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Top 6 Best Survival Games on Ps4

Ark Survival Evolved

If you are into dinosaurs then this is definitely the game to get on your Ps4, while the reviews and opinions are a mixed bag of both bad and good, I can say that I enjoy this game a lot and for many hours.

There are many features and gameplay that will keep you busy for hours, days, weeks and even months, besides from resource gathering, there is a lot more to it, for instance taming nearly all of the dinosaurs not only that but to really buff these dinosaurs, mammals and even other sea creatures you can tame females and males and breed with them, doing so while they have high levels and stats, the new young one will be much better.

Of course it is not that easy, the taming process is tedious with some dinosaurs but if you prepared then it’s a breeze, breeding, on the other hand, is a lot more time consuming but not nearly as hard as taming especially if you are a low level trying to either beat them into submission, though tranquilizers can be used once you are a higher level.

Talking about levels, the higher it is the better it will be for your survival, not only will you be able to make your character stronger but it will also unlock structures and items, further down the tree you will unlock upgraded structure from thatch to wood and wood to rock and so forth each one stronger then the last.

While so far everything sounds nice and easy, it’s much harder than it sounds especially when you play alone, online you can join clans that will provide assistance to new players and provide you with items Instead of waiting to unlock them on a higher level.

Though this will bring a new set of challenges, for instance, if you play on a PVP server, stronger players will be your danger above any dinosaur you encounter, small clan wars take place nearly all the time on the PVP servers and at times much larger ones, so in other words you will always be on the lookout for other players, not to spoil the game but higher level players will also have access to guns, that will include the sniper.

Ark Survival Evolved: Giganotosaurus

Giganotosaurus one of the most feared dinosaurs on Ark as well as the hardest to knock-out and tame.

Giganotosaurus one of the most feared dinosaurs on Ark as well as the hardest to knock-out and tame.

PVE is a good choice when you are new to the game, instead of it being focused on Player vs. Player it is more focused on completing events and trophies and not killing each other, this will include things like taming rare dinosaurs or teaming up to defeat powerful boss creatures like a Giant Spider or a Dragon.

While I gave the majority of info on the main game, besides from taming and using your dinosaurs to breed or even take them into war, there is also the basics of survival that you would expect from a game like this, this will include food and water with heat and cold and even disease that you will need to cope with while coping to level up your character and base building, fertile eggs will also need perfect environment conditions keeping the heat exactly right in order for it to hatch.

Ark Survival Evolved is very challenging for new players, it’s hard to get into the game no matter how you play, single player, couch co-op with a friend, yes this game is split screen or if you play on a server, maybe the best option is to join a PVE server and learn the basics.

Ark Survival Evolved: Babies

Its fairly easy to breed the dinosaurs on Ark survival evolved, however, it can be time consuming to hatch the egg and raise them to where they can defend them self.

Its fairly easy to breed the dinosaurs on Ark survival evolved, however, it can be time consuming to hatch the egg and raise them to where they can defend them self.

It still doesn’t end there as you can play on, Ark Survival Evolved Scorched Earth a vast desert with harsh conditions where it’s extremely hot during the day and colder at night, this expansion also brings in a few new items and dinosaurs including dragons.

There Is a third expansion called Aberration that also adds an entirely new map in a large cave system, with unique biomes and creatures, this is why I would highly recommend getting the explorers addition, it adds a ton of new content to the game that is worth paying the extra few bucks.

Explorers edition, what you get.

You will get The main game that will also include the map called The Centre, with a hefty update you will get the new features up to the last patch including scorched earth the desert map with dragons, you will also get Aberration expansion which also provides new items, dinosaurs with a new underground map that also changes the game a lot with new rules and conditions, besides from that you will also get the Ragnarok Map, this is all the things you get that has released up until now, soon you will get what we believe the last expansion called Extinction which we guess will take place on earth as that was the ending on Aberration, that also means a new map, creatures to ride and other new content.

All the extras you get for a slight increase in price compared to the base game, it is absolutely worth it, sure there are other things you can buy on the PSN Store if you really wanted like some of the Tech Skins but that’s really all that it is, skins and surely you don’t need them if you don’t want them.

