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Top 10 Classic Yugioh Traps That Are Still Relevant

Sam Little is an experienced Yu-Gi-Oh tournament enthusiast.

Are you ready to duel?

The Yugioh universe is one of mystery and magic, and the art of the duel of course.

The Yugioh universe is one of mystery and magic, and the art of the duel of course.

Let's Begin

The Yugioh universe is always expanding, almost to the point where it feels like a new set of cards is dropping every other week. That means new cards to strengthen our decks and new strategies to learn so we can dominate our opponents and send them crashing to the shadow realm. That may have been a little dark.

Just like most old things in this world when new ones get introduced the old generally get tossed aside and forgotten. The Yugioh card game is no different. As new cards get brought into play the old get tossed into a shoe box or a bulk lot and either find their way into a dusty closet or a mom and pop card store. These cards seldom see the light of day.

While to some slight degree this is understandable. I mean it is OK to toss a few vanilla cards into the old storage boxes and even a few spells and traps but in this article I want to explore some traps that despite not seeing as much play as they once did are still very much relevant and important to competitive game play. Regardless of the format these cards remain consistent and are able to literally win games. While these cards are old I implore you to think of Toby Keith. They might not be as good as they once was but they are good once as they ever was. Oh by the way. you have activated my trap card!

Are you prepared, Yugi Boy?


10. Waboku

Stall has always been an integral part of the game and having a good stall card in place can buy you some time to get your engine started or get that combo in your hand. Waboku is one of those stall cards that can really save you some life points. Any damage inflicted by an opponent's monster is decreased to zero. This can buy you an entire turn.

There is a drawback to Waboku though. In the event you have a monster on field that is weaker than the one your opponent is swinging in with you will not take battle damage but your monster will scamper off to the nether region of the graveyard. Waboku is a great mainstay in any burn deck or a deck like Exodia.



9. Threatening Roar

Any deck relying on stall needs this card. Roar keeps your opponent from declaring an attack the turn it is activated. Much more effective than Wobaku because the opponent not only can't inflict battle damage they can't remove a weaker monster you have on your side of the field.

I am a huge fan of this card and it finds play in both my burn decks and even my Super Defense Robot deck. The card provides major protection for any player who has not been able to get their board set up the way they want to. Yugioh stall is a major aspect to the game and being able to not only protect your life points but also your monsters with one card is awesome.

Get your own Threatening Roar and protect those life points.

8. Just Desserts

Yum! Yum! Yum! But this dessert is a painful one, or at least it is for your opponent. This card has always been a great addition to any deck but with today's meta spamming the field with massive amounts of monsters this card becomes even better.

This card lets you inflict 500 damage directly to your opponent for every monster they have on the field. Back in the day that meant a max of 5 monsters at 500 damage which is a total of 2500 points of damage. Now with the addition of the link monster spot you are going to be able to possibly do 3000 damage. Now picture this, your opponent has a link and five beasties on field ready to trample you like an elephant and you turn not one but two of these nasty little traps. You just hit your opponent with 6K worth of life draining damage.

Just Dessert

Just Desserts can win games and cause the opponent to swing into defense mode quick fast and in a hurry.

Just Desserts can win games and cause the opponent to swing into defense mode quick fast and in a hurry.

7. Dark Bribe

Dark Bribe used to be in every deck that you encountered but over the years it is becoming less and less a visual part of the game. This is ridiculous to me considering how good this card is at breaking the will of your opponent and stopping combos from firing off.

Dark Bribe lets you negate a spell or trap your opponent controls. There is a cost and it is a risky one but think of it in the bigger scheme of things. Your opponent gets to draw a card every time you Dark Bribe one of their cards. That can be a bit of a draw back as they may draw the very card they need to get a combo off, but think of this. You get ready to fire off and they drop Infinite Impermanence in your lap. Your combo just went bye bye with a frown on it's face. But, if you have Dark Bribe you cut that imperm off and continue on your way ready to knock that opponent out of the game. Dark Bribe is such a great card to protect your field and cut off an offensive strategy.

Dark Brie is still an amazing card

6. Draining Shield

This oldie but goodie lets you negate an attack and gain life points equal to the attack. Talk about a way to mess with your opponent. They swing in with Blue Eyes and you are about to absorb a 3000 point whack to the noggin but you flip over Draining Shield. Now that 3k of hurt just became 3K of oh yeah baby!

Draining shield was such an active card in the early stages of Yugioh but fell out of popularity and never really did seem to find it's place but truthfully it is still just as good as it was then.

Draining Shield

Draining Shield can really turn the tides in a duel.

Draining Shield can really turn the tides in a duel.

5. Black Horn of Heaven

With special summoning running amuk in the current format having the ability to negate and destroy the special summon is a must. Black horH does just that. The moment the summon is made you can flip this bad boy and say bye bye to that nasty little monster that was about to make you miserable.

This card is such a great way to keep the opponent from getting out that boss monster or getting the start of chain summoning going. It's a super effective way to shut down a lot of options for your opponent.

Black Horn of Heaven

4. Compulsory Evacuation Device

This card is a simple one. One line of flavor text reads Return one monster on the field to it's owner's hand. Simple sounding but the card really can change the landscape of the game.

Your opponent works their butt off to get out that big boss monster and you flip this. Now that boss just went back to where it came from and your opponent is sitting there wondering what just happened to them.

Compulsory Evacuation Device


3. Bottomless Trap Hole

Just like Black Horn this card can negate a summon. This one goes a bit deeper into the concept of monster removal. Bottomless let's you take a monster or monsters summoned that has 1500 attack or more and banish them from the playing field.

This is a great way to deal with pendulums. They go in and pendulum summon a field full of monsters and suddenly you activate this card and all of those bad boys fly away into the banish zone. Bottomless is such an effective card to deal with players who go overboard spamming the field with monsters.

Bottomless Trap Hole


2. Mirror Force

One of the best ways to deal with a field of opponent monsters is to drop Mirror Force on them. When an opponent's monster attacks you turn this over and all attack position monsters your opponent controls are destroyed.

Mirror force can put a huge damper on an opponent's game plan. They work so hard to get the field full of their little creatures just to have you wipe them away with one card. It's almost like poetic justice.

Mirror Force


1. Magic Cylinder

I have often been quoted as saying I run three of these simply because I am not allowed to run 10. This card can and will win you games. Magic Cylinder takes your opponent's attack and redirects it directly to their life points.

They can swing with a fierce 5k Five Headed Dragon and you simply turn that damage right around and attack their life points directly. The card really can put you from about to take a loss to coming out on top.

Magic Cylinder assist with a win.

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