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Top 10 Best Gameboy Advance Games of All Time


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Gameboy Advance was once the most famous portable gaming console. Although its former glory is obviously overshadowed by current powerful systems like the Nintendo DS and PSP, we still can’t deny that millions of people across the globe are still hooked to Game boy Advance.

Have you recently discovered your old Game boy Advance console after an unexpected trip in the garage? Have you decided to play with it once again but can’t decide which of the countless available game titles to start? Don’t despair since all you need to do is browse through and pick one from this list of the Top 10 Best Gameboy Advance games of all time. Any of the GBA games mentioned below is a good pick and can guarantee hours of thrilling and fun-filled classic portable gaming!

Top 10 Best Gameboy Advance Games of All Time!

10. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

9. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

8. Sonic Advance 2

7. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

6. Fire Emblem

5. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

4. Metroid Fusion

3. Golden Sun

2. Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cup

1. Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire

10. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for Gameboy Advance

The Harvest Moon game series is probably the most underrated GBA game of all time. No one expected a game featuring simple farm tasks to hit it big on the market. To the amazement of many, millions of GBA players got hooked to Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town even just after playing with it for several days. As the first installment of the game series, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is undeniably the main reason behind its continuous success. The game may not feature stunning graphics but its unique story and addictive gameplay are more than enough to make up for it.


Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town opening!

9. Kingdowm Hearts: Chain of Memories for Gameboy Advance

Kingdom Hearts made its debut on the Playstation console and achieved noticeable success. This is probably why its developers were bold about making it available on mobile consoles like GBA. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories made a huge impact not just because it features known cartoon characters like Donald and Goofy but the overall entertainment package that comes with the game. Its mysterious story, in-depth customization options, card system, and interesting armory resulted to millions of Kingdom Hearts game series fans worldwide and their number is constantly increasing until now new installments are introduced almost every year for current game consoles.


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8. Sonic Advance 2 for Gameboy Advance

The second installment of Sonic Advance in GBA was a major hit. Our favorite speedy hero once more needs to face his arch enemy Dr. Eggman to save the day. But this time, he doesn’t need to face all the challenges alone as Cream the Rabbit joins him. Sonic Advance 2 offers challenging levels teeming with obstacles and enemies. Your goal is to reach a certain destination and unlock secret areas which will lead you to hidden Chaos Emeralds. You’ll need these items later on to transform into Super Sonic and be ready for the final battle against Dr. Eggman and his goons. The fast paced action combined with impressive graphic rendition made Sonic Advance 2 a must have for every GBA owner.


Sonic Advance 2 gameplay!

7. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for Gameboy Advance

Mario and Luigi are far from being ordinary plumbers. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga featured this dynamic duo as they once again embark on a new adventure to save Princess Peach. Unlike the usual Super Mario game, Superstar Saga allows players to control Mario and Luigi at the same time. This game also features real-time elements and involves players in almost every part of the story which made it enjoyable and engaging. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is also guarantees complete entertainment by featuring bloopers, funny lines, and humor of all sorts. This game is without a doubt a must play not just for Super Mario fanatics but for those who are craving for a unique RPG game experience.


Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga gameplay!

6. Fire Emblem for Gameboy Advance

Among the many RPG games released for GBA, Fire Emblem is one of the few which left a clear impact on our gaming behavior and preferences. Although some claim that its gameplay was basically a recycle of what Advance Wars offered, it can’t be denied that Fire Emblem’s permanent death system made it the most challenging RPG game during its prime. The first Fire Emblem was a huge success encouraging its developers to create a number of sequels both for GBA and current mobile game consoles. Added with a wide array of weapons and armors to choose from, hard levels, and character customization options, it’s not a big surprise why Fire Emblem easily captured the hearts of RPG enthusiasts.


Fire Emblem trailer!

5. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for Gameboy Advance

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is the third installment of this highly successful Game boy game series. This game was intended to be the series’ finale. Although the three Castlevania games offered in Game boy were all warmly welcomed by the mobile gaming community as they offer new content and intense action, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is obviously the most celebrated. It’s not simply because the game ended the series. The last sequel of Castlevania on GBA featured a whole lot more than what majority expects. New characters, highly improved visuals, a sophisticated map, and a story filled with twists and turns are just some of the many aspects which made Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow a big hit.

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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow gameplay!

4. Metroid Fusion for Gameboy Advance

During its time, Metroid Fusion was treated by many as the best first-person adventure game in Game boy Advance. It is an irreplaceable gem particularly for classic gamers who were captivated by Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid II. Metroid Fusion gave Samus, the game’s hero, a vibrant look while expanding the bounds of mobile gaming to introduce a fun-filled and exhilarating adventure. Any Game boy Advance game collection is considered empty without Metroid Fusion. The fact that some are still hooked to this game until now is a clear proof of is addictive and challenging gameplay. News about the revival of this game on recent mobile game consoles are widely spread and excite millions of classic game fanatics across the globe.


Metroid Fusion Best Run with Easter Egg!

3. Golden Sun for Gameboy Advance

Golden sun’s first appearance in the mobile RPG game industry drew the attention of many. It featured an intriguing story, dynamic soundtrack, exceptional graphics, and elements that were not available on any RPG game that time such as random turn-based battles. The success of Golden Sun led to the development of its sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It offered the same thrilling experience like its predecessor but added innovative features which includes data transfer. The Golden Sun franchise is considered as one of the grandfathers of current RPG games so it definitely deserves a spot in this list of the Top 10 Best Gameboy advance games of all time.


Replay Golden Sun for Gameboy Advance Now!

Golden Sun trailer!

2. Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cup for Gameboy Advance

A Nintendo gaming system won’t be complete without a Legend of Zelda game. This alone is a solid proof of this game franchise’s success in attracting players and keeping them engaged in portable gaming through the years. The first launch of Zelda marked a big step in the evolution of portable RPG games. It introduced the shrink and grow feature which allows players to explore places that were once often left unnoticed under the character’s feet. As you take the size of a bug, you’ll be welcomed in a new and enticing world, meet new enemies and friends, and embark on a challenging adventure like nothing you’ve experienced before. The developers of Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap successfully introduced new contents and a world teeming with surprises that entertained gamers to a whole new level.


Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Play-through!

1. Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire for Gameboy Advance

Majority of Game boy Advance owners, if not all, have a Pokémon game. In fact, it’s impossible to create a list of the top Game boy advance games without including these colorful and highly pleasing games which feature cuddly, lovable, and strong battle pets. Although the Pokémon franchise was clearly aiming to dominate the younger market, it was a big surprise that millions of adolescents and even adults worldwide warmly welcomed their Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire installment. Although it’s true that Pokémon tends to fall short in terms of visual and audio aspects, we still can’t deny the fact that it is second to none if we talk about gameplay. With hundreds of Pokemons to catch and train, and a huge world to explore, Game boy Advance Pokémon games definitely have what it takes to take the top spot in this list of the Top 10 Best Gameboy Advance games of all time.


Pokémon Emerald trailer!

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Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on November 09, 2018:

I would say either Pokémon Fire Red or Pokémon Mystery Dungeon are the best gameboy advance games, but I’m biased as I only really played Pokémon and not much else on that console. My mom is a huge fan of the Zelda series and might disagree with me on this one.

Chris Qu on June 18, 2013:

This list is very, very solid. My own would be different of course, owing to reasonable difference in perspective between individuals. But this is a list that I can respect: no crappy games muddling things up.

My personal favorite Game boy Advance game would be Link to the Past, but I guess that's cheating. Among original GBA titles, I'm going to go with Minish Cap. I'm a big fan of Pokémon, but I thought that Gen 3 was the weakest in the series.

Actually... now that I type that, it's crazy to think that the GBA has enough ports of great games to consider a Top 10 GBA ports list plausible. Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario... Huh. Now that's something to think about...

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on June 09, 2013:

Your welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Victor W. Kwok from Hawaii on June 09, 2013:

These games take me back. Thanks for sharing!

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