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Top 10 Questions People Have About Bingo

Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience. She holds degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

December is Bingo Month. This is the month to get reacquainted with a game that many played as a child and usually do not pick up on it again until they are older. It is a game that is fun with many variations that can give hours of entertainment. Here is a list of the Top 10 questions that people have about Bingo.

#10 – How many Bingo chips should there be for each card?

Each card has 25 squares that are played on. The middle one is “Free” which means that each game gives you one square. You may choose to place a chip on it or not. You should not need more than 25 chips per card if you need chips at all. Many places that host Bingo events have daubers instead of chips. These daubers are basically large markers that you use to mark the square instead of using a chip. Why is this method preferred? Because chips can slide around and even get knocked off the card. Daubers make the game more fun and easy to do especially with children.

#9 – Who created Bingo?

There is no one person associated with creating Bingo. It did develop in the 1500s in Italy as a form of lottery which has deep roots in history from the casting of lots that has been found in many cultures. It became very popular and eventually spread into other areas of Europe. The game was enjoyed by the masses and eventually took over the world.

#8 – What is Instant Bingo?

Instant Bingo is a shorter version that is laid out as a scratch-off game. The player has one card with a miniature version of a Bingo card. Another section is there for the player to scratch off the call numbers. They are matched the numbers to their card to see if the winning patterns emerge. This kind of Bingo game is used by many for fundraisers and even in state lottery systems. They can also be found online at various sites.

#7 – Does Bingo have catchphrases?

Almost every game has nicknames and catchphrases. It makes the game interesting and can easily confuse amateurs. Here is a list of catchphrases for Bingo. Keep in mind that there can be more than one for each number and some people have their own versions.

1 - Kelly’s eye

2 - One little duck

3 - Cup of tea

4 - Knock at the door

5 - Man alive

6 - Tom’s tricks

7 – Lucky

8 - Garden gate

9 - Doctor’s orders

10 - Tony’s den

11 - Legs eleven

12 - One dozen

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13 - Devil’s number

14 – Valentine’s Day

15 - Young and keen

16 - Sweet sixteen

17 - Dancing queen

18 - Coming of age

19 - Goodbye teens

20 - One score

21 - Key of the door

22 - Two little ducks

23 - Three and me

24 - Two dozen

25 - Duck and dive

26 - Pick and mix

27 - Twenty seven

28 - Over weight

29 - Rise and shine

30 - Dirty Gertie

31 - Get up and run

32 - Buckle my shoe

33 - Two little fleas

34 - Ask for more

35 - Thirty five

36 - Three dozen

37 - A flea in heaven

38 - Christmas cake

39 - Three wonderful steps

40 - Naughty forty

41 - Time for fun

42 - Winnie the Pooh

43 - Down on your knees

44 - Droopy drawers

45 - Halfway there

46 - Up to tricks

47 - Four and seven

48 - Four dozen

49 - P.C.

50 - Half a century

51 - Tweak of the thumb

52 - Danny La Rue

53 - Stuck in the tree

54 - Clean the floor

55 - Snakes alive

56 - Was she worth it

57 - Heinz varieties

58 - Make them wait

59 - Brighton line

60 - Five dozen

61 - Bakers bun

62 - Turn on the screw

63 - Tickle me

64 - Red raw

65 - Old age pension

66 - Clicketty click

67 - Made in heaven

68 - Saving grace

69 - Anyway up

70 - Three score and ten

71 - Bang on the drum

72 - Six dozen

73 - Queen B

74 - Candy store

75 - Strive and strive

76 – Trombones

77 - Sunset strip

78 - Heaven’s gate

79 - One more time

80 - Eight and blank

81 - Stop and run

82 - Straight on through

83 - Time for tea

84 - Seven dozen

85 - Staying alive

86 - Between the sticks

87 - Torquay in Devon

88 - Two fat ladies

89 - Nearly there

90 - Top of the house

90 Ball Bingo Card

90 Ball Bingo Card

#6 – How many cards can you play at one sitting?

Certain places might place limits on how many cards you can play at one time.  Traditionally, you can play as many as you can keep an eye on. There can be too many in which you will only end up hurting yourself. If you are just beginning to play Bingo, start with one card. Work your way up as you get familiar with the game. Do not overextend yourself playing.

#5 – How do you play Bingo?

Each player has at least one card. The “Free” square is marked with a Bingo chip or a dauber. The caller will loudly call out the letter and number combination that is randomly drawn. Some places will also display the numbers on large boards when the number of players is large. As the caller retrieves a chip, he/she will call out something like “B7”. The players then look under the “B” column for the number “7”. If they have it, they mark it. The goal is to create the patterns that are accepted for that particular play. Traditionally, you have to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Creative patterns can be allowed that make the game even more interesting. If you achieve the desired pattern on any one of your cards, you yell “Bingo!” to signify your winning. The game continues until there is a winner which means the game could be ten minutes or ten hours (slight exaggeration here).


#4 – What is 90 ball Bingo?

90 ball Bingo is the version played in the United Kingdom. The American version is traditionally known as 75 ball Bingo. The cards look much different, and the UK version uses 90 numbers instead of the American 75.  Under the American version you can generally play more than one card.

#3 – Where can Bingo be played online?

You can go almost anywhere and play online Bingo. A word of caution should be heeded. Be aware of the sites you visit. Some require memberships. Others are gambling sites in which you win actual money. Some are just for fun and great for children to play. Always approach these sites with caution and read all the fine print especially before giving out credit card information.


#2 – Is a license needed to conduct a Bingo game?

This answer depends totally on where you are located and what kind of Bingo game you are running. Even if you are a non-profit entity such as a church or a lodge, you might require a license. Always check with your local governmental offices for the rules and regulations. There might be a chance that you are except if your prizes are non-monetary and only occur once a year. It is always better safe than sorry.

This is a very good question. To many this is not considered gambling. It is categorized with raffles and both are typically fundraisers. Some communities do view raffles and Bingo as gambling and treat it as such. This is where semantics can get dirty. Define gambling. Playing the stock market can be a gamble. Getting out of bed in the morning can be a gamble. Driving your car to work can be a gamble. Gambling can be an area that is not always defined. Be aware of your communities view on Bingo before trying to start a game.


Vishal Doshi on March 11, 2018:

Now a days online bingo is coming up with few casinos which have decent payouts cyber bingo,vegas crest,bingo fest ,and How to play online bingo can be found here

amberjo on September 27, 2011:

how many pages are in one card? i remember when i was a kid and went with my aunt you buy a card and there was like 4-5 pages to it is it still that way??

Valerie Washington from Tempe, Arizona on September 15, 2011:

I love bingo, haven't played in years, but my parents and sisters do. They do quite well playing it at the casinos.

Bingo Babe on May 01, 2011:

Really good beginners guide to bingo. I sent a link of it to one of my friends and it definitely cleared up some of her questions. Thanks.

David Lloyd from UK on April 06, 2011:

I find the state of legal bingo in the USA very confusing. Luckily here in the UK, it's legal everywhere, but there is strict licensing in place for the large bingo chains and clubs.

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