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Top 10 RC Cars of 2018

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I enjoy writing about the products I have used and tested. I try to bring you the best product reviews possible!


There are a lot of different things you have to think about when you buy an RC car. One of the most important is the price; set a price you would like, and then look for the best RC car in that range.

In my top 10, I have a mix of very affordable, normal-priced, and some expensive cars. You will find all the information you need to make your decision. There is no better place to be if you want to discover some of the best RC cars of 2018.


#10 Large Rock Crawler RC Car (12 Inches Long)

I got this along with another Think Gizmos RC car for my daughter. She has been really into radio controlled cars lately and I thought we could have some fun with this.

The truck is REALLY cool. Even just the first presentation of the truck is great. The box is pretty big, which got her excited, and the truck and controller are displayed really nicely in the window of the box.

After opening the box, you need to have a philips head screw driver to remove the anchors on the box, as well as to insert the batteries. Once you get the batteries in it though, its good to go.

One of my favorite features of the truck is the LED headlights when you turn it on. They are surprisingly bright and actually make the truck look really aggressive and modern. Controlling the truck is super easy. Forward and reverse on the trigger, and the steering with the wheel on the side. Pretty standard for RC cars, but something new for my daughter to get used to. She has pretty small hands, but still had no problem controlling the truck after about 5 minutes.

The overall nature of the truck is for rock crawling, and it does that quite well. The suspension travel on each wheel is quite impressive. You can see in some of my pics and in the video that I put that to the test a bit to see the travel. If you're looking for a super fast RC truck, this is not for you. Its more for someone who wants to do a bit of technical driving, or wants to set up some little obstacle courses outside, or even indoors.

The styling is really cool, the build quality is great (we accidentally drove it down the stairs and it survived), and the fun factor is high. There are no antennas to worry about on the controller or the truck, which is nice, especially with younger kids, and the batteries last quite a while. I think the truck takes 6 and the controller takes 4 AA. All batteries are included, and theres even an extra set for the truck which is impressive.

Overall this thing is a ton of fun and we will be playing with it a lot. Outside, and even inside on rainy days. I'll definitely be checking out other toys from ThinkGizmos as well!


#9 KidiRace Racing Buggy

My review is based on the amazing customer service. The buggy was great while it lasted but the first time my son used the car on his birthday, it broke. The axle on the back wheel cracked and the wheel fell If and could not be fixed.

I contacted KidiRace, sent in pictures of what happened and because they did not have a replacement part, they promised to send a new car. As it was right before Christmas, they were out of this specific buggy so they offered for me to wait until it came in stock or select a different buggy. I chose the latter and am happy to say that we've had much better luck and the replacement buggy is still intact.

I was so happy and pleased with the care and consideration this company took in resolving a broken buggy and an upset 7yo on his birthday. He has had a lot of fun with his replacement. We try to keep the new ROCK CRAWLER buggy away from the baby but he loves it too!! Thank you KidiRace!


#8 Bugatti Veyron

So happy with the quality of the body. It's fast but it's not the car for drifting. Also noticed the turning radius is not much and requires more space, which explains why it's not for drifting. Good to have the controller with radio frequency.

Runs on carpet and will consume more battery. Yet to take the car outside, hopefully the radio frequency range will be good. In a nutshell, like the car and it's performance.

Get it at Amazon.


#7 Top Race Remote Control Road Racer, RC Monster Truck 4WD

The RC Monster Truck is a modest-price, simple R/C car that is good for someone trying their first R/C car, or maybe for a younger kid. I see that the product page recommends age 8 and up. However, I think even a younger kid would do just fine with the car. I bet even a 6 year old could get the hang of it after a short while.

This product worked correctly right out of the box. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to supply a total of 6 AA batteries (two for remote, four for car.) For my "Test Track" speed test, I used brand new batteries.


  • The front turning alignment is adjustable, but my car was perfectly aligned to begin with, so I didn't need to do anything.
  • Remote/Car pairing worked fine first thing out of the box.
  • Simple to pop-off the plastic body--just remove 3 small black retainer clips.
  • Simple to install all batteries. But don't lose the little screw!
  • Interestingly, it doesn't have any external antennas, on either the remote or the car. Nevertheless, the range was fine for residential use. I could control the car on my street well within 90 feet. I see that the spec states 98 feet, so we agree very closely on that measurement.
  • Shock absorbers on each wheel.

