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Top 10 Cutest Pokémon Ever

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Top 10 Cutest Pokémon Ever List

This is a page dedicated to the top 10 cutest Pokémon ever list. The idea behind it is simple - to find the 10 cutest Pokémon ever!

Obviously these are subjective...what we consider cute Pokémon others may well consider to be ugly. If you think we have made any mistakes on this, or you simply want to have your say, then use the comments below (ideally with a link to an image or Pokémon video), or nip over to our Pokémon forums where people are talking about Pokemon (cute and otherwise) all day, every day.

So enough about the list, let's actually take a look at these cute pocket monsters!

This list is in no particular order...

Pikachu and Pichu, one seriously cute Pokemon family

Pikachu and Pichu, one seriously cute Pokemon family

#10 - Pikachu/Pichu

Where else could we start the list of the top 10 cutest Pokemon ever, but with the mascot of the anime?

Many people get frustrated with him, simply because he is, quite literally, the star of the show. But when you look at him he is seriously cute. Bright yellow, cute cheeks, slightly pudgy belly, loyal to his master - all the important boxes are ticked.

So think what you may of him as a Pokemon, we think that Pikachu is very deserving of his place in the top 10 cutest Pokemon ever.

When you add in his 'prevolution' in Pichu, a younger, even cuter version of Pikacu, who reach a whole new level of cute!

Totodile Tribute on Youtube

#9 - Totodile

A dancing, brightly colored baby alligator. What list would be complete without this cute Pokemon on it.

One of the starters of the '2nd generation' - the Johto region, Totodile is another Pokemon that Ash owns in the anime, and it is depicted as an excitable youngster...enthusiastic, energetic and dancing. Whilst it's end evolution, Ferraligator, is a powerful, aggressive Pokemon, Totodile is a little cutie.

We're big fans of water Pokemon in general, and in particular we think that Totodile is easily in the top 10 cutest Pokemon ever list.

Jigglypuff Singing

#8 - JigglyPuff

Now if, like me, you watched Pokemon in the first series as a kid, you will remember this little cute pink ball with fondness.

Capable of putting hordes of people to sleep just by singing a lullaby, Jigglypuff would then get annoyed and draw over people's faces with a felt tip pen.

It was a cute concept for a cute looking Pokemon. It's prevolution, Igglypuff, is almost as cute - but nostalgia says Jigglypuff makes the cute Pokemon list for us.

Skitty - designed purely to be a cute Pokemon?

Skitty - designed purely to be a cute Pokemon?

#7 - Skitty

What isn't to love about this fantastically cute Pokemon? In fact from what we can see the entire point of this Pokemon is to be cute - especially as it was introduced as the same time as the Pokemon contests (which even had a cute category for it to enter).

Based on a pink kitten, with a cute face and body, this deserves to be up there on any list of cute Pokemon. Which is why it is!

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Far from useful, even when fully evolved, in Pokemon battles, contests are the real home of this Pokemon.


#6 - Teddiursa

It might grow up into the real battling powerhouse that is Usaring, but Teddiursa is still one of the cutest Pokemon around.

Constantly feeding on honey dripping from it's paw, it has that wistful, babyish look that characterizes so many of the Pokemon in this top 10 cutest Pokemon ever list.

As a big fan of Usaring I may well be biased, but in my mind there is no question that Teddiursa belongs on this list!


#5 - Celebi

A legendary Pokemon that fully deserves to be on the list of the top 10 cutest Pokemon ever - the master of time travel - it's Celebi.

Known for many fans who use Pokemon forums as the mascot of Serebii - a massive Pokemon forum, Celebi is a cute grass type that many fell in love with thanks to the Pokemon movies and anime.

Take a look at the image on the right...does that not just scream cute to you?

Super Cute Pokemon Scene

#4 - Mew

Another legendary fully deserving of it's place on the top 10 cutest Pokemon ever list.

Mew is the 'original' mystery Pokemon, the legendary that was so hard to get in the original games, and for many people is still very difficult to find now (if you want a free Mew head over to the forums and ask Monster Man).

He may have been cloned into the 'evil' (for want of a better word), Mewtwo, Mew is still strong, useful and very, very cute.

The cutest legendary of them all? It's a battle between him, Celebi and Jirachi (who doesn't quite make the cut on this list) in my opinion - but the cute pink flying kitten just edges it.

A cute picture of Vulpix and it's evolution, Ninetails

A cute picture of Vulpix and it's evolution, Ninetails

#3 - Vulpix

It's evolution, Ninetails, made it on to our list of the 10 best fire Pokemon, and here Vulpix stands out as a cute fire Pokemon all on it's own.

Ninetails is a tiny baby fox. It might grow into a huge, mystical fox but at this stage of it's evolution it has that tiny, wistful look that so many of us, myself included, consider to be very cute.

The cutest fire Pokemon there is? Very possibly!


#2 - Togepi

Don't worry, we're almost at the end of the top 10 cutest Pokemon ever list ;)

Togepi was introduced in the 2nd generation of Pokemon games and is, at heart, a baby Pokemon. It might grow up into the seriously cute Togekiss, but the earliest form is probably it's cutest stage of evolution.

Basically a baby egg, what more could you need from a cute Pokemon?

Eevee - the cutest Pokemon ever?

Eevee - the cutest Pokemon ever?

#1 - Eevee

I may not have done this list in any particular order, but there is no question in my mind which Pokemon deserves to be crowned the cutest Pokemon ever - Eevee!

Whilst it may have roughly a bazillion evolutions, from Flareon to Volteon, Eevee is still the cutest of the bunch.

A tiny baby fox cub, it, to me, screams cute and cool all at once. No wonder so many people still love it, despite it being introduced way back in the first bunch of Pokemon in generation one!

So congratulations Eevee - the cutest Pokemon ever?

Thanks for reading!

Well that was quite the list wasn't it! Thanks for reading it all. And for those that just jumped straight to the end - shame on you!

If you did a brief recap

Top 10 Cutest Pokémon Ever List

  • Pikachu/Pichu
  • Totodile
  • Jigglypuff
  • Skitty
  • Teddiursa
  • Celebi
  • Mew
  • Vulpix
  • Togepi
  • Eevee

We hope you enjoyed out list of the 10 cutest Pokemon ever - let us know if you did by using the comments below!


Adorable eevee on October 19, 2016:

I ❤️

Nedelcu Andreea on July 17, 2016:

Um.. the only thing I hace to add is that Pickachu should be nr. 2 . X'D

Nicole Danielle on June 27, 2013:

I agree with your picks on the cutest, granted they're all pretty cute to me :P The newer generation pokemon I don't really know, I grew up on the originals. In my opinion they dragged it out too much but that's just me :) Love the hub!

precy anza from USA on June 21, 2013:

They are all cute! :) Reminds me of my Pokemon days. I was in high school when Pokemon airs on weekends early night. Had played it too. :) Celebi would be my cutest ^-^' But loved that video with Mew, curious Mew. Up and beautiful!

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