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Tips for Bio Lab on Exo Survival Mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare learn how to get far! ( COD AW )



In this guide I will give you tips and strategies to help you succeed when playing exo survive on the map Bio Lab on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I will talk about where to camp, weapons to use, how to be successful in the long run on the game. If you enjoy this, or want to ask questions or comment please do so at the bottom of the page and I will try to answer back. You can also message me directly on Twitter @ Twitter.com/Johnrr631992 .

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What is Exo Survival

Exo Survival refers to the game mode where you attempt hordes of enemy combatants that will come at you. You will have to survive round after round in order to unlock new maps, and make it further in the game. This game mode first got introduced on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and was a response to the success that zombies brought in the Call of Duty series. This game mode is a lot of fun, and I am here to try and give you some help to bring success to you.

BIO LAB MAP EXO Survival Tips

BIO LAB MAP EXO Survival Tips

Tips for Exo Survival on Bio Lab

FIRST - First lets look at the picture. This is your best place to camp. If you go up on the roof where I put the X you will have no problem surviving to high rounds. The enemy troops will have to climb onto the roof to get you, not to mention you will see them coming no matter where they come from. Standing on this roof should help you in the long run, and let you survive through waves with no problem. Obviously on objective rounds you will want to chase the dog tags, or defuse the bombs, and on aerial rounds you will want to go inside. Although for 75% of the game you will want to stay on this roof and make the enemy combatants come to you.

SECOND - Class to choose. This is really your personal preference but I prefer taking the normal class which gives you Assault rifles, and normal movements. Some prefer the heavier armor and weapons, but I prefer normal armor. I also don't like the like the lightweight class because the armor level I feel is too low especially at later rounds. Luckily you can change this throughout the game if you change your mind, but also remember that there is a perk in survival that lets you use any gun regardless of class. I prefer this later on because then I can get the LMG's with my normal class set up.

THIRD - Kill streaks. I also don't like using the goliath which is why I choose other class setups over the heavy setup. I prefer using the normal setup that way you get a UAV that you can call in almost every round. These are very beneficial to you in later rounds. I also suggest the bombing run of predator missile out of the care packages. Bombing runs are very beneficial to you on normal rounds dealing with enemy players, and predator missiles are deadly against the bosses that come in goliaths.

FOURTH - Choosing Upgrades. I personally think the most important upgrade is health. Although since you cannot upgrade this until later rounds, focus your points initially on the early rounds dealing with damage for your weapon. This will make your life significantly easier when dealing with enemy troops. If done right you should have no problem surviving to higher rounds if you upgrade your class correctly.

FIFTH - Weapon Upgrades. I personally suggest a red dot scope on your weapon giving plenty of mobility and helping you take out the enemies. I also suggest putting on all the other weapon perks that you can on your various weapons. This will allow you to survive longer in addition to the damage perks and health perks you can apply to your exo.

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Overall this game mode is a lot of fun and I am going to attempt and get the other maps on here as quickly as possible to help you guys out! Once again if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.