On my Test Track, I measure how long it takes a car to travel exactly 63 feet, starting from maximum speed. In this way, I can calculate its top speed. I did the test 5 times. I take the fastest time, which was 4.15 seconds. That converts to 10.35 MPH.


#6 GBlife

Goofy toy, my 3 year old loves the thing, but I had to disable the jump function, as this is not popular with the downstairs neighbors. Some of the build quality is iffy - within a week he tried to unplug it and the charging port broke, so I'm going to find a harder to reach place to charge the gizmo when I get a second one. "When I get a second one" should tell you how fun it is for him.

It's not a typical RC car thing, it's got a bunch of special functions, here is a rundown of the controls:

  • A slider that controls forward and backward travel.
  • A button that will make it spin in place really fast for about 2 revolutions.
  • A button that will make it flip so that the center of gravity is above the axles, like a Segway scooter. A second press cancels this. The toy can be steered and driven around in this mode.
  • A button that flips it onto its back, and then back right side up.
  • A button that retracts the rear spring loaded plunger on the first press, and then releases it making the toy jump on the second press.
  • A button that does both the retract and then release with one press.
  • A 4 way directional pad
  • Left is turn left
  • Right is turn right.
  • Up and down make the toy do a 180 to the left and to the right.
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It's a pretty fun gizmo.

#5 SZJJX Five Wheels Race Stunt Car 2WD

Ohh Guys! This is really fun for kids and my husband as well...LOL! He’s surprisingly amazed of the full functions of the controller. Using the remote control it will going forward, backward, left turn, right turn, 360 degrees stunt rolling, rolling handstand walking and stunt rotation—it is really fun to watch, he enjoyed it and me as well .

Actually, I bought this RC remote Race Stunt Car for my nephew who’s turning 5 next month, and I’m pretty sure he will love and enjoy playing this one. I’ll just let my husband tested it, to see the actual performance of this nice five wheel race stunt car and we are blessed and happy that we got it during a promotional period for testing and review, I will say that this is a perfect gift for your little ones, even me I enjoyed watching it and my husband too.
The whole package of this race stunt car contains all the needed batteries to get it to start racing. You just need to put the batteries in, there’s no instructions included but it’s really easy to figure it out once you install the batteries and test out the controls. You only need to move the joystick forward, backward and so on, it’s totally easy.

As you can see on the images below, the toy car has a 5 wheels wherein the 5th wheel generates extreme torque, delivering fast speeds for intense 2-sided stunts, 360 degree flips and keep on going even when it’s upside down and nonstop rollover, every kids will say oooohhh wow! At night it’s totally cool to look at; the LED green light is stunning especially when they flip and do the roll overs. This product is a good quality too, made of a high quality material and equipped with flexible wheels and soft rubber wheel for exquisite performance. We enjoyed it; thank you so much SZJJX for this awesome product and definitely recommend this to all you guys for your little ones to experience the amazing car toy that every kids played with it. I am super duper blessed and happy to received this at no costs for testing and review. All opinions are 100% true.

#4 Redcat Racing Electric Volcano

I have bought three Redcat Racing trucks in the last few months, two Volcano EPX entry level brushed trucks, and one a little bit faster Caldera brushless with the LiPo battery. The two Volcano's were gifts for my 6 and 8 year old nephews and the Caldera was so I could play along. First off, six may be a bit young,

I will admit that now. On our second outing my 6 year old nephew panicked a little gripped the throttle wide open and sent a 20-25 mph plastic truck straight into the side of the garage, not great but held up pretty well considering. Had to replace the steering servo mount, the lower bumper bracket, one wheel hub, and one drive shaft, sounds like a lot but parts are really reasonable and shipping was cheap from Redcat, pretty sure it was all right around twenty bucks.

We learned right away if you are going to have these things buy a nice toolkit to fix and maintain them. We actually had his older brother help fix it so all around it was actually a great teaching/learning moment about mechanics and how things work. The 8 year old nephew is a master at these things already though and does really well racing, driving, jumping his truck so that would probably be about the youngest I would go unless you want to fix them after each use.

