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Top 10 CSGO Player of all time Part II


7. Olofmeister aka Boostmeister aka techmeister aka Olofpass

At no.7 we have csgo new legend or one of the legendary player of all time known as various different name such Boostmeister, Techmeister, Olofpass but his name is Olofmeister.

He was ranked no.1 by HLTV in 2015, He had win 2 continously majors, He is the X-factor whichever team he played for.

In 2014 there is a match in quarter finals where fnatic are badly loosing the game with 13:3 on scoreboard, LDLC had 13th score and fnatic had 3 score, LDLC just have to win 3 match to win this overpass map but olofmeister denied their win by his boost on CT Side which goes down in the history of csgo and was called olofboost, they literally take the win from the nose of LDLC.

The entire map of csgo was called Olofpass but valve didn't change from Overpass but everyone still remember his iconic play in that map, He even had a Tattoo of his iconic play on that Map called as "Graffitti".


6. flusha "Seńor VAC" aka " VAC Criminal

At no.6 we have flusha he is one of the most impossible player in csgo, because of his inhuman gamesense he look like a cheater while competing in big stage.

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Note : The full form of VAC is Valve Anti Cheat, It is a type of banned where your account can literally get banned for life and also get deleted and all the money you had invested in your account will be gone forever.

But Don't worry this guy hadn't get any VAC Banned because no one prove him as a cheater, although his play look more suspicious when you see him play in server.

His aim was unbelievable like aimbot, He known where his enemies were, killing through the smoke without seeing anything, killing through wall without seeing anything, and so on.

He was still playing now with a team called fnatic, he have won 3 major. He had win 2 major back to back with legend olofmeister And he was not a cheater.


5. Coldzera aka "The Brazillian CS God" aka Cold Jumping AWP" or Godzera

At no.5 we have coldzera and he was a brazillian csgo superstar, because of him brazil win 2 continous major in his prime era and he become the Hltv no.1 player of 2016 and 2017 continously.

His Signature on Mirage Map known as jumping Awp one of the million in 1 shots and become the most iconic scene in counter strike history of all time and most watched clip of him.

Wait where are you going there are 2 more parts remaining

The Thing is I had divided this topic into four parts So be ready for 2 more parts.

• Part III

• Part IV

Will meet you in next Part

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