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Top 10 CSGO Player of all Time Part I

Have you ever heard of Counter strike Global offensive Pro Scenes ?

Welcome to my Top 10 list of Best CSGO player of all time Channel in this we are going to give you a real feeling what is like to be in CSGO Pro Scene.

I can Bet you you haven't seen any of sport like this one you will be shock in every single seconds of this game and you will question yourself

"why haven't I watch this earlier ?"

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thankyou and enjoy.

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10. Getright aka "The first CS God"

Starting our list we have our first csgo God whose name is getright "The First CSGO God"

because he was the one who started the first most dominant team of his csgo era "NIP" Ninjas in Pyjamas with his fellow teammate,
forest,Xizt, friberg and pyth and they take over csgo by destroying 87-0 with 87 wins on lan tournament and 0 loss which is the highest streak in the history of cs which any team hasn't done from his era of csgo till uptoday.

The first link is a comedy of his playing style and second one is legendary plays from getright enjoy.

I will give you Every Step to open the link if you had any problem with my link ask me in comments i will definitely help you.

My Problem is i cannot put any link here if you know how to put link here so let me know in comments.

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9. denis " The Pistol God "

There is only one man in csgo who doesn't want any aks, m4s, snipers to get the ace he want only pistol to deliver unimaginally impossible ace And if you blink you will miss very fast play.

Ace means to get all the kills from enemy team by single handedly means 5 kills or 5k


8. NIP Patrick forest lindberg

This guy is absolute legend and one of the pistol god and aim god from cs1.6 to csgo, he was the best friend of getright and a loyal teammate from NIP.

He is an oldest one of the oldest cs player but still popping heads like he was doing in its prime time.

If you heard of counter stike and you don't know forest you would be regret.

Wait where are you going there are 3 more parts remaining

The Thing is I had divided this topic into four parts So be ready for

• Part II

• Part III

• Part IV

Will meet you in next Part

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