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Top 5 Ways to Safely Store Your Pokemon Card Collection

MicrosoftPokemo is a competitive Pokémon card player with over 20 years of experience collecting rare cards and playing the game!

Are you looking for ways to keep your Pokemon Collection protected?

Are you seeking the top ways to store your pokemon card collection? When Pokemon was first released in Japan in the late 1990s, it became an international sensation. The majority of these fads are short-lived, lasting only a few months or at most a few years, but Pokemon has been going strong for over twenty-five years. For those of you who hope to continue collecting cards for the next twenty-five years, this post is for you. Read it thoroughly, and you will get the best ideas.

Pokemon mania has lasted for many years, with another generation of kids asking where they should keep their Pokemon cards to keep them safe. That being said, it isn’t just children who are curious about this. Adults are even more likely to have unique cards to maintain.

Because they know how to store Pokemon cards appropriately, many young adults still have their childhood sets of Pokemon cards. However, if properly stored, they will survive for many more years and can provide you with numerous hours of enjoyment. If you have more than a few Pokemon cards, you’ll need to figure out how to keep them in the most effective method possible.

Eclipse - Matte Sleeve Card Protectors

Eclipse - Matte Sleeve Card Protectors

Perfect Sleeves for Your Pokemon Card Collection - Same Sleeves as Above!

Best Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Pokemon Cards

Here are the fantastic top 5 ways to protect your pokemon collection cards:


A fantastic technique to keep individual cards safe. Card sleeves are mechanisms that preserve collectible/trading cards from harm, especially those prone to wear and tear. Non-glare matte is used in most sleeves for a smoother feel when playing or shuffling cards.


A collectible card Top Loader is a plastic cardholder that keeps your sports or gaming cards from tearing, distorting, or being damaged at the edges and corners. They are usually used in conjunction with a soft sleeve to protect the cards further.

Charizard VMAX Card Protection!

Charizard VMAX Card Protection!

Same Hard Sleeves as the Charizard VMAX Above!

Bags for the team:

A Team Bag is a tiny resealable plastic bag (or slip) used to organize team or card sets. A card is usually put into the team bag after being sleeved and top loaded for further protection. The resealable edge makes it simple to remove the card/s.

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9-Cards Pocket Sleeves.

A fantastic way to save your collection. Strong seam welds on the sturdy and heavyweight pages ensure long-term durability and ease of transport. Up to 18 cards can be stored in each 9-pocket sleeve (though not recommended, best practice is to utilize one sleeve for nine playing cards). These sleeves are compatible with any three-ring binder or folder.

Epic MewTwo Pokemon Card Binder

Epic MewTwo Pokemon Card Binder


This is a fantastic way to arrange your 9-Card Pocket Sleeves. Binders not only protect your collection from direct sunlight, but they can also protect it from water and smoke damage. It’s not a good idea to overfill the binder with sleeves to the point where the cards are exposed.

Now that you know a bit about preservation, you’ll be able to keep your cards’ worth and preserve them for future enjoyment by yourself and others.

Let's Open it Up and Have a Look!

Let's Open it Up and Have a Look!

More Best Useful Tips:

These pointers may be helpful when deciding how to store your Pokemon collection cards:

  • Group your cards into sets and numbers to make it simpler to locate what you’re searching for.
  • Every set of Pokemon cards has a different number assigned to it.
  • Before you handle your cards, wash your hands. The natural oils in your skin might damage the surface of the cards.
  • Do not store your cards in a humid area. Humidity is harmful to your cards. They’ll become wet and perhaps cling together. The corners may curl up as well.

Why Should You Look After Your Pokemon Cards?

Pokemon cards are made of paper, one of the most fragile materials on the planet. As a consequence, they are exposed to a wide range of hazards. Whether you spent money on rare Pokemon cards or have a few collections from your childhood, taking care of your Pokemon cards is always a good thing.

It will ensure that their condition is maintained for investors until you are ready to sell them, allowing you to get a good deal. Imagine how amazing your kids will be when they show their peers their 20-year-old Pokemon cards if you’re a collector.

Cardboard boxes work great to store your cardboard Pokemon Cards!

Cardboard boxes work great to store your cardboard Pokemon Cards!

Best Box for Pokemon Card Long Term Storage!

What Destroys Our Cards?

There are some effective strategies for protecting and preserving your collections, but first, let’s look at what destroys our cards:

  • Water Damage: A simple spilled glass of water on your cards might quickly damage them.
  • Smoke Damage: Do you want your cards to have yellow spots on them? Keep your cards away from open areas like the kitchen or cigarette smoke.
  • Sunlight: Your cards will fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight. Keeping cards in a cool, dry place is always a good idea.

Final Verdict:

This article has told you about the top 5 ways to store your pokemon collection cards. However, we discuss how to help you keep your Pokemon cards in a better way. If you follow these tips for keeping Pokemon cards, your cards should endure a long time and provide you with years of enjoyment.

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