The Caldera is an awesome truck, super fast and durable. First thing I would do on all of these is put some lock tight on the screws that go into the front wheel hubs, if you are going to be jumping them you def need to do this, or else you will lose them and be waiting for replacement screws until you can drive again. And I agree with some of the other reviews on here you should either Gorilla Tape or Electrical Tape the entire inside of the body shells, they look great but aren't that durable when you send your truck sliding on its roof at 20-30 MPH. Anyway this trucks are a great deal for the money and the 4x4 is must, if you are just starting out you cannot do wrong with these things.

#3 Redcat Racing Volcano

Great truck! Lots of fun! Excellent entry level RC truck. Have only run it in the snow so far and it's been great. No issues with moisture, yet. Only had it less than a week and already upgraded to a 2S LiPo 4000Mah battery, probably twice the punch and significantly faster top speed than the stock 2000Mah NiMh battery.

The stock battery does not last very long and gives kind of poor performance. This version of the Volcano EPX brushed truck has an ESC that is designed to also run 2S LiPo. An almost necessary upgrade. Some of the parts will break if bashed hard, especially if it's cold. I broke a front lower suspension arm the first day, hit something to hard with the front tire. Aluminum upgrades are on the way but meanwhile I repaired it with some thin metal strips and tiny screws and it's probably stronger than the original plastic was.

Overall it seems to be a great entry level truck with some potential. It will likely get a brushless system eventually. Also aluminum upgrades, hubs/carriers, suspension etc. The 2.4Ghz controller is pretty good in my limited experience, great range and instant response all the time. Full proportional controls, forward, reverse, left, and right. Steering can be trimmed for straight travel and also for more/less steering force for better control at high speeds.
Update 01/30. Broke and axle stub.

Seems it may have been defective however from the way I've bashed it maybe not. Still have not installed any aluminum upgrades so far even after putting a brushless 120A ESC and a 3000kv motor on it. On 2s LiPo this a very fun setup, on 3s it is wild crazy fast. (almost fried the Hobby Wing motor on 3s though because it is basically 380 motor internals in a ribbed 540/550 can). Will be upgrading to a full sized 3660 2600kv motor with possibly different gearing.


#2 Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD

RC MaxStone 4WD is a nice and basic rig; it's very simple to work on. I'm actually in the process of modifying mine to a 1.9 rig using CR01 frame rails and relocating the internals similar to that of an SCX10. I also swapped out the radio with my Spektrum since I had an extra RX, and replaced the stock 15t pinion for a 17t just for preference.

Out of the box, it performs quite well. I'm still taking it easy though after reading many reviews about it indicating its weaknesses (plastic lockers, etc.). I'll be upgrading the plastic c-hubs and knuckles soon and have a set of Axial lockers on hand just in case.

Only problem I had was with the shocks. The O-rings had way too much resistance and they can't be changed since they're held in place by a crown wedged in the bottom of the shock body. So I swapped them out for an aftermarket set meant for the Venom Creeper. Right now, mine is wearing a Pro-Line Jeep body and Axial 1.9 wheels & tires and looks pretty sick.


#1 Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler with Water Proof XL-5 RTR

I'm in love with this amazing RC! Traxxas has and always will be the best for their RC vehicles. 2.4ghz radio has insane range and zero interference I can run it down my alley which is at least a length of 10 house. this thing right out of the box is insane, doing wheelies , shredding rubber, and taking the jumps!

Good traction and awesome tires which are nice and big for all-terrain and burnouts. The battery charges in less than 45 mins and has outstanding output for this vehicle. I would say this car with stock internals runs around 25 -30 depending on your throttle input. Punch it and insane wheelies! I flipped, back flipped, skidded on the body, you name it this truck handles it. Of course there is battle scars near the motor and on the body. Turning is great and the slipper clutch handles the j-turns and quick donuts. I put on a front aluminium bumper and bent it slightly in a head on crash with a wall.

The stock bumper wouldn't have soaked it up and I would have broke something so get a bigger bumper. Front shocks were kinda soft and back shocks are just right but are very high performing and soak up every bump. Buy this car if you can you will have a blast and it is just a tamed version of the vxl and is great for beginners or experienced! Happy rc-ing everybody.


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