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Top Ten First Person Shooter Games

Jason Cloninger is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot.

First Person Shooter Games Rule!

PUBG - Moving to Zone

PUBG - Moving to Zone

First Person Shooters Are Blasting Their Way To The Top!

Gaming companies are spending millions upon the First Person Shooter genre of games. There has always been a demand for FPS games, both for PC and for gaming systems, and that demand is growing. However, not only is the base demand for the games themselves growing - the demand for better designed, performing, and more realistic FPS games is growing along with it.

There has been some amazing advancements within available games, as we will soon discuss below. So, get ready to be amazed - and then to rush out to the store or order a game from your favorite game website - so that you can get yourself caught up with the rest of us, and join in on the fun! FPS games are becoming more realistic, with multiple layers of graphic technologies to provide truer environmental depth realism, and better performing graphics as well. The single player story lines are better written in order to provide players a more interesting venue, and to keep you guessing from one chapter to the next. Finally, they are listening to the players in regards to game design! Beta testing is not just used for sales projections - they are actually asking the Beta testers what improvements that they would make and are addressing these in future releases. All in all, FPS game manufacturers are putting player desires and needs up front along with their bottom line. The result? Gamers are happy, and their sales are up!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Your Top 10 First Person Shooter Games

First Person Shooter (FPS) games have come a long way since Duke Nukem. The top games can definitely be considered royalty when you consider how many copies each of them have sold, as well as how many players are playing them daily on average. The Top Ten list is short, and definitely exclusive.

Now, I know a lot of you are loyal to your particular games, and may not agree with where they stand in this list, if they stand in it at all. However, I can assure you that each of these games were carefully played, reviewed, re-played, and re-reviewed to earn their place on this list. Placement is based upon several key factors: 1) Game Mechanics, 2) Game Flow, 3) Multi-Player Action vs. Single Player Action, 4) Realism, and 5) Graphical Performance.

I can assure you, no matter where your favorite game places on this list, you will find a great amount of enjoyment if you get yourself involved with playing any of these games, and will also most likely agree with their listed order if you manage to buy or play them all. My advice is that you start at the top, and then work your way down... It helps you to see differences and flaws in the lower ranked games that you didn't find in the top listed game or games. Enjoy this list, and have fun!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Season 4 Pro Tips

1) Apex Legends

Apex Legends from EA has stolen the title! Well, actually they earned the title, but we won't digress. This last man, or team, standing game has launched its way into our hearts and homes, to give a colorful, animated, and customizable gaming experience as we all fight to earn the title of Champion of the Arena! There are some amazing characters for one, each of them with a particular set of skills that make you a unique member of any team. There can only be one version of a character per team, and they rotate who gets 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. However, other teams can choose from the same characters, so don't be surprised when you end up facing off against your doppelgänger before too much time passes.

The action is fast paced, traveling to stay ahead of the harmful shield is also a challenge, but we're all used to that by now. They offer some truly unique ways for you to make up for lost time if you ever find yourself a little too close to getting singed. The guns in the game are amazing, allowing you to have lots of combinations of close-range, medium-range, and long-range options. You only get two, and you can only carry so much, so choose wisely. Tactics work well in-game, and some players are better than others, so I recommend playing with the same people as often as possible. However, occasionally, I like to throw myself out there alone to see who I end up with and if I can still pull off a "W" even with mediocre players. Apex Legends is fun, has customizable characters and guns, and extremely dynamic maps that offer all kinds of fun gameplay as well as hazards for you to avoid to keep it interesting! You will not be disappointed, and their Season gameplay offers you the ability to earn some amazing in-game items and profile items from all of your hard work. Definitely recommended for streaming, as I've heard some funny reactionary "jump-scare" comments from people when I catch them unawares... Plus, the price is unbeatable!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Season 2 Update

2) Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has gone above and beyond in regards to both extremely large, and extremely small, map gameplay. They have broadened their detail in regards to weapons diversity, environmental impacts to you on the battlefield, bullet drop, vehicles, game-types, and more! Again, the top title has over delivered upon what customizations you can make to your character, weapons, profile, abilities, and kill streaks. The gameplay is extremely realistic in regards to speed and weapons fire. It's very easy to get caught unawares by a small squad, or even a clutch player looking to make a name for themselves. However, It has given all other Call of Duty titles a significant run for their money, and they continue to add more and more features, maps, game types, and more with each and every major release and season!

