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Top 10 CSGO Player of all time Part IV


1. Zywoo aka "The french God" aka "The french s1mple" aka "The king of clutches"

At no.1 we have the french God Zywoo, Literally at 2018 if we talk about this position it would definitely go to the niko but at 2019 Suddenly this guy exploded the scene of csgo, He literally destroyed every single Pros that i have mention earlier and winning the round single handedly.

Everyone was literally afraid of him because i don't know he is one of the player who's game sense literally closer to flusha, he knew exactly where the player would be he picks them and destroyed them infront of them.

He is not just A pistol God, Aks God, nor Awp God he is an all weapon complete God no matter how bad the gun would he will sneak the kill infront of their nose that's why he is ranked no.1 in my list


1. Aleksander sasha kosteyliev " s1mple " aka "csgod" aka "fuck this bish"

for This Man i don't need any rankings to explain how good he is, He is a God of all pros that i have mentioned earlier.

Even if bots sees him their opponents they also left the lobby because everyone know you have 0.01% chance to kill him and that'swhy he is above from all players in csgo.

He was ranked hltv no.1 in 2018, He is also no but more complete player than zywoo .
Yoh can give him worst to worst situation he can give some mesmerizing scene that you never had watched in your entire life.

His play on cache map is so iconic that the maker of game valve had marked a signature, a graffiti on a map because of him to immortalized the scene forever in counter strike history.

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