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Top 10 Most hated Roblox Users

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Roblox Players can be famous for game for they are not famous for copying games.

We all know that some Roblox users make famous games and communicate with other users online, but there are some Roblox users who are the most hated ones. Some of them do nothing but plagarize games and claiming it's theirs or something they did even worse.

#10. Christina8787


Christina8787 is a user who is infamous for her place called, Club Christy. She started advertising Club Christy, saying that her place is better than Iron Cafe (made by IronInforcer). She received a lot of hate from the Roblox Community and her Club Christy place has a lot of dislikes. Christina was criticized for insulting IronInforcer because of how insulted him and his place. During the controvery, XiaoXiaoMan made a Raging Roblox Reviewer on his Youtube channel where he reviewed on Christina. Christina responded that his video would make her get disliked by the Community. She is now in another account called FizzyPops, where she made another place called, "The Pop Club." She is no longer hated by the Roblox Community since then.

#9. Xonnek2


Xonnek is a Roblox User with over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. He is known to steal Youtube Videos, thumbnails, and witch-hunting for other Youtubers. He was criticised for clickbaiting and using other people's Youtube thumbnails and claimed it's his own. Whenever he gets criticised, he responds in a negative way and sends his fans to attack users who criticize him. Around August of 2018, Xonnek was caught plagarizing ideas from a Youtuber named legobloxian. Some of the popular Roblox Youtubers made videos of Xonnek, exposing him for what he did. Xonnek would send his subscribers to dislike-bomb the videos. Xonnek wrote in Spanish to another user saying, "You have only 62 subs. Say it without crying." He started getting massive hate for what he said. Xonnek made a video called, "NUNCA CRITIQUES A XONNEK!!!", which means "NEVER CRITICIZE XONNEK!!!" in English. He later took the video down, realizing that he violated the Youtube's term of service. Xonnek claimed that he only speaks Spanish on his channel, but was considered a lie because some of his video contains him speaking English. On September 6, 2018, Xonnek was terminated on Roblox for exploiting on multiple games and using exploits to have sexual experiances with his fans. His other account, Xonnekk_22, did the same thing after his main account was banned.



SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX is a famous Roblox user who is known for his game, Live in a Five-Star Hotel. His game was criticized for using a lot of free models and how much Online Daters visit it. The controvery of SONIC happened when a lot of users falsely accused him of copying another game, Island Resort by Wierdoking. Along with other Roblox Users, Wierdoking also accused him of plagarizing him and stealing his fame. SONIC had been criticized from copying other places. Many users discussed that SONIC utilized a common exploit to steal another source of Life in Bikini Bottom by SharpTH and claimed that it's his own. The place was deleted eventually. Stealing exploit was patched as of January 2011. He is still currently active on Roblox and hasn't got any hate since.

#7. MrSTR4TClaus


MrSTR4TClaus is a Roblox user know for gambling. He made a Roblox gambling website called rbx.flip. He was criticized for by a few Youtubers named GreenLegoCats123 and KonekoKitten. They made a Youtube video explaining everything wrong with rbx.flip. After those videos were uploaded, STR4T went on Discord and told everyone to dislike-bomb the rbx.flip "hate" videos. He also terminated famous Roblox figures such as DragonWant, Flamey50 and Melankholy. He was terminated on Roblox, but it is unknown if he came back.

#6. im_sandra


im_sandra is an infamous Roblox Figure who was known to own the group called, Beauteous, which she describes as "non-profit conglomerate that provides original." Sandra was criticized by the Roblox players because she was purchasing Roblox limited items with her own money (NOT ROBUX), which violates Roblox's Terms of Service. She was also criticized for copying and botting clothing and claiming it's her own. She admitted on Twitter that she donated 1 million Robux to groups and users who she had stolen clothing from. It was not validated if she did.


Sandra also claimed that another user named do_om copied her advertisements without any evidence to back it up, causing her fanbase to atack another user on tweet's replies. On February 9, 2019, Sandra managed to tell her followers on Twitter to report four other Roblox users who had her Blackvalk when her account was compromised. As a result, two out of the four users were accused but were proven innocent by the community. The other two users, FROZENFVST and SevenZero1 were constantly reported and harassed by Sandra's rabid fanbase. Her account was terminated on November 20, 2018 for exchanging Roblox items for money. She denied that she copying clothing and claimed she was banned because she was botting clothing, which is not the case here. It is unknown is Sandra came back or not, but she's possibly active on her Twitter account.