If you're a Call of Duty fan, it's worth your time and money. There's a lot of satisfaction with sniping someone from a half mile away on a map, or out of a helicopter or off of a four-wheeler. Plus, there are so many buildings and rooms on the large maps, your ability to find new ways to move from one objective to the next, or get the drop on the squad that just got the drop on yours, is almost endless. Amazing gameplay for gamers of all ages, Call of Duty never disappoints, especially us veterans!

Call of Duty: WWII Xbox One Edition

Call of Duty: WWII Xbox One Edition

3) Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII (PC, Xbox One, PS$) is the latest and most amazing Call of Duty title to hit the market. With 100% focus on ground combat, firefights, utility weapons, and explosives, there isn't room for a player to get bored. Plus, the gameplay action is extremely fast, leaving lazy players open for target practice. While there have been talks of player lag impacting kills, the overall experience is that you are able to play head to head with other players and know that the fastest player with the best aim will prevail. Of course, tactical maneuvers - with squad members covering each other as they move through a map - always lead to better performance of teams during the various game types. It also behooves players to learn that not all game types are Team Deathmatch, and that a high K/D doesn't always result in your team winning.

Building up a particular class, and pursuing presaging in that class, particular weapons, your player, as well as pursuing diamond camouflage for specific weapons or weapon classes, leaves plenty of room for players to pursue goals and achievements that will make gameplay more challenging and lead to many hours of gameplay in pursuit of those goals. There are some complaints about getting care packages containing items that you already own, but the excitement you have when you finally receive an extremely rare item or weapon that you've been waiting for is extremely sweet and savory. You won't be disappointed, and the community of players is growing - not shrinking. Just be sure to order yours soon, as the "Christmas Noobs" are starting to build themselves up!

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Game Preview Edition

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Game Preview Edition

4) PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Game Preview Edition

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Game Preview Edition (PC, Xbox One) is a brand new title to hit the console gaming industry, but has been flourishing and growing within the PC gaming community for some time. With this being an early release of the console version, available at about half the price as a normal game title, it is an early release meant for players to play and assist BlueHole with perfecting its development for its console version. The game is a "work in progress" release, so there really isn't any room for player complaint in regards to issues experienced during gameplay. The top issue currently is getting booted from the game in the middle of a match. You can restart the game and re-introduce yourself into the match to pick up where you left off. However, you may be killed during this process, or your team may be stuck with you driving them into a hot-zone if you were the one driving a vehicle - as you continue doing the action were you doing when you were booted. I've cursed and laughed, and had patient team members who protected me while I came back into the game. But I've also been ran over, shot, and blown up whenever I was trying to get back in. However, it's at an amazingly low price!

The play action is slower than COD, but the notion of being parachuted with no weapons onto an island, knowing that you have to fight all of the other players on the island to be the last survivor, is pretty cool. It's like Survivor meets The Hunger Games, and you have to use your wits, planning, timing, and tactics to survive. It's good to play DUO to start, so that you can have an experienced player guide you through the process of targeting where you land, searching for weapons and equipment, finding a vehicle, and then tactically ensure you stay inside of the forcefield without making yourself a target. Falling outside of the forcefield exposes you to poisonous gas that slowly kills your player. However, each time the forcefield shrinks, driving all players into a tighter and tighter circle, the gas becomes more powerful and kills you faster. So, paying attention to the clock, and ensuring you have enough time to travel to stay inside of the safe circle is a must. Also, you must ensure that you limit exposure and have cover in case of a firefight. People will nest and wait for those fleeing the gas to come into the forcefield so that they can shoot them, or they will hide and ambush unsuspecting players who are searching buildings for weapons and ammo. Be ready, keep you head on a swivel, check your corners, and move together. Your teammates will save your life, and going it alone only ensures that you will be outnumbered. Get the title now and start building up your proficiency, as they will be perfecting the bugs and issues soon!

(Update - patching has improved the number of occurrences of players getting kicked in the middle of game-play. However, I can tell you personally that I have been kicked a total of five times in the last two weeks. It used to be around 5 times or more per week, so there is some improvement. Other players have had their occurrences drop to on or zero times per week.)

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

5) Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnight Battle Royale is the latest survival, or last man/woman standing, video game to hit the market. While PUBG went the route of combat realism, FBR went the route of creating a fun cartoon world, with highly customizable characters and outfits, to bring some bright, boisterous, and hilarious players and game-action. They also added a new feature that other games were lacking, which has added a new dimension to your survival in-game - you can harvest building materials and then build structures in the game to assist you with survival, or with hunting other players. You can make tower-like fortresses, which allow you to shoot at other players from great distances, or even create a trap for other players to walk into and end their game with a special surprise from yours truly.

