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Tips for Quests on Forge of Empire

Virginia easily gets obsessed with mastering challenges like an online game or site. She likes to share her tips for success with these.

An early city in the Forge of Empires game (screenshot)

An early city in the Forge of Empires game (screenshot)

Completing Quests in the Forge of Empires

Succeeding in quests is a daily challenge in the online game, Forge of Empires. Completing the quest earns the player an array of prizes. Getting stuck and not completing a quest is frustrating and sometimes costly.

I've learned a lot about quests in my time playing the city building game. When a special event comes around each month, the player has to solve 50 or 60 quests to get to the grand prize. Some are easy and quick, while other quests really challenge your skills.

Here are some ways to up your game with Forge of Empire quests. You might know some of these tips and shortcuts already, but some may be new to you. Best wishes of success with FoE quests.

Read the Quest Carefully

Reading and following the instructions faithfully is key to succeeding in Forge of Empire quests. There's a difference between build a certain number of buildings or have a certain number.

If you think you completed the quest, but don't get credit for it, submit a help request. Right-click on the screen and click on Contact Support. Explain what you did and ask for help.


I submitted this concern, "I scouted the province east of Cuttingham before getting this quest. I acquired 2 of the sectors of Spearth.
Then I got this quest. It requires me to infiltrate 5 sectors, but 2 are already acquired. I infiltrated 3, but cannot do the 4th and 5th sectors.
What can I do to complete this quest? It is blocking me from future quests."

Here's the answer, "Thank you for contacting the Forge of Empires Support Team. I'm sorry that you are encountering difficulties in completing your quest. If you are no longer able to infiltrate sufficient sectors, once you acquire the province, you will complete the quest."

Quest: Incidents

When the quest asks for collecting a certain number of incidents, they seem to be really scarce. Collect what you can find right away. Then reboot the game and sometimes there will be another one or two.

If you use the FoE Helper, it will tell you how many incidents are hiding in your city and where to look for them (street, beach, forest, water).

Finding incidents on the city streets can be tricky if they hide behind a building or a tree. Enlarge the city as much as you can and look closely along the streets. Sometimes you can spot the edge of the incident icon and can collect it. If no luck, try the reboot.

You can also click on the parts of buildings that block your view of the street. If you are playing on your phone, you can move your Alcatraz or other large building along the streets to flush out the hidden incident.

The incident moves sometimes to a new location. As the time for that incident grows shorter, it usually moves into a less hidden spot.

How Experienced Are You in Forge of Empire?

Quest: Gather Goods

Of course, you can collect goods from your goods buildings, but what can you do if you need them right away? Maybe you need more than your buildings regularly produce.

Take a look at the Market. There are several options:

  • Click on Trading and the shield (for guild trades) and the thumbs-up symbol (for trades you have goods for). Any trades that you see there won't cost you any forge points. Look for ones that fill gaps in the supply of your goods. You'll help your guildmates while getting what you need for the quest.
  • If you don't want to take miscellaneous trades, you can set up a circle trade with someone in the guild. For instance, post 100 gold trade for 100 alabaster, and at the same time, 100 alabaster for 100 gold. That way, one person can fill your trade needs with the balance coming out the same when you are done.
  • Battle or negotiate some encounters of the guild expedition. Often the reward is goods from the current or previous era. This isn't useful for a large number of goods though.
  • Plunder your neighborhood. Attack a neighbor and after winning the battle, choose a goods building in their city to plunder. Don't be surprised if they retaliate later.
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Quest: Production

The production quests often require many repetitions or a long period of time. Many experienced players install a number of Blacksmiths before a FoE event. These cheap buildings take minimal space and are quickly built. After the event, they can be sold.

If a quest requires 22 15-minute productions, put the Blacksmiths to work and your regular production buildings as well.

Sometimes the requirement is 4-hour or even 24-hour productions. Save up Supply Rushes for these. If you know ahead of time that one is required, you can set the buildings to work in advance.

Buildings like a Sleigh Builder or the Rosarium count toward the timed production quests too.

Quest: Battles

Win a Number of Battles

The requirement here is to simply win the required number of battles.

Beat a Number of Units

With this one, it counts the number of units in the opposing army. If there are 5 units of tanks, etc. and you win, it counts as 5 towards the quest goal. If you don't win, just start another battle.

Win Battles Without Losing

This quest requires X number of battles without losing. The number depends upon the era of your city. It might be 3 or 8 or more. If you lose a battle, you have to start over again, working towards the goal.

For this, I find it quickest and safest to engage my lower-level neighbors. Before each event, I've tested them out to see which ones only have 2 defenders in place and can easily be defeated. I note the names of the tough ones and avoid them for this challenge.

If you want to conduct your battles in the Player vs Player or on the Guild Battleground or in the Guild Expedition, you can boost your attack percentage by using an attack boost from your inventory and/or one from the tavern shop.

Quest: Auctions

During an event, you are completing multiple quests in one day in the early stages. That leaves little time for an auction.

You can place items in the Antique Dealer and start the auction. Then when it finishes, don't collect the earnings. Leave them until the auction quest comes up. That way you can set it for the maximum amount of time to earn well from it.

If you don't want to give up buildings from your inventory, you can use less valued items like Self-Aid Kit or a Defense Boost. Items that you have multiples of can be auctioned off.

If you have a day-long auction underway, but you want quicker results, cancel the auction. Set a new one using the 2-hour option.

Quest: Build a Building

Usually, the wording for this challenge is to build 1 residential building from your era or 2 from the era below. If you are building 2, you can use the same space to build one, then sell it, and build the second one. If the quest registers the building as soon as you place it on the ground, you don't need to wait for it to finish building. That sometimes takes 4 to 8 hours. Once you have credit for it, you can delete it right away.

Read the wording very carefully, because if it says "HAVE 2 buildings," then you need to have both on the ground at the same time.

Check your inventory before you build as you may have what you need already. That saves money and many of those are quick builds.

The building quest can sometimes be a production building or a goods building.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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