#5. MSE6


MSE5 is a former Roblox Admin who was criticized for posting Off-Topic and Talk Forums for issuing unfair bans. She planned to falsely ban people who would disagree with her views. Everyone complained about her abusive powers as an admin, but her moderator and admin were remained intact. Many Roblox users were complaining that she was abusing her moderation abilities by banning users for no reason and for a long time. She was targetted by the Roblox Community for the amounts of times she banned users. She has not been terminated, but she has been inactive since after her controversy.

#4. Quackityishot

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Quackityishot was an account owned by the Youtuber, QuackityHQ. He was banned from Roblox for 3 days for spamming. After Quackity got terminated, he got his fans to raid the forums to get him unbanned from Roblox. Roblox later replied with a permanent ban which made the raiders continue to raid the forum. A 13+ account restriction has made for all users that prevents all users, including the admins, to post forums. Quackityishot was blamed for the responsibility of the forum which caused the deletion of forums due to his raid. He later made a series called, ROBLOX SUCKS!!!, which somehow got popular but excludes the criticism about the series. He made another series called, ROBLOX STILL SUCKS!!!, focusing on mocking the Rthro Update.

#3. FireFume


FireFume is another controversial user who made a copy of a group called, Robloxian General Hospital by TycyRamsaiMD. Only that the group was named, "The Robloxian General Hospital" was the only difference. He added "The" in his so called "own group." Fire's group uses a large amount of free models and hired exploiters to steal models and clothing from other Roblox General Hospital. He later made another group called, NBC Shirt Creators, which had over 270,000 members. Builders Club Members criticized the group for allowing people with no Builders Club to make Catalog Items, which they weren't allowed to do unless they have Builders Club. FireFume was terminated, but the date of his termination is unknown.

#2. JuliusColesV2


JuliusColesV2 is a user who is infamous for copying and reuploading games with free models and claiming it's his game. He stole and copied 1dev2's game, Welcome to The Town of Robloxia. He would name his game, Town of Robloxia!/Have a Family in Robloxia!, which exploded hatred towards him. He also stole and republished free models from other users and claimed them as his own. The Developer Exchange criticized Julius about the unearned revenue he had through his games. Julius is also an infamous Youtuber who makes inappropriate rants with bad behavior. He denied that he stole Welcome to Robloxia and talks about people "cyberbullying" him when they're really criticizing him. He attracted so much attention by making a video saying how his "haters" are trying to make him commit suicide, but no support was given. He said in one video, "I took his game...well, for a start I made the game, he copied from me." Basically lying to everyone about stealing 1dev2's game. He made a lot of videos that had his hatred exploded throughout the Roblox Community. In one video, he titled the it, "Yay Erik Cassel Died", the video contained death threats towards the Roblox staff. He later renames his videos to hide the fact that he had hate. He renamed the Erik Cassel video, "Who cares about Cancer, it's good". And he renamed his video of celebrating Tix being removed, "Leafy is Here." His original account, Jullius5005 was banned on April 11, 2013 for creating an inappropriate sexual game. His JuliusColeV2 account was terminated around May 2015, but made another account called, JeezyJv2, which got terminated some point later. It is unknown if he changed his behavior or acted the same way.

#1. Jaredvaldez4


Jaredvaldez4 was by far the most infamous user on Roblox. He is known for stealing games and hiding them behind some images. He had copied games such as Paintball by Daxter33, Undead by StealthPilot (Jared called it, "Infection."), and Welcome to the Town of Robloxia by 1dev2. Jared also copied Youtube Videos, clothing, group names and logos from others. Both of his Roblox accounts, Jaredvaldez2 and Jaredvaldez4, reached over 20 million and 11 million place visits before deleted. His Jaredvaldez4 account was banned in September 2012. He later made a new account called Jared2Valdez4 that had over 4 million place visits. He still stole and copied games from other users such as Galleons by Wingman8. He got IP banned on March 2013 and he apologized to everyone on Youtube for his behavior on Roblox. Since then, he hasn't been copying games and his hate died down.


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