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Top 10 Custom Star Wars Action Figures

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Jason has been collecting Star Wars action figures since 2002, and has seen and acquired some custom ones along the way that should be made.

If you have been following the Star Wars action figure line for awhile, you know many have been made over the years, main characters and obscure characters alike. You might also know, many characters from Star Wars lore have yet to be made, and many of those will probably never be made. When we want some of our favorite characters realized in action figure form really bad, we turn to customs. Here is a list of custom Star Wars action figures that I have acquired through the years that I think are some of the best I have ever seen. I will do my best to credit the makers of these, to give credit where it is due, and you may be interested in acquiring one for yourself. Take a look.


10. Darth Caedus

This is Darth Caedus, who was previously Jacen Solo, as how he appears in the Legacy of the Force book series. This custom was crafted by Dartharmoresscustoms. This particular figure utilizes the Death star trooper body, with a custom head and robes, and a sculpted torso over the body to mimic the armor he wore. This figure is very accurate, facially and overall look. The paint is great for custom work. If you are a fan of the character, the book series, or just want some extra sith in your collection, this is a great figure to own.


9. Darth Tenebrous

Darth Tenebrous was the master to Darth Plagueis, and as far as I know never had much of a story, other than some concept art and some brief words about his history. This figure is based off of some of the custom art, and it does a great job representing that. This figure was made by a customizer that went by the username Ashley X09. This figure uses the body from the Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganer Krieg. This figure is very accurate to how Darth Tenebrous appears, and what really makes this figure stand out is the included red lightening accessory. All in all, it is a great figure, always nice to include the legacy of the sith into a collection.


8. Lana Beniko

Lana Beniko is a sith warrior from the Old Republic video game. This figure was also made by Dartharmoresscustoms. I am not sure where the parts were supplied from, but the figure appears to be accurate to the character from the game. The paint work is spot on, especially the sith eyes. Not an essential character to have in action figure form, but when I saw this, I knew it was one I would have to have. It is a great addition to add if you are looking for some extra sith to add to your army, or if you are a fan of the character in general.


7. Natasi Daala

It really is a shame that such an important character from the Star Wars universe never had an action figure made, so that is why I decided to place an order to have one made. This figure was also crafted by Dartharmoresscustoms. Natasi Daala is one of my favorite EU characters and to have her as an action figure makes me proud. The portrait she has is based on the cover the book Jedi Search from the Jedi Academy book series. The body and head was used from the imperial officer version of Deena Shan, and the hair was sculpted and the face and eyes repainted. I absolutely love this figure and represents the character perfectly. If you are needing some more imperial officers, or want to see this character in action figure form, definitely invest in one.


6. Gilad Pellaeon

Like Daala, it is a shame to see another very important EU character not be realized in action figure form. Gilad Pellaeon is one of the most military looking officers in Star Wars, with a very long careers and a somewhat anti-climatic death. This was also made by Dartharmoresscustoms. This is Pellaeon's appearance as when he was an admiral. The body was used from the comic pack Grand Admiral Thrawn. The cape was made and the shoulder boards sculpted. This is truly a great figure to own, and could possibly be one of the best imperial officers to get if you want one. He really stands out compared to most of them aesthetically.

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5. Revan (Jedi)

Probably a lot of people's favorite character, and an action figure of Revan based on his appearance in the Knights of the Old Republic video game is a dream come true. This was also made by Dartharmoresscustoms. This portrait is based on the longer haired version of Revan from the game, probably the one most people associate with the character. He is very articulated and just from a glance, I know this is Revan. Not sure where the body is from, but I understand the head is based from Loki from Thor. I do not know the character enough to associate it, so it is a perfect fit for me. Easily a custom I could recommend to anyone.


4. Visas Marr

Another popular character from the Knights of the Old Republic series, and one I would recommend having. I am honestly not sure who the original maker of this figure was unfortunately. I think nearly everything about this custom is spot on, especially the shape and fold of the head dress. My own wish was for the skin tone to be a little lighter, but it does not detract from the figure at all. The base for this figure was from the Luminara Unduli figure from the first few waves of the original Black Series line of figures. Easily another essential figure to have.


3. Ysanne Isard (Battle Armor)

Isard is one of my favorite characters from all of Star Wars, and it was nice to find another version of the character made along with the Hasbro release. This figure was also made by Ashley X09. This is basically Isard's head from the Hasbro version placed on a female soldier's body. Reason why I place this figure so high is it is so simple, yet their is much you can do with this figure. It is very articulated, so you can get some great action poses. Additionally, it looks great with some stormtroopers flanking it, and looks like a scene right out of the EU. If you are a fan of the character, I could easily recommend tracking one similar down.


2. Darth Zannah

The apprentice to Darth Bane. We have a Bane action figure, but he can't be complete without his apprentice. I think this is one of the best custom action figures I have ever seen in general. The face required little extra paint, other than the red markings, so it looks smooth. The body was again used from the Luminara sculpt, and the cape was made in a certain way that complements the figure perfectly. The hair was also sculpted nicely. This figure was also made by Dartharmoresscustoms. I think Darth Zannah is an essential piece to own in a collection, especially if you are collecting sith. Easily one of the best.


1. Meetra Surik

This is by far the best custom I have ever seen and owned. Ironically this is one of the first custom figures I owned. Meetra is the main protagonist from the Knights of the Old Republic series, and really needed an action figure. This is based off of the blue jedi armor you can wear in the game. The base for the figure was used from the Vintage Collection Zam Wessell. The hair and belt were sculpted separately. What is cool about this one, the lightsabers have magnets at the end to either be double bladed or dual wielded. This figure was also crafted by Dartharmoresscustoms. Meetra Surik is one of my top five favorite characters from all of Star Wars, so having an action figure of her was essential. I could easily recommend getting one for yourself.


So what do you think of these customs? You like this list, or have you found better? I know their are so many customs out there, but many are subpar or not the best version of. These ones really impressed me and I figured they are worth sharing. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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