Fortnite also has special releases from time to time, bringing new costumes, new characters, and new weapons into the game - keeping players fresh and interested without becoming bored. Now, a lot of these are only accessible as in-game purchases, so there are some expenditures after buying the initial game. As a perfect example of new gear recently released, you can do a YouTube search for "Fortnite Repulsor Kills" to see some of the amazing game-play footage of players using repulsor grenades to knock their enemies from their perch in order to shoot them or even let them fall to their deaths. There is an insanely fast-growing fan base surrounding the Fortnight Battle Royale game, and we are looking forward to seeing exactly what's in store for this game in the future!

TitanFall 2

TitanFall 2

6) TitanFall & TitanFall 2

TitanFall & TitanFall 2 (XBox1/PC) definitely took us by surprise! With all of the hype surrounding this title, you always expect to be underwhelmed by the game, much less the Beta release. However, this gamer can honestly say that I believe that I've finally found an fps title that has the clout to pull me away from Ghosts & BF4. The Beta release of any title always is a sub-par version of the game, both from a graphics stand-point and from a game-physics standpoint. They always turn down the details to minimize load on their servers so that they can focus on locating bugs and glitches. If their Beta release was a watered-down version of the game, I CAN'T WAIT to see it with 100% resources coming at me!

Okay, unless you've been buried under a rock as a gamer, you already know what TitanFall is all about. It is a FPS where you can play multiple classes of pilots, with various abilities and armaments that will enable you to pursue various play types and associated tactics against the opposition. However, the fun starts when your pilot's mechanoid (Mech) arrives and drops down from the sky at a position of your choosing. Each Mech is configured with a variety of load-outs and defensive capabilities, and can be customized to allow you to play how you wish. You can customize your mech, pilot your mech, or tell it to switch to defensive mode so you can remain outside of your Mech, and have the biggest bodyguard in history! With some really cool features, such as jump jets on your pilot, as well as auto-targeting pistols, and more, the gameplay is definitely different and unique. Your pilot can rapidly traverse the map, run along walls, and even mount the tallest building in the map with a few well placed jump jet launches. The action is intense, and with some assisted firepower, a pilot can effectively and successfully take on a Mech. Jump on an enemy mech as a pilot and begin destroying the mech by ripping out some essential wiring and armor, or grab an enemy pilot out of his Mech with a well placed attack from your Mech. Move fast, or shoot big and loud, it's your choice... and man do you have choices! Definitely worth the money, and hours upon hours of your time!

TitanFall is the new FPS Titan! - Get ready for the upcoming release of TitanFall with some YouTube motivation...

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

7) Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 (XBox1/PS4/PC) is the latest release in the Battlefield game franchise. Never to disappoint, this WW I throwback to the battlefields of our ancestors left no detail to question, and left no stone unturned. All of the gut wrenching and skin searing truths that our great grandfather's generation had to face on the battlefields of the first World War is made available for us to experience first hand. Flame throwers, first renditions of battle tanks, the original cavalry (with a horse involved), revolvers, bolt action assault rifles, and more! Bi-planes are soaring overhead, trying to take out the gunners on board an assault dirigible, bullets are whizzing by while artillery is blowing up the earth all around you, when you're trying to simply hold your ground.

There is a story mode for those who want to familiarize themselves with the play action, so get started there. Learn the various weapon types, their effective ranges, and definitely become proficient with grenades and the fact that there is dynamite instead of C4. The game play action is fast and intense, so be prepared to think on your feet. Investing in a good headset is also recommended, as you can more aptly hear the footsteps of your enemies as they approach. Realism is key, so you are louder when you are running or walking, crouching or crawling slowly are better ways of sneaking up on your adversary. You will see some really good teamwork in order to capture objectives, or defending them from the other team, so be sure to team up with your friends and get started today!

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare

8) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (AW) is a fast paced, high intensity, and technologically advanced warfighter setting. With futuristic enhanced performing mechanics attached to your soldier's body, working as a powered mechanical enhancement to their movements, gives them added strength, speed, and agility in regards to battling the enemy. Your soldier is highly customizable, both with the additional tech you can attach to your mechanical suit, but also with their clothes, weapons, and associated gear. There are so many options and configurations, that you could play the game for years without saying two players configured exactly the same!

There is definitely a futuristic appeal to the game, and it is faster paced than some of the other COD titles. You really need to be on point in regards to your reflexes, aim accuracy, and threat identification. You don't want to shoot a friendly more than twice in Hardcore rooms unless you want to get booted from the match! You also want to achieve specific kill streaks in order to achieve the various kill streak actions that are available to you in the game. Some of them are epically destructive, and one of which can kill everyone in the game... With a good strategy, your K/D ration within a match can shoot extremely high with just the right kill streak combinations, and some very well times shooting and dodging. It's definitely worth your while on investing time into the game, and I constantly use it as a means to break up the play action on my other top two contenders!

