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Tips for Fallen on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far! ( MW3 )


This guide/hub will teach you the tips and strategies that you can and should use to get to high levels on the map Fallen for survival mode on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

PLEASE NOTE ::: Below is a guide for general strategies for all survival maps that i suggest you read prior to the rest of this hub. I will reference and not going into great detail on the things you should use. But if you read the guide i give full reasons of why you should use each item.

The Map

Here i will go over the map and talk about the sections of the map.

The blue lines. These are the paths of the players, and how they will come after you. This spot makes it so they have to come up the two stair cases to get at you, also has obstacles so at high rounds when grenades are thrown you can hide behind things.

The Orange X's... The Orange X's are the turrets. You should put one on each staircase. This will prevent the enemy from easily penetrating you, along with allowing you to protect your turrets.

The red x's are you respectively. You should both stay up top and protect the turrets.

The strategy

So this strategy is fairly simple. Also it will allow you to get to high levels with a slight sense of ease. As the enemy rushes up the stairs mow them down 1 by 1. Also shoot helicopters first when they come in. Another benefit of the area i chose is that on juggernaut rounds, or if you do get overrun you can easily jump of at any point, and run away without having to worry about getting trapped. This will make your life a lot easier when it comes to surviving at higher rounds.

When you start each round make sure one teammate watches each direction. This will help you a lot. Also remember that you should protect your turrets at all times. If these do die, you will face the enemy being able to easily come and fight you. Now depending on the placement of the turrets on each stair case you may or may not have trouble finding exactly where you want to place the turrets. What i mean by this , is if you put them to far down on the staircase the enemy can shoot them and take them out and you will not be able to defend against them, and you will find yourself replacing them after every round.

As i said before. The key to this strategy is your accessibility and easiness to leave when in stressful situations. When you come under pressure you will be able to very easily get away with no trouble by jumping off any of the many edges that seem to benefit you the most. This will become very useful on juggernaut rounds when the juggernauts come up the stairs and then have to go back down the stairs, and will let you get far enough away to cal in those predator missiles.

Remember that i do suggest you read my guide above, as i go very in depth on all the aspects of the survival game mode and talk about all the benefits of each sections of the game and everything you can buy.

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Wraith on June 20, 2012:

I don't really remember what my preferred setup location on this map was (primarily because none of the ones I tried worked well for me...) but I do remember I usually camp on the second floor of the buildings on the west side of the map (The 2 buildings directly west form the rooftop you have the setup on). The available space makes the turrets rather useless and explosives EXTREMELY dangerous.

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John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on March 21, 2012:

Nice do what works, I am solely here to help you.

BG11 on March 19, 2012:

I've yet to use your strategy but my first go at this round i went into the builing on the north west part of your map and found significant success. i was wondering if you've tried it. turrets are a bit pointless in the room (don't recommend granade turrets at all!) but otherwise you're nicely shielded from helicopters and when the room gets crowded, there is a nice exit window to bravely run away. i got 25 on my first try to think will a better thought out strategy i can definitely get higher.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on February 10, 2012:

When i initially tried that strategy for that building, me and my buddy ran it a few times, and we found a few things, then jumping out of the windows, or off the side, it takes just enough damage away where if you get shot from ANYTHING you go down. So therefore i moved where i did, because yah the turrets are vulnerable but the escape routes are endless..

Buster Douglas on February 09, 2012:

Your position is vulnerable during the chopper rounds especially because they (the turrets) can be shot at from 360 degrees from the air on this roof.

Sure 1 chopper might be okay, but once 2-3+ start to spawn at once (rounds 20+) there is no chance of killing them before they down your turrets.

Why not use the big building to the left of the position you propose (adjacent to the ammo terminal)? This has several "points to leave" as well, plus you can move your turrets inside on the chopper rounds.

Anonymous on February 06, 2012:

I think I'll have to look for the building ur takin about n then I'll probably feel stupid.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on January 23, 2012:

What i will try to do is make a separate hub and compile all the box crates... but to do them on this map and the others i have already re-done would make them hard to read the strategies and confusing... But i will try to make one with the maps ASAP

pc on January 23, 2012:


could you place the locations of the supply depots on each strategy map?

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