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Top 10 Tips for Playing Call of Duty: WWII Online


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Image screenshot taken from Call of Duty: World at War (COD 2008) - and is important as we now take a look at the following World War 2 (Call of Duty) title developed by Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty: WWII (COD 2017)

Image screenshot taken from Call of Duty: World at War (COD 2008) - and is important as we now take a look at the following World War 2 (Call of Duty) title developed by Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty: WWII (COD 2017)

Image screenshot of Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer gameplay - the graphics are a decades-worth better than World at War's - and now there is the definitive World War 2 era video-game for the 2010's

Image screenshot of Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer gameplay - the graphics are a decades-worth better than World at War's - and now there is the definitive World War 2 era video-game for the 2010's

Call of Duty is one is the biggest console game franchises that has ever come into existence. Alone, the Call of Duty franchise is outdated and surpassed by newer gaming innovations, but together (Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Raven Software) the studio developers working on the Call of Duty titles are able to maintain a healthy business model that functions as an a-grade one year life-cycle. Basically, in 2017 the Call of Duty title was made by Sledgehammer Games, then precisely a year later in what will be 2018 Treyarch will release their Call of Duty title, and finally - exactly two years from now in what will be 2019 Infinity Ward will be the last in the three years development cycle (assuming we start in 2017) to release their Call of Duty titles. That means there is a one-year cycle for each yearly launched Call of Duty title, and there are a total of 3 developers that make the full-Call of Duty gaming experiences, and that leaves each studio a 3 year leverage period where they can start developing their next Call of Duty game (so, the next for Sledgehammer Games will be launched in 2020). Anyway, basically there are a lot of Call of Duty games, and they release yearly as to keep up with the technological efficiencies of the one year space whereby technology has had time to flourish into a new light.

Call of Duty has moved on since the days of capitalising on the success of previous title releases from the franchise, and now made the bold decision to tread back in the olden days of the Call of Duty franchise, a time era that is set during the horrific events of World War 2. There has always been a sense of realism behind the World War 2 era in Call of Duty that simply hasn’t been felt across the board in the modern era titles, and most certainly not in the futuristic time eras. This may be one of the true reasons behind the epic fun that can be had on Call of Duty: WWII (here on out “WWII”), as the multiplayer experience is unforeseen, which leaves all the more surprise as you immerse yourself into a COD online experience that you have never had before. Online, the maps are spectacular and offer so much environment scenery that it becomes somewhat emotional if you are in a match too long, and the gameplay experience is groundbreaking (now, that is something that I thought I would never say about “WWII”, as at best I was expecting the multiplayer gameplay experience to simply be the-same-old). The gameplay experience in itself is a game changer, and will make the average “WWII” player want to hang around for longer, as trust me when I say that, “for the most part online I go negative on my kill-to-death ratio, and yet I am still having the time of my life”. Comparing my feelings towards 2016’s Modern Warfare Remastered, online I would have said, “meh, I can play it for long lengthy periods of time, but the gameplay experience is merely alright”. Those 2016 feelings certainly left a hole-worth of doubt, but since the release of “WWII” I am officially back on the bandwagon for COD’s online meta space.

Innovation would not quite sum up to the extent as to how Call of Duty has changed switching over to 2017’s “WWII”, as the game engine seems extremely similar to all of the other multiplayer Call of Duty titles from the past, but where there have been improvements, there have been a whole heap-ton of originality. That right there is why I am officially on the COD online meta space bandwagon for the most recently launched “WWII” game, and will remain there for the entire one-year life cycle leading up to Treyarch’s COD title return for their launch in early November for 2018. Many out there have been feeling rather similar about the matter, and will be glad to see the changes that are made to the game throughout the Call of Duty yearly life cycle.

Now, comes the tips to all those opening the doorway to Call of Duty: WWII, and are immediately focusing their attention on the multiplayer scene

Well, what a multiplayer scene it is, as there is all but too much World War 2 scenery that it may cause some emotional breakdowns in those early prestige days.