Call of Duty - Ghosts

Call of Duty - Ghosts

9) Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts (XBox1/XBox360/PS4/PS3/PC/Wii U) is the latest release in the Call of Duty game series. Ghosts has some amazing new features, faster gameplay, re-introduction of updated version of previous Call of Duty maps, entirely new maps and interactive features within those maps, as well as new game-types! For those who are veterans to the Call of Duty game titles, there are improvements as well as new features that have been welcomed by the community as a whole. If you're new to the Call of Duty franchise, there is simply a TON of FUN for you to slowly get yourself exposed to. Overall, there are hours upon hours of fun to test your hand-eye coordination, as well as some give and take moments of epic wins and failures between you and your friends.

Weapon effectiveness have been re-balanced, and some old weapons are being used in new and exciting ways due to technological advances. As there are many ways to customize both your character, your uniform, and your weapons, there is an immediate capability of each and every player expressing their uniqueness. Clans now have a new Clan War feature, with a new Clan War event scheduled each and every month. There is a new Alien game-type which allows you, or a small party of your friends, to take on an alien menace and attempt to thwart their attempts at world domination. It's fast-paced, the alien creatures are fast and progressively tougher, so make your shots count. Have you seen Michael Myers yet within the game? Be sure to do some YouTube searches upon tutorials of how to achieve many of the in-game features and achievements - to include tranforming into Michael Myers and putting a Halloween scare into the opposition! Unlock more characters and customize a different battle focus for each one, to build a highly effective Squad to take on other players in the new Squads game type. There are tons of strategies and techniques to be successful at each and every nich and crany regarding game types and features, so get started today!

Call of Duty - Black Ops 1 & 2

Call of Duty - Black Ops 1 & 2

10) Call of Duty: Black Ops I, II, and III

Still hanging tough is Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC, XBox360, PS3, Wii). I can honestly say that Black Ops beat out MW2 by a narrow margin, but it did win! With some amazing new game features and weapons, along with a more difficult game-play to challenge its players, it offers a pretty realistic combat experience for us FPS fans to enjoy.

Black Ops takes place during the era of the Cold War, so a lot of the weapons and technology is of the times. However, you are looking at the BEST technologies and weapons of the time. It gives you a look into how special operations warfare was conducted during the time, and how arduous it was for our soldiers to endure. The game play is fast paced, but realistic in the fact that if your guy is hauling around an M60 machine gun, he won't run as fast as if he was carrying an Uzi. There are some exceptional online information resources that will education you how to be extremely competitive with online game-play, not to mention how to get past the campaign levels which seem almost impossible to beat, so use them wisely. Customizable logos, face-paint, and camouflage also makes is possible to design your soldier to be a truly unique representation of your online self. All in all, a well rounded first person shooter game, both in its realism and accuracy for the time in which the game takes place. Now, if Treyarch can just get rid of all of the bugs and technical issues, we'll have a long-standing champion!

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3

RECENT ROLL-OFFS: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC, XBox360, PS3) has finally been moved to the #4 spot, but by a small margin. Not only has it blown most other games away on in game and online play graphics and mechanics, but it enhanced itself even further by offering a new map pack release bringing in some new maps, as well as some of your favorite maps from your previous Modern Warfare titles.

Modern Warfare 3 is a top contender fo all other FPS games are compared to. The game has amazing graphics (both in single player and multi-player modes), with realistic character interaction with their environment. Gunfire and explosions not only impact players realistically, but also create temporary visibility issues from the smoke and/or flames which are produced. Gunfire affects your ability to see and aim at your target realistically as well. Weapon accuracy is also EXTREMELY realistic. Game play has plenty of options when it comes to the type of character you want to play, allowing you to choose the skills for you character which are best suited for the particular game you are playing, and as you prestige within the game (ten prestige levels in all) you unlock more customizable characters. All in all, you will be able to have 10 customized classes, with their own weapon, equipment, and skills (or perks), so that you will be ready for any online gaming scenario.

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

RECENT ROLL-OFFS: Medal of Honor

The newest edition to our list, and immediately snagging the #5 position is Medal of Honor! (PC, XBox360, PS3) This high intensity, and scalable game, shows its muster by taking a lot of gamers away from their other FPS games - some of them to stay. It has good graphics, excellent combat realism, and even allows you to drive a few choice vehicles in the game. There are many game types, and several in game classes to choose from. Of course, the more time that you spend on a class, the better it gets.

