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Top 10 CSGO Player of all time Part III


4. Scream aka "Edshot Machine" aka "They talk about my onetap"

At no.4 we have Adil "Scream" Benrlitom aka "Edshot Machine" he is the only player who doesn't go for body shots or desperate kill instead he only goes for only and only headshots even he is clicking or spraying.

He is known for one click headshot or one tap god. You can flash him, you can smoke him but you do not dare him one-on-one duel because he will always always taps you out.


3. KennyS aka "AWP GOD" aka "kennyAce".

There is a weapon in csgo known as AWP Basically it is a one shot dead sniper rifle, then you say "oh! It is a one shot dead rifle so why all this noise awp god, So In the case of AWP the problem is it is easy to learn but hard to master, And only two player had started this trend kennyS and Guardian while there is other player who take awp their Primary weapon like Dev1ce, JW, s1mple,etc.

There is only one player in csgo who makes all pro's a looks shit and makes them afraid of his presence in the server and his name is kennyS.

Because at a time when csgo began literally for 3 years no one had dominated the pro scene as kennyS and carried his team to the finals and win the 2015 major.
There are some 1vs4 or 1vs5 situation that any pro will miss the shots but kennyS always hit that shots which looks next to impossible.

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If you give him pixel he will hit that shots too. His terror was so fearful the maker of this game nerfed the AWP to make a fair play that'swhy he is an AWP GOD


2. Niko aka "juan deag criminal"

Let's talk about this man first of all he is absolutely god of cs who had ever touch this game, this man literally started deagle trend in csgo with another player happy.

Note : Deagle means it is a pistol known as dessert eagle short form deagle, this is a most powerful pistol in csgo, it takes only 3 bullets to kill yoir opponents but pros use it for one tap headshot and in force buys, the Problem with this gun is it is not easy to hit headshot with this gun it requires a skill to hit those shots and looks very easy to viewers.

I mean how bad the game seems if there is niko with deagle and Aks he just win for you and make it look like EZ.

Of all the pros that i have listed everyone wins the major but this guy including scream both cs god who never wins any Major and that was his biggest curse but now things are looking great as he joins with kennyS in a same team we are looking this time for a major.

Wait where are you going there are one last part remaining.

The Thing is I had divided this topic into four parts So be ready for the last dance.

• Part IV

Will meet in next Part

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