Overall this is not a bad survival game to start with as many bugs has been fixed, we definitely encourage you to try Ark

This is the one i own and recommend, its a bit more expensive but what you get extra, is worth it (Comes with a hefty 31 GB update) in order to play the expansi

7 Days to Die

Another game with mixed impressions and if you were to play alone offline then I can somewhat agree however this changes when you play local co-op with a friend yes this is also a split screen game and is a blast with friends or online with other players.

It’s a simple little game though it has a deep crafting menu for structures and items, this is the part of the game that will keep you busy the most, gathering resources to build structures, weapons, armor is an absolutely must as the game gives you 7 days to prepare before you and a friend has to face and beat an entire horde, while on day 7 isn’t hard the difficulty increase with each 7 days passing, spawning in stronger zombies and creatures, like dogs or some lady that screams to lure more zombies until she is killed.

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Combine an increasing thread with base building and resource gathering with a friend or friends if you are on the same server, then this game feels perfect for the weekend, its fun and depending on the situation can be challenging at times though it is nothing too insane.

7 Days to Die: Fight against the undead

Fighting a few at a time is no problem, though using a gun like here will attract even more and can easily be your downfall.

Fighting a few at a time is no problem, though using a gun like here will attract even more and can easily be your downfall.

The game features an in-depth crafting selection that will keep you busy for a long time, this also adds function and credibility to teamwork as tasks can be divided between the two of you to complete tasks faster, this includes gathering resources, food for hunger, water for thirst, repairs to damaged buildings as well as defense.

You can also grow your character with each level, making them stronger to face the dangers, which if you play online will most likely be other players and if you are playing alone or with local co-op with a friend will be the 7 day horde or smaller hordes gathered by that screaming lady or bears and many other creatures.

7 Days to die get constant updates and I can pretty much say there is bugs though nothing that will truly destroy your game play or anything like that and while they fix them at a constant rate they also add additional functionality or new items, transportation to make sure the game balance out nicely, the only thing I can think of that you may not like the game is the graphics, for something like this in today’s generation it really isn’t good looking, though it’s not eyeball crushing to look at either, this will all depend on you and how you enjoy games, do you like them pretty or do you like them ugly but with maybe more to do.

This War of Mine

This is the game you want to play to see mostly how long you can survive with just a few survivors, you start the game with a few survivors sometimes even one, though the less you start with the easier it is, as you are only taking care of one or two survivors.

You will be able to visit other locations to get the resources you need either to construct objects like beds or traps for rats or get enough resources to create filters to purify rainwater.

At night you can choose to go to one of these locations some dangerous and other not as they are left abandoned, which one you go to is up to you, some locations in This War of Mine will have other survivors that aren't aggressive, you can decide to kill them, steal from them or the hard way bargain and trade with them.

Though that might sound easy enough it is a real challenging game if you have more survivors, more mouths to feed, the game has no forgiveness and other survivors will kill you easily, once all you characters are dead its game over and it will tell a little story of what happened each day with important events.

Leaving your base undefended or with survivors with no weapons means that you can get raided as well and they will take the most important resources, food, water, and medicine, if they were violent they can make your survivors sad and depressed, leaving them vulnerable to scavenging resources and if left untouched they will even leave your party for good.

This War of Mine is definitely worth checking out.

This War of Mine: Scavenging for resources

Sometimes its easy and on another run will be hard.

Sometimes its easy and on another run will be hard.

Metal Gear: Survive

This is nothing like any other Metal Gear game you have ever played, while some like it, others don’t and there are many reasons to that, like Konami departing with one of the best developers the gaming industry has seen or that you only get one save slot and if you wanted more you will have to pay around 10$ per save slot which feels like a real kick to the groin coming from a metal gear game, anyway back to the game.

Whether you hate it or like it, I personally am on the OK page with this game, while sure they charge $10 for an extra save slot and despite it being online all the time, I personally don’t mind either of that since I only need one slot anyways.

This game takes place where Ground Zeroes left off and before the Phantom Pain, at the end of Ground Zeroes a wormhole opens and the remaining survivors are sucked into it, leaving you and your character to face off against zombie like beings, you need to hunt for food as well as keep an eye on your oxygen meter, in order to do this you have to go out to hunting zones sometimes dangerous but nothing too epic, same as oxygen, you will have to kill monster and convert certain things into oxygen in order to survive, part of this is to go out on missions and zones to gather resources in order to build your base.