While the grenade throws in the game seem a little short, the rest of the game play is pretty amazing. Bullets penetration is extremely realistic, so hiding behind a box or a pallet will not save you - especially from APC exploding rounds! You can climb on top of some structures, so play around with the maps to find your favorite sniper spots. Also, the use of C4 or an IED is available in game, so practice switching to them placing and triggering them to ensure that you maximize your capabilities. Your ammo will run out, but picking up the guns of fallen enemies always helps! I still think that in game graphics are still better for MW2, however, with the size and speed of the Medal of Honor gaming experience, I definitely think that Medal of Honor has come the closest to taking the crown!

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

Vote for Your Favorite First Person Shooter

This is our Top 10 First Person Shooter list based upon our requirements. However, we also want you to put your two cents in. Don't agree with the order of our list? Then let us know by voting on your favorites within our list!

First Person Shooters - Sound Off!

Michael Marut on April 19, 2018:

Was this list made by a 12 year old? Like seriously 7 of these games are Cod games that are mediocre at best. Fortnite? For real? Like seriously I can tell the person who made this list never stepped foot outside the FPS genre

Alyssa from Ohio on May 29, 2017:

Great list of games! Call of Duty is great. I enjoy playing Black Ops III occasionally with my husband. He plays a variety of games, I will pass this list on to him.

Nicu from Oradea, Romania on February 08, 2015:

I watch Titanfall gameplays and I find it an interesting game. Others also look awesome. There are also good games which are not in this top, like Wolfenstein series.

SOMI4GAMES on January 22, 2015:

Titanfall Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Part 2

anonymous on January 19, 2013:

Where the FUCK is DooM.

maxidef on August 19, 2012:

very interesting lens.


PreorderVideoGames on November 13, 2011:

If you want to play a unique action shooter game, you'd better get your own copy of the "Syndicate" game, which will be released on February next year. The game is set in 2069 where business is war.

anonymous on September 03, 2011:

What's up with Gears of War 2 and Halo Reach being at the bottom of the list? IMO they should be second and third respectively. And what's up with FOUR COD games?! I wonder how it would turn out if all the games were, BlackOps, Halo CE, Halo2, Halo3, HaloODST, HaloWars, and HaloReach. This guy is either a CODfanboy or just stupid.

anonymous on September 03, 2011:

@anonymous: Actually, if you were being fair, Halo Wars would lose to Super Mario and the others. That's because those 1990 games received a FAR bigger response than Halo Wars. Now, if I remember correctly, the first Halo was a gaming phenomenon. It set the benchmark for other games like COD. Sure, it's got terrible graphics compared to BlackOps, campaign is repetitive and overall boring, but lets face it guys, it was made in 2001. You simply can't compare an ancient game with a modern one like the way this guy did.

anonymous on September 03, 2011:

What kind of a review is this? This isn't fair because most of the games are from different timelines. I could put the worst Halo game (Halo Wars) together with Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and a bunch of other 1990s games and HaloWars would obviously win.

anonymous on September 03, 2011:

I don't get this. Were all these games released on the same year? If they were, this review would be a tad one sided, but still ok. Now, the fact that they were from different timelines means this review IS COMPLETELY BIASED. Its only COD COD COD and COD.

stylingparts on August 26, 2011:

Most people i know have returned to MW2 over black ops, the gameplay is better ...i have barely touched black ops i anxiously await MW2 but as its not infninity ward im worried it will be as bad or worse than black ops

anonymous on June 24, 2011:

Love Gears of War 1 and 2,as well as the COD games! One game here I have not played though....Mag.

anonymous on June 15, 2011:

Ah, mostly Call of Duty? Very varied, clever list, sir.

anonymous on May 16, 2011:

great lens but halo reach should be higher, looks like you favour COD more

Dish-Network-HD on January 23, 2011:

I like Modern warfare more than the others .

Maybe I will try something new ...

Dish-Network-HD on January 23, 2011:

I like Modern warefare more than the others .

Maybe I will try something new ...

adamdepolo on January 17, 2011:

I agree although Gears of War and Halo should be up higher in my opinion.

therealstig86 on December 17, 2010:

definitely my sort of lens. I like Gears of War and all the Call of Duty games

PrometheusIV (author) on May 27, 2010:

Welcome to my Top 10 First Person Shooter Game lens! If you have any recommendations for the list, or general feedback about the lens, please leave them here. Even if your recommendations don't make the top ten list, I'll place them in the voting pool to give my readers an opportunity to express their opinion for them.

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