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Tips to Win in Among Us


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In Among Us, the goal is to eliminate the imposters as crewmates or kill crewmates if you are an imposter. Among Us seems an easy game at first but if you are playing with veteran or competitive players, the game might turn out pretty interesting. In this game, you need to convince people that you are innocent. In order to do so, you need to gain alibi whenever a kill happens such as letting someone see your location so that he can vouch for you. In this hub, I will share to you some tips and tricks that you can use in order to remain in the game and win.

As an imposter

The imposter's task is to blend in with crewmates and kill all of them while your at it. You have several abilities which you can put into use in order to fool everyone. One of which is the ability to sabotage parts of the ship. You can also use the vents in order to go to other parts of the place without being seen. Now we will discuss how you need to use this abilities to your advantage.

Use vent efficiently

Now, there is a lot of things you can use vent for. First is that you can use it to run from the murder place. This is a common thing that you vent after a kill especially if someone is approaching the site where the body is. Next is another common move where you will vent to see if some people are isolated then kill them and go back to where you vented from. However, vents have also disadvantages especially if you are spotted to a site far from where you are last seen. Veteran players tend to memorize which direction people head to when the game starts. So if you went right and was saw at the left side after you vented, that will make you suspicious so don't vent too early in the start of the round.

Sabotage and kill timer

There is a small cooldown after killing someone. There are several options you can do during the cooldown, first is to run away from the site to avoid suspicion of other crewmates. Another is to buy some time while waiting for cooldown timer by sabotaging to lure the crewmates away from the body. Sabotage can also be used to set up a kill. When you do sabotage, crewmates will go towards that direction so you know where to wait for a kill.

Be in sync wtih your partner

Among Us usually have 2 imposters each game. So being aware of your teammate can also be an advantage. For example, you two can set up double kills, this would only be successful if the two of you kill at almost the same time because if someone kill late the other crewmate would have some time to press the report button and bringing the two of you down. Aside from double kills, you also need to know what is his aim whenever he calls a sabotage or closes doors. When he do a sabotage, you need to make the most of it by getting a kill as well. You can also make him get a kill by letting him get isolated with a potential victim using the doors or sabotage.

Keep an alibi ready

You need an alibi always ready in order to keep suspicions away from you. You can achieve this by memorizing each task and knowing how much time they take. You will make it convincing if you fake task in the specific amount of time everyone does it for. Also it will also sound true if you can describe the task you are faking during discussion time. Aside from that, another alibi can be obtained by marination which means that you need someone to vouch for you by staying with them for a specific amount of time.

Winning factors as crewmates

The goal of the crewmates is to search for the imposters and vote them out. Now, there will be some points you need to be wary of in order to see who will be the imposter amongst the people around. Next, you wouldn't want to die while searching for imposters so youi also need to avoid being isolated from others so much. Take note also that imposters can be marinating you so think about who you vouch for.

Know people's location

Imposter's can deceive you by faking their location and saying that they are away from the body. Best to know which things you can use to locate each person so that you know whenever someone lies about their location. First you can do is by memorizing which goes where during spawn. By doing that you will have some idea where are they possibly located if a kill happens. If they say somewhere far from where they headed, it must be a lie or a vent. Aside from spawn, you can also check logs and camera in order to have an update who goes where.

Do your task

Aside from voting off the imposters, you can also win by doing task, so aside from just focusing on finding these enemies, you can also speedrun your task. Base on the games I've played, winning with task is only applicable to those passive imposters who dont kill unless they have very good alibi. Doing task is not only a way to win too, doing this stuffs can also remove suspicions away from you especially during scan.

Avoid being suspicious

Sometimes, when the crew are suspecting you, its better to just be voted early so that they can focus on the real imposters. There are crewmates who freak out when you follow them so much because they would think you are marinating them, so its better to join different crewmates from time to time to keep yourself safe whilst observing the crewmates if anything suspicious is going on.


Among Us can be pretty competitive depending on who you play with. The most important thing to do in order to win is to make people believe you whatever role you have. Lastly, the most important thing besides winning is that you enjoy the game with friends.

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