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Top Recommended Weapons in Elden Ring

I've been playing Souls games since Sekiro so I have experience with this type of game.

3 Weapons to Dominate the Enemy Masses in Elden Ring

Intro -

Playing Elden Ring will have you crossing paths with thousands upon thousands of weapons, there's a weapon for just about every kind of enemy but brandishing one, three weapons max is recommended. Upgrading your weapons will help you make quick work of enemies.

One thing to keep in mind though is that these weapons, albeit very powerful, also have their own weaknesses; seemingly minor/major things that might make them unusable. The irony is that the weapons aren't the problem, it is more of a weight issue but more on that in a second.

However, I do want to make one thing very clear, if you take up arms with these weapons, just know that you have a responsibility to see to it that they get stronger via strengthening at the Blacksmith using the Somber Smithing Stones.

I remember when I first got the Sword of Night and Flame, I didn't know of either special ability with the sword but it is through training with the weapon that I learned how to kill bosses with ease.

But the 3 weapons that'll be mentioned in this article deal the kind of damage that makes short work of bosses and trust me when I say, two of them I have already. So that said, let's dive in.

Sword of Night and Flame -

My A-1 from day one, hailing all the way from Caria Manor in northwestern Liurnia of the Lakes. This weapon, as I mentioned, has two special abilities. The Widespread Flame, (I dubbed it this) L2 + R2 and the Comet Laser (I also dubbed this that) done by pressing L2 + R1.

This weapon is very versatile and if I'm being completely honest doesn't necessarily need a lot of upgrading to be powerful but it helps. The Widespread Flame is ideal in dealing with moving enemies. Great for dealing with enemies you don't want nor care to get near, using this on knight enemies makes dealing with them easier.

Honestly, this weapon should be obtained as early as possible. The bad thing about this weapon is that you can't equip Ashes of War on it seeing as how it has "ashes" itself already.

Still, the weapon is very powerful as is which brings me to its second special ability, the Comet Laser. This is ideal when battling enemies either running at you or stationary after finishing an attack, this ability will get you out of a lot of scrapes with bosses.

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Sword of Blasphemy -

I just not to long ago acquired this little bobble, a sword with a very powerful and damaging fire wave attack and I'm going to tell you right now, you don't want to be the enemies on the end of this wave. The special ability of the sword is called Taker's Flame, the ability not only burns foes but restores your HP equal to the amount of damage done to that enemy.

Interestingly, the weapon is a greatsword which makes it a good weapon. Now, the weakness. You can't wear heavy armor while running around with this sword, the Godskin Apostle Armor is good to wear while brandishing this blade. Light armor is ideal for wearing with this weapon, you'll still be able to do your roll/dodge move.

Heavy Armor slow you down making it hard to dodge enemy attacks especially from bosses who have attacks that you should evade.

Ordovis' Greatsword -

This is a weapon that does multiple hits of damage per use just like the Comet Laser on the Sword of Night and Flame, it goes without saying that this weapon is somewhat of a marvel when it comes to destroying bosses. I'm on the hunt for it right now.

From what I've seen of this weapon, it can destroy bosses without too much trouble. This is another weapon that I would not ignore; if you had issues with getting up close and personal with your enemies, it cannot be argued that this sword is meant for that.

I mean, if all you're looking for is a weapon with the power to deal an unimaginable amount of damage then this is why you should get this weapon. Make no mistake, this is the type of weapon that allows to go toe to toe with the Crucible Knights.

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