 echo fighters that should be DLC, click here.

Who would you like to see in Smash Bros? Check out the poll and tell me why my opinion is objectively wrong in the comments!

Poll Time!

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GrimDrago on December 06, 2018:

Shantae gets my vote all the way!

Awesome series with great music... but totally would've voted Phoenix if she wasn't here.

Also Captain Syrup ovee Mona

Definetly need more Warioland love all around. Plus she's a pirate and a boss character so making would be easier.

° on December 06, 2018:

She's gotten tons of support from both the fanbase and her own creators all these years, including the custom skins & etc both sides have came up with.

Apparently, Snake got in (Brawl) originally because Hideo Kojima simply wanted him in, and Sakurai did him a favor as a friend.

James Montagna and Matt Bozon are what I'd consider as close acquaintances with Sakurai, so I'm hoping he'll do that same favor for them.

The moveset potential is there, but I'm expecting the implementation of Transformations might be another Ice Climbers/Smash 4 ordeal, but hopefully not. The barrier of getting permission for her, however, has already been granted, and still is currently.

Nigel Kirk (author) from Calgary, AB, CAN on December 06, 2018:

@° I fully agree. I've been hoping for almost six years she'd get in. She's confirmed as a spirit, but dagnabbit I want to play as her!

° on December 05, 2018:

Shantae is all I need.

Nigel Kirk (author) from Calgary, AB, CAN on December 05, 2018:

I take solace when dealing with rude commentators by putting myself in their shoes. The result is me telling myself I must be right and they must be the ones who are wrong ;)

Thanks for checking the article out and the feedback. There are some copyright issues with Rare and Microsoft on Banjo, though the head of the XBox division has said he would gladly work with Nintendo if they wanted to use Rare properties in Smash. And Microsoft and Nintendo have been very friendly regarding crossplay and even teaming up to troll Sony over the issue, so it's possible.

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on December 04, 2018:

I laughed at "if commentors on my Greatest Anime of all Time list have taught me anything it's that my opinion probably sucks." People have very strong opinions about entertainment so you were brave to put yourself out there.

I'm glad you mentioned Banjo; people have been hoping for him and Kazooie to appear in Smash Bros for years, but unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the copyright with Rare, which is why we haven't seen a Wii/Switch remake of the original games either.

I've never heard of most of the characters you did mention, but I'm sure they are good choices! I have heard of Cuphead and I think it'd be funny to smack people around as that character. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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