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Top 10 Most Useful PSP Plugin

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This hub is for PSP with Custom Firmware Installed only. Stock Firmware PSP can't use plugins yet.

The list of plugins posted here improves your PSP Functionality and User Friendliness.


This plugin is first on the list.

This little app here, will make your PSP Stand out from the rest, it enables you to use CTF Themes with ease.

CTF Themes are full pledge custom flash0 themes packaged in one singe file.

CXMB in Action


2. Game Categories v12

This is a must have PSP Plugin.

It will make your PSP more orderly by categorizing your Apps, Games, Homebrews into different user made Category.

Game Categories in Action


3. AudioBoost v.02

PSP 1000,2000 or even 3000 they have the same problem. That is low volume problem.

With this plugin, it will increase your PSP Volume with Additional 20DB.

Its very useful especially when your headphone/earphone is not around.

4. Hold+ V3.6

Whether your a hardcore gamer or casual gamer, this nifty plugin will save a lot of battery power when you paused and put your PSP on Hold.

This also fixes busted Hold switch, it detects unecessary unhold switch does preventing your PSP to go on sleep mode when you don't intend it.

Once your PSP is on hold. it will go to suspend mode, and downclocks your PSP CPU into 50 mhz.

5. PSPPowerSaver

Saves power without you knowing it.

This plugin disables your UMD Drive when your not using it.

This is better than NoUMD Plugin which disables the UMD Drive permanantly until you disable the plugin.

PSPPowerSaver actively disables it and enables it based on UMD drive actions.

6. Remote Joy Lite v.20a

Definitely one of the best unique PSP Plugin.

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It lets you control your PSP with your Computer Keyboard or any other Game Controller connected in your PC.

It lets you Output your PSP's display into your PC Screen, letting you play on bigger screen.

It lets you capture video of your PSP's output or save a still image screenshot.

Remote Joy Lite in Action


7. CWCheat

Got stuck in a game or just want to try something fun?

CWCheat will add countless hours of gameplay exploration on your PSP Games, it has a wide array of user created cheats some of it even expands the game features and gameplay.

Its easy to use and a lot of features built in. Be sure to check it out.

CWCheat in Action


8. Speedy Screenshot PNG

Screenshot plugin that can capture anything on your PSP Display with a press of a button.

What makes this screenshot plugin stand out from the other is the fact that it captures so fast, you can't even notice its done capturing.

Try now and show your games score on your friends with this screenshot plugin.

9. Hud

Think of this as a custom info pane for your PSP

it displays battery information, fps, date and other things on your PSP.

You can customize its display settings, positions and other options.

HUD in Action


10. Sysconf Spoofer

Lastly, this Firmware and Mac address info spoofer.

Give your PSP a custom identification.

You can even input your full name, address and contact number in there.

Spoofer in Action



Mackintosh.Tom on August 03, 2020:

frederick 5987 way

j on January 03, 2014:

hmm psp

Thiago Salles on August 09, 2013:

It would be nice if they add a functionality on Hold+ to totally shut down the PSP when the hold is enabled and its goes under 5% of battery.

I say that because if I run out of battery I can't charge it on USB anymore and I'm not used to be with my charger with me, only the usb cable.

If I have at least 5% of battery, I can turn it on, put on USB mode and charge it.

tim on November 14, 2012:

timebatterypercent doesn't work on my psp 3000 with firmware 6.60 PRO B10

hjadas on June 08, 2012:

thanks man

rahul on May 19, 2012:

thnx 4 help

Mohammad! on August 17, 2011:

Thanks a Lot People!

I really Liked These Punch Of Plugins!

sdf on July 10, 2011:

thx!it was gr8 help to me.

@l3x on May 16, 2010:

Remote joy lite is a user-mode plugin or a kernel plugin?

madeline Oscar on April 23, 2010:

These plugins I really missed out, inspite of owning the PSP for 3 Years. Thanks for the Information.

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