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Top 7 Free Zombie Games For iPhone and iPod Touch


With the thousands and thousands of iOS apps flooding the app store it's pretty hard to find all the shiny gems beneath the rubble and going to the Top Charts section doesn't help either, and to make matters worse; the App Store's search is degrading with every new update! So simply searching for a general genre of games like role-playing or action is even hard to find, so one could imagine how insanely difficult it can be to find a game with a specific archetype such as a zombie game, through all my searching I decided to share my knowledge with you readers!!


Killing zombies dressed as a teddy bear?...TAKE MY MONEY!!!!! oh wait...

Killing zombies dressed as a teddy bear?...TAKE MY MONEY!!!!! oh wait...

Free 2 Die

...Is a zombie shooter made by Everplay Interactive and pretty much anyone who's played the console hit Left 4 Dead would be able to see many of it's similarities. However if you are a fan of the console game I would definitely recommend this game in a heartbeat, at least just to try. The game plays from an isometric top down perspective, and is surrounded around the goal of either killing a set number of zombies (Campaign Mode), seeing how long you can survive after waves of waves of zombies come to attack you (Survival Mode), or just killing a bunch of zombies with friends (Multiplayer). The game isn't anything special bearing many similarities to the pay to play game Alive 4 Ever, however the game does have a fair amount of weapons and characters to stay interesting along with the multiplayer implementation to stay fun.


Those who enjoy the Valve hit, does this look familiar?

Those who enjoy the Valve hit, does this look familiar?

Zombies: The Last Stand (Lite)

...Another zombie game that takes many of it's influences from the hit game Left 4 Dead, however unlike Left 2 Die this game keeps things a bit more interesting. Zombies: The Last Stand excess where many people have issues with Left 2 Die; affordable weapons. Ever time you kill a zombie you get a set amount of cash which you can then later use after the game to purchase new weapons or upgrades to current weapons. The game has a nice selection of weapons and the controls are self explanatory, the game may not have the best graphics but the gameplay has great replay value. The full game is $3, however the lite version limits you to the first two levels of each stage.


Run and Gun fun!!!!

Run and Gun fun!!!!

Running Dead

...Is a run and gun game, meaning you don't have control of the characters forward motion and you can only control it's left and right motion. The game doesn't have any set goal other than to survive and kill zombies. When you start the game up for the first time it "trains" you with a tutorial explaining the significance of each box and the controls. The controls are relatively simple; touch the left side of the screen to turn left, touch the right side of the screen to turn right, touch the top of the screen to shoot. There are 5 characters in total, 3 being unlockable, there are two stages a city and a farm (the later being unlockable), and there are 7 unlockable weapons, each one is upgradable in some way, multiple consumables, and general upgrades. The game's currency is coins and you can collect coins while running and they are found randomly in boxes. Overall it feels like Temple Run with zombies and guns.


Like Dead Runner...with guns

Like Dead Runner...with guns

Into The Dead

...Now this game is Temple Run with Zombies and guns done RIGHT. There are TONS of stuff to unlock and aside from the ads the game is completely free just like everything else on this list. The game is played best when used with tilt controls, however there are also options to just use the touch screen. Like other endless runners, this game becomes increasingly difficult as your distance increases. The game's graphics are great despite being primarily black and white, however the game contains some disturbing gore as when you hit a zombie head on, the zombie pushes you down and proceeds to eat you from a first person perspective. You can find weapons while you run in glowing boxes, and you shoot by tapping the center of the screen, with coins you earn from playing you can purchase new skins for the zombies as well as unlock weapons. The game is very ambitious and has several missions in game such as collecting weapons or using perks, which have rewards.


Would you sacrifice graphics for gameplay?

Would you sacrifice graphics for gameplay?

SAS: Zombie Assault 3

...Well if you would then this might be the game for you. A hidden gem played from the isometric top down perspective, it's a dual stick shooter with arena based gameplay. The more zombies you kill, the more money you get. In the shop you can customize yourself, everything from upgrading your weapons to changing your loadout, it can be done post-game. There are some over-priced items, but grinding doesn't even feel like it because of the game's entertaining replay value. There are multiple classes of zombies, such as the giant zombies, and the fast zombies. However aside from weapons, you can also purchase perks for your character to help improve your chances of survival.


Hold the line!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hold the line!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call of Mini: Sniper

...If you're a sniper then you'll love this game. It's a strategy take on the zombie genre, involving you being perched atop a building while shooting down on zombies and protecting the base. The more zombies you kill, the more cash you earn. Just like any other game, zombies die faster with headshots however the game becomes increasingly difficult as there are some zombies that move really fast making it difficult to line up a headshot. There are guns to unlock, from pistols to new snipers, and there are also one-use consumables that can help your struggle against the horde (Yes, there's a bomb drop). The game is actively being updated adding new guns and enemies with every few updates. So far there are 6 zombie types and 21 guns and you can even call in a SWAT team for backup.


Guns Guns Guns

Guns Guns Guns

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Dead Trigger

...A big download but so worth it. The graphics in this game are amazing, however it may run a bit laggy on older devices. A first person shooter, that has the look and feel of a console game. The gameplay is mission based, so when you first start up the game you're in a sort of hub, there are several things you can do, change options, weapons, etc. The missions vary from stopping zombies from breaking into a base, prevent zombies from opening a van, or just killing waves of the undead. Whether you complete or fail these missions you get a certain amount of cash and experience based on your performance, with experience you move up in rank which is how you unlock the 14 weapons, and cash is what you need to purchase and upgrade them. The only downside is that the game is something called "Freemium" meaning, yeah the game came be played completely free. However there are in-app purchases that make gameplay easier, and unlock weapons faster instead of spending hours grinding for exp and cash and after a while you may start to notice that the missions are more or less the same, guarding a door vs a van. However the game is worth the download and those few flaws aren't worth not since it is free right now and the graphics are just beautiful, come'on, isn't it just awesome using a chainsaw to dismember the undead in complete 3D graphics?

Dead Trigger E3 2012 Trailer

So tell me did I help?


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mylindaelliott from Louisiana on April 29, 2013:

Thanks for the list and the pics were great too.

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Dead Trigger is magnificent, in fact I just reviewed it!!

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