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Top 5 Christmas-Themed "Minecraft" Maps

Jessica has been playing Minecraft since 2012. She enjoys building, farming, and breeding animals. She especially enjoys magic modpacks!

These five festive maps will provide hours of Christmas entertainment and adventure!

These five festive maps will provide hours of Christmas entertainment and adventure!

Are you excited for the Christmas season but running out of ways to celebrate? Have you ever wished you could play Christmas-themed editions of your favorite video games? With customized holiday Minecraft maps, you can enjoy your own Christmas adventures while you wait in anticipation for the end of December! I’ve browsed the web looking for the top five most popular and fun-filled Christmas adventure maps. They are listed below in order from least to most exciting—let’s take a look!

5. The Christmas Tragedy (by Supreme Turtles)

The Christmas Tragedy is a Christmas-themed puzzle map featuring jumping puzzles surrounded by lava and instructions to free Blinky the elf and Santa to save Christmas! Guided by a series of signs, the player(s) meets Blinky at his shack, underneath which he believes Santa has been kidnapped. If there aren’t any presents underneath the tree outside soon, Christmas will have to be canceled! This adventure map features the following:

  • suggested resource pack
  • numerous jumping puzzles
  • numerous lava pits
  • basic storyline via signs
  • plenty of food and supplies
  • epic snowman structure

Pros: There aren’t a lot of rules associated with this map except that players cannot break blocks unless given permission and are to follow the signs to find their way around. The only time I got lost was when i didn’t realize that I should go up the waterfall with the signs next to it (you’ll know it when you see it). The jumping puzzles were challenging, especially where the fence posts were involved. I swam in a lot of lava throughout the map (unintentionally, of course).

Cons: Like many of these maps, there is no combat involved: while a sign midway through tells players to “prepare for combat”, I only need my bow to trigger a switch. Once players head outdoors mobs could potentially spawn at night (depending on game difficulty) but the weapons felt like more of a precaution. The end of the map did confuse me a little - the signs didn’t clearly portray the way back to the Christmas tree, and nothing spectacular happened once I replaced the presents. It would have been more exciting if the end didn’t feel so abrupt!

Download The Christmas Tragedy!

4. Santa’s List (by DeadWater)

Santa’s List is a Minecraft Christmas map about the travels of the player and their friend “Joe”. While shacking up temporarily in a small town, Joe takes a job for some extra cash and disappears. The player(s) goes on an adventure to find their friend by getting their own job from the strange inhabitants of the forest, who look suspiciously like elves. With a trip to the North Pole and a journey into cyberspace, this Christmas adventure if far from ordinary! This adventure map features the following:

  • customized resource pack
  • notes written on maps
  • defined set of objectives
  • note-by-note storyline
  • numerous puzzles and mazes
  • gorgeous Minecraft art

Pros: The main rule to keep in mind with this map is to play in Peaceful mode - there are no mob battles, and exploding creepers can destroy the landscape, including the numerous mine tracks and instructive signs. I can do without creepers! There is also no need to destroy blocks until receiving flint and coming across the red and green wool. I liked having clear, numbered objectives to follow as well as puzzles to complete. The texture pack was cool as well.

Cons: I seemed to have skipped a number of map notes along the way, and am unsure if the number skipping was on purpose or my own personal mistake! I still found my friend Joe at the end and saw Santa, so does it matter? Unfortunately, I went a little crazy lighting the wool on fire at the end AND pushing the button and do believe I killed Santa and probably ruined Christmas. I still feel a little bad about that.

Downloading Santa's List

When the Yogscast forum went down, the link to Santa's List was broken. I cannot find the map anywhere else online. If you have a working link, please let me know! Otherwise I will edit in a new Christmas map.

I loved the town of Whoville, espeically the Christmas tree in the middle.

I loved the town of Whoville, espeically the Christmas tree in the middle.

3. Grinchmas (by rsmalec)

Grinchmas is a custom Minecraft adventure map for one or more players set in the world of Whoville and Rueville. The player(s) takes on the role of a Rue who doesn’t quite fit in (mostly due to his blue skin). Factory life is dull, and this Rue blames it all on the Grinch! The player goes on a determined journey to confront the Grinch about his complaints and put an end to Christmas once and for all. This festive holiday map has the following features:

  • custom resource pack
  • optional custom skins
  • scenic Rueville and Whoville
  • scenic minecart ride
  • no mobs (peaceful mode)
  • custom armor and weapons
  • rhyming storyline via signs
  • player point system

Pros: Players are required to play on Peaceful mode to avoid mob spawning and griefing; the map itself does not require fighting. This Christmas map is entirely story-driven as signs guide the player throughout the world and even manage to rhyme! It is very hard to get lost because of this. There are even a few traps and surprises along the way! This is a cute, heartwarming map to play alone or with friends - there are multiple Minecraft skins provided so everyone can match.