Metal Gear Survive: Hold your ground

Defending your base gets harder over time, its a whole lot of fun but nothing to hard.

Defending your base gets harder over time, its a whole lot of fun but nothing to hard.

The grind isn’t all that bad but it might be enough grind for those that don’t like the grind not to play this game, its surely not for everyone, the game isn’t really that hard once you got in a for a few hours and once you have some of your crew back to help sustain the base and other tasks, if played well you wouldn’t even have to go on hunts.

The only part that annoys me somewhat is the bars for food, water or oxygen, goes down really fast so it feels more like a timer instead of a survival aspect, to be honest, it’s like always rushing you, maybe to the point where if it was a bit slower you would enjoy the game more.

The missions are fun nothing to hard unless unprepared, having a good base, enough food, clean water and you will have no problems with this game, its maybe a little hard if you rush into a bunch of enemies and those zombie-like creatures start to gang up on you, running away might be your only option there.

As mentioned before it’s not for everyone whether it’s the greedy $10 per save slot or not wanting to support Konami, I personally think this is a good game and don’t really have any complaints about just one save slot.

Not sure the fuss about this, but for me this is a fun game even if i only had 1 save slot.


You had to know that this will make the list, it will make any survival games on PS4 list, sure it’s getting old and I don’t play it anymore the only reason I am adding it again is the total freedom you can enjoy, though if you have played it before, I will recommend you only get this when you have extra players, this game can be enjoyed in split screen and that I pretty much the only reason why I added it.

Having an open world with crafting and some survival elements it’s the perfect survival game for the younger ones to enjoy together.

Fallout 4 Survival

If you have never played Fallout 4 on survival mode or never played Fallout 4 at all, then I would advise you to get it or start a new game on Survival Mode, it’s an absolute blast, it’s much harder than simply playing the game, with many survival features added.

There is no way to spam the game with saves as you will only be able to save after sleeping, want to carry a ton of ammo? Think again you can’t no person can and neither will you be able to carry that on Fallout 4 not on this mode as ammo has a weight value now as well.

Broken limbs can only be fixed with a seven-hour sleep, which is fine though keep in mind fast travel is entirely disabled in this mode and certain medicine will give you illness the same goes for sleeping too long, it will give you an illness.

Enemies do more damage and have a higher armor count, party members won’t heal them self they will require Stimpaks as well and if they take too much damage then they will return to the last visited settlement. Robots are affected differently if they take too much damage they will explode on the spot and they can’t be recovered you will have to build a new one.

Fallout 4: Behemoth

This is Swan, one of the many behemoths you will fight in Fallout 4, while this one isn't all that strong, beware of the others.

This is Swan, one of the many behemoths you will fight in Fallout 4, while this one isn't all that strong, beware of the others.

Enemies will spawn in more random ways and as well as random encounters, loot and resources will take longer to spawn approximately 20 in-game days, to make things harder you will also have to manage thirst and hunger combined with diseases.

It’s brutal to get in this game, but once you reach level 30 things start to look better and the challenges of staying alive become easier.

If you are a new player we will highly recommend buying a Fallout 4 Game of the year edition or the season pass whichever one comes out cheaper, I ended up buying all my add-ons and expansions individually when the PSN store had discounts and this ended up being cheaper than the Game of the year edition as well as the Season Pass.

Fallout 4 is an absolutely huge game with many side quests to do especially when you own all of the content and that is the only reason why we recommend you get all of the content it’s worth the extra money, though the game of the year edition don’t go for much to begin with, be sure to check specials on the PSN store for even better deals.

This is the one to get to have everything i recommend, it has all the expansions.


This list had no specific order each of these games are fun in their own way, some will like them others will hate these games, not to mention that I did not add every survival game on the PS4 on this list, only the ones that I had a lot of fun playing was added here, there are still many more to explore even for me like, Don’t starve seems like something I will try next and I am definitely looking forward to Days Gone and it’s a real shame The Forest is not out on PS4 yet as that would have surely made this list if it played well on the PS4.

If you have played other survival games no matter in what form may it be horror survival or any other survival if it was good, leave them in the comments and share why you enjoy it.

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Meh just for fun

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