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Tips on Choosing Soft Toys & Buying Age Appropriate Toys

Soft Toys

Soft Toys

Teady Bears

Teady Bears

Benefits of Soft Toys For Babies

If you are a parent or going to become one soon, then you can expect to be buying a lot of toys for the next one or two decades. Your kids will be asking for more and more of toys. They will not be stopping their demands for them anytime soon. There are different types of toys for different age groups. Soft toys are the most common toys that parents buy for their new-borns or their young babies. This is because young babies are very sensitive, and parents do not want to introduce anything hard or complicated that could cause physical harm.

Soft toys are perfect choices for babies because they come in colourful and attractive designs, and make cute sounds that soothe babies. They are just enough to stimulate their senses of touch, sight and hearing. Soft toys may be an easy choice but knowing which soft toy is good for your baby is also important. It is not an easy task to choose soft toys for babies. You have to keep in mind a lot of factors that cover scientific, social and health reasons. It is important to make sure that while the toy stimulates the baby’s senses they are also safe for them.

There are some tips that should be kept in mind while choosing soft toys...

Today, the amount of knowledge that we have and the kind of research that are done on babies provide a lot of information on how even the slightest of things can affect them. If you are looking to buy a soft toy that is appropriate for your baby, then the best thing is to do some research before buying them. Most online shopping sites sell good quality toys that are manufactured by popular brands that are also as conscious about your babies as you are. Lamaze, Disney, Dimpy Stuff, Wild Republic, Pokémon, Archies and Warner Bros are some of the most popular toy brands that manufacture good quality soft toys.

Looking at those brands that specialise in soft toys is a smart thing because there is a high chance of finding better quality ones from them. They will also have toys that are manufactured after proper research into the safety and well-being of babies. They will understand all the technicalities that entail the process of making toys for babies. They will know better about the type of material to be used and the kind of safety measures that they have to take while designing and manufacturing toys for kids. Hence, it is better to invest in toys that are manufactured by popular brands, which are experts in making them, than going for any other relatively unknown brands.

Most of these popular brands have researched into how they can make toys that are more functional in stimulating the senses of babies. As an example, soft toys for babies should be more colourful and bright to attract them, and make them familiar to different colours. They should also involve bold patterns that will catch their attention. Some of the best soft toys that you can buy for your babies are teddy bears, stuffed toys in the shape of pets and animals, cartoon character soft toys and interactive soft toys like those that make sounds or play music when bent or squeezed.


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Types of Soft Toys

There are also soft blocks with numbers, letters or images of objects that can teach your babies a lot. You can also find soft balls that are available in different sizes. These soft balls are a great way to keep toddlers engaged, especially because they like to have a lot of fun and are full of energy. They can toddle around and play with the ball, and you can also join in the fun. There are also soft toy hangers that can be hung over the cradle and the baby can play with them even as they lie on it. You can also buy puppets and do some funny act with some amusing sounds for your baby. It is not just about buying great toys but also about how much time you can spend with your kid playing together.

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Always Buy Toys According to Kid's Age

Children spend most of their time playing with toys and so they can really influence their minds. They also have a nascent mind that is highly receptive of anything they see around them. So, it is very important to think over properly and decide wisely before buying toys for a kid. Toys can make a great impact on kids that will last years or even a lifetime.

Now, it is also important to know that a toy should be appropriate to a kid’s age. Even if you buy a toy that is really meaningful or educational, it would not be purposeful if the child cannot understand it. When you buy a toy that is inappropriate for a kid’s age it will not only go to waste but it can also create doubts in his/her mind. You need to be careful while choosing toys and keep some points in mind.

Lets see the kind of toys that are suitable for children in particular age groups.

Baby and Infant Toys

From the moment a baby is born, people start showering it with gifts, especially toys. This is a time when the baby is going through a lot of changes and starting to develop in all respects. It is necessary that the toys which you are buying for the kids can help develop their senses of sight, sound and touch. Toys meant for this stage should be able to stimulate the senses of kids, and that is the reason why they come colourfully designed, in different textures and make different types of noises. Rattles, soft toys, play gyms, squeeze toys, teethers and hanging toys are some of the important important types of toys that are suitable for young babies.

Toys For Toddlers

When babies become toddlers they bring a lot of excitement and happiness around the house. They are full of energy and start moving around, giggling and you just cannot stop playing with them. At this stage they need to start playing with toys that allow them to engage in more physical activities because they love to run around, pull objects, knock them down, pushing, emptying and filling. This is the time when you can make sure the baby’s muscles are developed well. They love music toys, ride-on toys, construction toys or building blocks and baby dolls among others.

Pre-school Toys

At this stage kids are very eager to learn new things. They can no longer be impressed with simple toys as they want something that is challenging. They will not be interested in the simple toys that they used to play when they were smaller. Today, there are a number of toys that use technology in a very ingenious way to make more interesting toys. Toy piano, games, bikes, arts and crafts, and remote control vehicles are some of the toys that can keep kids engaged at this stage.

Kids Toys - Age 5-8

This is a stage when kids become more curious of things around them. They start to learn new things, explore and do a lot of other things that impress them. Some of the toys that are popular at this age are train sets, baby dolls, doll houses, play kitchens and others. This is also the stage when they start playing with gaming devices, technology toys and role play toys from popular TV shows and movies.

Age 8-12

When kids reach the age of nine they start forming their own personalities and start figuring out what they like and what they do not. This age is when they love to engage in fast-paced games, learning musical instruments, figuring out complicated mechanisms and a lot more. Gift cards, hand-held gaming devices and games for Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect are some of the popular games and toys at this age. This is a tricky age to choose toys for, because kids are at the threshold of teenage but they are still not teenagers and so you have to be really careful.

Toys For Teens

When kids reach their teenage it’s hard to figure them out. They face a lot of changes and it is a hard time for them. As far as toys are concerned, they like those that are a little sophisticated. Most of them like playing video games or other electronic toys. They will start collecting DVDs of popular video games and wishing for music players.


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