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Cons: If you are looking for an action-filled Christmas map this is not for you. Players who love hack-and-slash or puzzle adventures will likely not enjoy the Grinchmas map. This adventure is based on storytelling and item collecting - players should aim to get the most snowflakes by the end of the map. Check out one of the other Christmas Minecraft maps for more action and less talking!

Download Grinchmas!

  • Grinchmas
    This Rue doesn't feel like he belongs and is ready to end Christmas once and for all!

2. Epic Jump Map: Christmas Trolling (by Bodil40)

Epic Jump Map: Christmas Trolling is a pure puzzle map challenge full of every jumping puzzle you can imagine. The map is based on the premise that the “Christmas Troll” has stolen all of the childrens’ presents, and it is up to the player(s) to find and return them. The Christmas Troll gets his kicks by creating epically long and difficult jumping puzzles and trolling the player with “checkpoint” buttons. This expansive puzzle maps contains the following features:

  • customized resource pack
  • numerous jumping puzzles
  • many checkpoint stations
  • provided food and gear
  • collectible ghast tears
  • massive awesome scenery

Pros: This map is not meant to be played in Peaceful mode - there are traps that feature or spawn mobs that set the ambiance for the map. The usual map rules apply: no breaking blocks unless instructed to and no placing blocks unless told to. The mapmaker does say that players are allowed to cheat if the map is getting too tough. I am not ashamed to admit that I went into Creative mode a few times to get back to a puzzle after falling!

Cons: As one of the more action-filled maps on the list, there was a lot more falling and dying involved while solving these puzzles. The mobs made progress difficult at times, especially the pit of creepers. This puzzle map also requires much more time to complete beyond player deaths - if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, try one of the shorter maps on the list.

Download Epic Jump Map: Christmas Trolling!

1. Wintertide (by Vladimyr)

Wintertide is a custom adventure map that combines a winter wonderland with an atmosphere of horror. Made for one or more players, this map is described as “borderline horror” with a chilling plot buildup. The player arrives in Wintertide on a hot air balloon with a letter they received from “Katie”, a concerned child. By following a series of clues left in each building, players can complete the objectives and figure out what happened to the citizens of Wintertide. The spooky map features the following:

  • suggested resource pack
  • custom village of Wintertide
  • notes written on maps
  • defined set of objectives
  • creepy atmosphere and story
  • redstone-activated noteblocks
  • six easter eggs (signs)
  • 25 collectible ghast tears

Pros: The mapmaker suggests that players use Easy mode to maintain the chilling atmosphere set by the map. Playing with low brightness makes the buildings and eerie noises more frightening to endure. The sounds of footsteps and doors opening on their own was maddening enough after the first five minutes! Completing each objective hinted at by clues was met with a creepy tune played on a noteblock, and the end of the map was nothing that I was expecting! Using the recommended SteelFeathers texture pack really makes the difference.

Cons: This map also doesn’t feature combat: while there is more to Wintertide than simply following a storyline, players in it for the action may not have the best time. If you are not a fan of the subtle, not in-your-face type of horror, you may not get the most out of solving the mystery of Wintertide. I highly recommend giving it a chance even if you are unsure - you can always turn up the brightness if you are too freaked out by this winter town!

Remember that this list isn't set in stone - there are numerous Minecraft maps on the internet with many of them being Christmas-themed. If you have a map that you feel should be listed above, mention it in the comments below; I am always looking for new maps to play!

Download Wintertide!

  • Wintertide - A Chilling Mystery
    "You receive a letter. A plea for help. You journey in your hot air balloon to the village of Wintertide. The snow is relentless and through the eerie silence, doors can be heard slamming shut in the distance. Perhaps you are not alone."

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Jessica Peri (author) from United States on December 17, 2015:

@TriforceP I've been looking, and so far I haven't found anything. And I lost the world files when I switched computers. If you happen to come across another link, let me know so I can fix it!

TriforceP on December 13, 2015:

It appears that the Yogscast forums are down for good, so does anyone have another place to download "Santa's List"?

Jessica Peri (author) from United States on January 03, 2015:

@SimilarSam Thank you!

Samuel Franklin on January 03, 2015:

Great maps to get in the christmas spirit.

Jessica Peri (author) from United States on December 28, 2013:

Thanks, I hope they enjoy it!

Mackenzie Sage Wright on December 28, 2013:

My kids love minecraft; I'm going to pass this on to them. Great hub.

Jessica Peri (author) from United States on December 26, 2013:

Thank you!

Kenneth C Agudo from Tiwi, Philippines on December 25, 2013:

I am not familiar with this but it looks beautiful :)

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