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Top Commons for Kaldheim Limited

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering for some time, and today I want to share my tricks.


Bound in Gold is an extremely versatile card as it can hit different types of targets without problems and greatly reduce the danger of many excellent opponent's cards.
It can eliminate large creatures, cards with Saga or even a planeswalker, let's say it's a sort of middle ground between Pacifism and Oblivion Ring. It can also hit sac lands if necessary.
The cost of 3 mana (of which only one is white) makes it easily accessible even if we make a white splash.

Iron Verdict is a great creature remover that can be cast with Foretell at a very attractive low cost.
This card becomes particularly useful especially in UW decks and WB decks where having many cards with Foretell or being able to cast two spells per turn becomes very important as it favours a more defensive role. Also useful against opposing combat tricks.
It doesn't help many white decks with more aggressive propensity since it doesn't hit defending creatures but can still be useful for avoiding a counter race.

The third slot was the hardest to pin down as there are a couple of good candidates.
In the end, I chose Axgard Braggart because if left undisturbed it can become big in a short time and can be useful both in the offensive and in the defensive phase due to the pseudo vigilance.
The other alternative was Stalkwart Valkyrie who, however, is not to be thrown away due to the good offensive characteristics but less useful in the defensive phase.
Axgard Braggart can fit into any white-based deck while Stalkwart Valkyrie is more powerful in the WB deck as it works best with the game mechanics of casting two spells per turn. Doomskar Oracle is also a very good option if playing WB.


Augury Raven can be cast in turn 3 with Foretell and become a serious threat for the opponent. Better still if we are in WU or WB with the other flying creatures but it can easily fit into all decks that play Blue without too many regrets.
Even if cast for 4 it is still an excellent card because in many other Draft formats we can only find 3/3 creatures without evasive skills.

Behold the Multiverse belongs to the kind of cards that can also be played in the standard format inside competitive control decks.
So I see no reason not to play it in limited too.
Foretell also allows the launch of this card by dividing the cost over several turns and this further increases the potential of the card.
In limited, more active cards are usually preferred but in this case, an exception can be made given the goodness of the card.

Ravenform is a great removal for Blue as it affects both creatures and artefacts.
Giving a 1/1 to the opponent is not a problem since probably by playing Blue our flying creatures will be larger.
It also Exiles and does not destroy allowing us an escape route even against indestructible creatures.

In other reviews, I have often seen Bind the Monster put among the best cards of Blue but I am not fully convinced. Ravenform also helps against artefacts, has an exile clause and the drawback is significantly lower. Bind the Monster actually gives the opponent free damage and is therefore not recommended against large creatures (and in Kaldheim the creatures are larger than average). Bind the Monster is useless if we are low on life.
I also suggest Frostpeak Yeti among the Blue cards if we can get access to snow mana as it can deal undisturbed damage, really great for final damage.

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Demon Bolt is the best Red removal in this expansion and thanks to the 4 damage it manages to easily destroy most of the creatures you will see against in the Draft Format.
Being able to exile it to play it for 1 in case of need in subsequent turns makes it a great lifesaver.

I was initially sceptical about Seize the Spoils but by playing it I converted to the cause.
Great for adjusting your hand and removing unnecessary cards or as a ramp for a later turn or to facilitate the splash of other colours into the deck.
Useful for throwing away excess lands or for digging for an emergency response or for looking for the best cards in our deck.

Tuskeri Firewalker is a solid card that can deliver a huge card advantage when used correctly.
Even if it is destroyed on the first attack it can still bring an advantage if we can proudly find a useful card.
If we also can threaten a combat trick or an instant speed removal we can gain a lot of ground on the opponent.
I have personally played 2 copies in a GR deck and have been thrilled every time I draw them.

Among the other interesting red cards, we can also find Frost Bite (if we are plenty of snow cards), as well as Run Amok which not only strengthens creatures but with trample, can steal some games.


Sarulf's Packmate is one of the best cards in its cycle of 4-cost creature cards.
So not only can it be cast with Foretell on turn 3 but it also allows us to draw a card that adds a lot of value to the whole.
Also excellent in multiples (but without exaggerating) since we can cast one with Foretell in turn 3 and a regular one in turn 4 without thinking twice.
I found them fabulous in Draft.

Horizon Seeker falls a little bit into the category of Tuskeri Firewalker we saw earlier with the Red card's review.
If we lose it on the first attack, we could still get something good out of it.
Also, it is great if we are intending to play with the snow theme as it acts as a tutor to take the necessary snow lands or even for other coloured lands in case of a splash.

In the long run, it removes the lands in the deck and improves the quality of subsequent draws.

Icehide Troll, as easy to guess, provides a valuable reward in playing snow cards.
If you are not a snow deck player then forget about this card and take any other card I mention below.
If you are on the snow theme, take this card without hesitation because it completes your choice.
You will hardly be able to activate its effect more than once per turn but even a single activation per turn is enough.
The 4 strength upgrade allows it to remove most of the enemy creatures and indestructibility makes it exceptional both in attack and defence.

Among the other Green cards, we also mention Grizzled Outrider and Ravenous Lindwurm since they are among the common creatures to have above-average power and toughness and Mammoth Growth because paying 1 to give + 4 / + 4 to a creature can be devastating.


Feed the Serpent is the best removal at the commune level and is a hidden rare among the commons as it is similar to Vraska's Contempt.
The double black in the mana cost is necessary to make it not too easy for decks of other colours to splash and is correct to preserve the balance of the game.
If we play black among the main colours, this card is taken without ifs and buts.

Infernal Pet is a bit similar to Axgard Braggart in the sense that it can grow and become unmanageable in a short time under the right conditions.
He starts a little back but the gain he gets from flying makes him even better especially for stealing those life points here and there that help end a game.

If Feed the Serpent is the removal to play where black is the main colour Weigh Down is the removal to play even with just a splash of black.
During the game, it's normal for creatures to end up in the graveyard, so finding something to exile for the additional cost shouldn't be a problem.
It is also useful to play it after the attack phase to finish particularly big pieces otherwise immovable.
The low cost also helps cast two spells per turn.

Among other cards, Karfell Kennel-Master can also be interesting due to the effect of entering the battlefield that can allow us to remove two creatures in defence or inflict some extra damage.
If you play a very slow and very Control deck you can also choose to play Dread Rider which has extremely high toughness and can act as a finisher.

© 2021 Christian Allasia

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