Top 10 Tips for “WWII” Online

No.10 - Prestige your division: Let’s start the top tips countdown with “remembering to prestige your division, as there are special abilities and secret unlocks to be rewarded”. You have just entered onto “WWII” multiplayer for the first time, and that means its time to choose a soldier division (all World War 2 appropriate), and this can be any, but for a fresh recruit you may be best served with the Airborne division: using sub-machine guns as your primary weapon of choice. On the “WWII” battlefield online, the sub-machine guns shred at close-to-medium ranges, and offers special abilities such as a suppressor attachment (also detachable), climbing faster, reloading quicker, and running faster. These abilities can all be unlocked by using the Airborne division with a designated sub-machine gun, and through online kills you will rank up your Airborne division until a time when you can prestige the division (can be done a maximum of 4 times). Keeping things purely in the lane of the example, the Airborne division, if you prestige past division fourth prestige then you will unlock the secretly hidden do-re-mi MP40 special-unlock weapon (a rustique version of the German sub-machine gun).

No.9 - Use the Headquarters area online: In the headquarters space you are nicely located on the conquered beach in Norway, and the hill where your character spawns overlooks the beach where thousands of soldiers are exiting ships and smaller boats. If you look closely, you will also see military vehicles unloading onto the beach, and a whole heap load of soldiers preparing for battle on the frontline. The Headquarters are is mostly for practical purposes, and this involves socialising with friends or other random players, and the best feature is the supply drop openings that allows a person to watch their friends unlock the supply drops, and then in return earn rewards for doing so. All supply drops must be unlocked in the headquarters area, and this is also the place where you collect contracts/acquire items, accept orders, practice at the firing range, test out scorestreaks, prestige your divisions, and last but by no means least, prestige your soldier.

No.8 - Do weapons challenges, and unlock all of the locked reticles for the red-dot sight: What lots of players forget in those early days playing “WWII” online is the vast amount of XP that can be earned by completing simple weapons challenges, and the one-hundred headshot kills per gun should be one of the first in completing. Afterwards, the weapon (camo unlock) challenges are fairly straightforward, and the most difficult challenge at this stage is acquiring a 5 kill streak five separate times whilst using the weapon. After all of the weapon (camo) challenges for a specific weapon there will be the gold camo unlocked, and trust in the people when I say that it looks simply superb, and even gives that feel of worn-out metal on the finish. If you unlock all of the gold camos for a particular division (set of weapons) then you will acquire the diamond camo, and this is one that I do not much care for, but it used a lot by players, and this may be due to its mark in matches as a high status symbol.

No.7 - Always jump down stairs on every map you play: This may seem like such a silly tip to give to other “WWII” online players, but it has always worked out well for me personally in matches, and given that, there be a similar outcome for others also. Basically, every time you turn a corner and see a set of stairs run and jump and if there was a player coming up the stairs then they are usually dazed and confused by what has just happened which should give fair time to kill them. Jumping down the stairs also gives the feeling of momentum, which can come in handy when at the bottom of the set of stairs there is a group of enemy targets baffling running in a straight, formative line one after the other. Trust me, that does happen a staggering amount of times across the time period of a few online games.

No.6 - Always aim down the sight, even at close range: Many “WWII” online gamers are having to readjust to the new player kill time (the time that it takes to kill an enemy player once making contact), and for some it is simply too many hit-markers before you land the kill. All be it that you didn’t shoot them in the head, as that would be an instant kill, and you can never get enough of those. At close range, the hit-markers can be far apart from one another as the enemy player attempts to fire back, and it is typically the one aiming down the sight that wins the kill, and not the one that fired first. This is all to do with fire accuracy, as there is a lot of kick up close with a weapon, but by getting used to playing up close with the gun aiming down the sight you are guaranteed at least a few more kills per online game. In fact, the iron sights are so good on most of the weapons in “WWII” online that it is actually a lot of fun aiming down sight whilst closely faced to an enemy target.

No.5 - Run one of the special perks: There are perks (sorry, completely spaced on the actual name of these - perhaps they are banner-looking abilities) that improve certain areas to your game, and the one that I use most often enables for speedy reloading, and this is perfect for “WWII” online as there is no perk that resembles stopping power, that gives more damage for bullet that hits the enemy player. Another good perk might be the one that reduces flinch, as in “WWII” online there is a lot of movement in the gun when you are aiming down the site at medium-to-long ranges, and without the perk there can sometimes be some odd fire flinches on the weapon in use. Basically, use any perk you like, and the one that comes in use through default allows you to see enemies through walls and colours them with a red outline that tracks their movement. In fact, most of the perks in the game are somewhat/if not amazing, and has something to offer every type of player that you could possibly imagine, and for certain divisions these perks work almost in sync with one another.

No.4 - Never presume the best case outcome at moments when the turn of events seems simply too good to be true: What we are of course referring to is that heart-pounding moment when an enemy player runs right past you, and immediately you are hot on their trail - but you can’t quite shoot them because of the awkward distance, and so you eagerly follow, only to be mowed down shortly afterwards by two enemy players coming out of two adjacent ally pathways that are to your sides. This is a heart-breaking moment, as if you had simply not presumed the best possible outcome then perhaps you might have played your card more carefully and nabbed a couple of easy kills as those two adjacent pathway enemy players ran out expecting to see nothing in the sight of danger from the opposition (and BAM, two fools a long way from home meet the wary assassin).

No.3 - Kill or be killed: Playing “WWII” online is fast paced, filled with amazing players, and you can never judge a players skill by their rank, as this is Call of Duty, and the best players are usually the ones that play for fun, and not for sport. The point of kill or be killed will happen at nearly every turn in a match, and when an enemy locks his weapon onto you there will be that sudden moment of irritation and frustration cursing through your veins, causing a cold like chill to run up the back of your spine. This is perhaps the moment when you could have been the killer, and not the killed, but you never thought twice about your immediate reactions, and it is your reaction time that will win you more kills in frustrating turns when the enemy will literally turn on you and cause the negative kill streak to start. This is why as a beginner player on “WWII” online, you will need to up the ante and become more deadly in fast paced turn scenarios whereby you have not a clue for as to what lyes behind the seemingly pleasant corner of an outhouse wall. Basically, for this point, try to operate your character in dead eye conflict with as much brutality as you can possibly muster and really work for your kills and the skills you have earned will be transferable into easier dead eye conflict in the online space in the future.

No.2 - Use low scorestreaks: In “WWII” online using lower scorestreaks will improve your overall performance, as you will feel rewarded in-game a lot faster than you might had you used far greater scorestreaks that take a life time for you to earn in the online space for the game. Also, by acquiring scorestreaks quicker and at lower kill counts you can spawn back into the game and repeat the score streak earning process, maximising your XP earn rate without having to rely on those dodgy-to-acquire scorestreaks that do not even guarantee you kills anyway. Your team will also benefit from these low scorestreaks, perhaps even more greatly so than if you were to use higher kill streaks, as the UAV and UAV jammer are great for your team to increase their efficiencies in acquiring more kills, and avoiding more deaths. There is a rewarding feeling for every score streak, and the glide bomb is perhaps one of the best lower-to-earn scorestreaks as it can cause some serious damage, and this one should be a top used one on your accessible streaks that you decide to opt for.

No.1 - Stand with your team (the ‘brotherhood’ is not so unless every team member is watching another team members back on the frontline): Online, in “WWII”, there is a lot going on when a match starts and everybody seems to run off solo to take down the enemy forces, and this would create far more successes in the great battles in the match - when literally every player on both teams are in the live-action of the kill-or-be-killed tip (for #2). Basically, when you spawn immediately follow one of your friends and stick with them, or if you are playing without friends then simply designate a friendly player that you are going to help protect. This is one of those green healthy rules that Call of Duty have long built into their multiplayer meta spaces, as they literally want you to work with a buddy to take down the opposing team. Seriously, even if it is/or especially if it is your first day playing Call of Duty and you are on “WWII”, use the system of following and protecting one player and the two of you will get to know one another's strengths and weaknesses, and battling alongside one another will be even more fun, exhilarating, power-enthusing, as you find that you are both an unstoppable force.

Image screenshot of Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer matchmaking screen - now you can enter the headquarters space whilst you wait for the match to load

Image screenshot of Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer matchmaking screen - now you can enter the headquarters space whilst you wait for the match to load

Screenshot from Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer - the mounted light-machine gun is the deadliest weapon in "WWII" online - absolutely no one can escape the mounted light-machine gun - and we MEAN no one

Screenshot from Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer - the mounted light-machine gun is the deadliest weapon in "WWII" online - absolutely no one can escape the mounted light-machine gun - and we MEAN no one

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