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Tips and strategy for Bootleg on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 , how to get far MW3



This guide/hub will teach you the tips and strategies that you can and should use to get to high levels on the map Bootleg for survival mode on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

PLEASE NOTE ::: Below is a guide for general strategies for all survival maps that i suggest you read prior to the rest of this hub. I will reference and not going into great detail on the things you should use. But if you read the guide i give full reasons of why you should use each item.

The Map

So let me start this off by talking about the map.

Most importantly, the map and strategy will be taking on the upstairs of the room. So if that confuses you, just remember that everything takes place upstairs.

So first off the Orange X's. These are going to watch the inside room. They will be able to take the enemy out as they come in and should be able to protect each other fairly well.

The Red X's. These are going to be the players. Here you will be more focused on watching the main staircase, and one player looking both ways in order to catch any troops that may make it through the room.

The Strategy

Ok so first off, the Main Benefit of this room, is being well protected from the helicopters. For the most part you will not be able to get hit by them if you play the strategy the right way. Also you will be able to kill the enemy as they file in 1 by 1.

So first off the player that is closest to the staircase. You should remain crouched, or prone, and watch the staircase. As players walk up you should shoot them, make sure your not getting shot through the floor(this is not hard just stay back far enough) and just shoot them as they come up. The other player should be watching both ways as every once in a while especially on high rounds the turrets can and will get bogged down.

I chose the turret position assuming you will use at least 1 grenade turret. If so, putting them near the stair case usually means the turret will shoot the grenades pas the enemy and have no effect on them. If you use 2 sentry guns then you can switch the positions. But i suggest mixing 1 grenade and 1 sentry, and placing them in the other room. this will give you the most success with them.

On juggernaut rounds you should focus your main attention on them. if you have riot squads don't use flash bangs and just lay into them with the LMG's.( read the high level general guide at the top to learn why LMG's are necessary, and what perks you should use). You should not have a major problem with taking these out if you gang up on them.

I don't think that you need a riot team on this map, but that is just preference. Personally i do not use one, and don't think they are necessary, although they do help at higher rounds. Remember that you need to get that self revive, and hold onto it, as this is CRUCIAL at higher rounds. This is really the make or break part of this game.

Also remember that on some rounds you may need to run. If this is the case you can jump over the edge on the stair case, or the other way to make your get away. Remember that a helicopter may be outside waiting for you, so take those precautions before you go outside.

Overall you should have no problems when using this strategy. As long as you watch both ways, the enemy should field in 1 by 1 to die. This should allow you to easily get to at least 30+. Remember that you should keep self revive, I cannot stress that enough. Overall just pay attention to where the enemy is coming from, and do not get cornered in by juggernauts with no way out, if you see them coming then you may have to make a run for it. If that's the case just make your way back at the end of the round. Overall This is a very simple strategy to help you out.

Below are links to my other strategy guides, and to my solo guide for if you are playing by yourself. If you need help or want to show another strategy post it, and ill let you know what i think.

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Solo Survival



voltdenatsu on December 20, 2013:

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made it to wave 29, rank 634 in the world as of 12 21 2013.

here's a strategy:

W1 take place behind counter, utilize your MP412 to gank 1 guard and take his MP5. Use that (automatic ammo is more useful). PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BONUSES. If you have rampage, wait for all guards to appear. Disable available guards first then finish the rest with the MP.

If you have kill streak, wait for another guard to come over. Kill him and take his weapon, reload. You should have two kills. Throw out a flash bang (or two if you're paranoid) and get rid of the other guards. Easy next 500.

Do not worry about headshots unless you're a good shot.

W2 follow the same strategy. I would suggest an automatic sidearm like MP9 or FMG9 (best for helicopters until LMGs). Get those streak rewards.

W3/4 stock up on flashbangs (if you have Flash Kill) and a sentry. You shouldn't need to switch weapons out, assuming MP5 and MP9/FMG9 are working.

W5 you will deal with the W5 Jug, but in addition you need to deal with a helicopter. I'd suggest an LMG (PKP) and if you can get it an RSASS. I generally use a P90 and get my Sleight of Hand perk. Keep the Jug away from the sentry.

W6 you should get another sentry or delta. Avoid getting additional grenades unless they're flashes. Pay attention to your rewards on what you should get (avoid quad kill unless you're very good at getting them - they're hard on Bootleg).

W7 around this wave I start what I call the 'routine,' which I do in many maps. I generally start a small distance from the sentries and start to run around the map with my team but not completely avoiding sentries. Utilize this strat with well placed claymores, C4s, flashes, and frags (last!) along with switch up of Delta / Riot Squad. And yes, they both serve their purpose. You want mobility, so Delta squad will be your ace for distractions.

Utilize air strikes for 3+ Jug + Helicopter rounds because you need to clear enemies quickly. They will flank you on wave 20+ regularly, and around 27/28 they become very quick on spawning on your flanks due to the small map.

Wraith on June 11, 2012:

Dick, the only thing I can say about "teammates" is really "welcome to CoD... If you want actual teamwork, your best bet would be to find Battlefield players, since that game practically REQUIRES teamwork to play. CoD? Not so much. And I'll be honest, I've NEVER played co-op survival. The biggest problem in Nazi Zombies for me was the stupid teammates who stole my windows and kills, and survival mode's solution to that was the "share money" option at the armories. Also, try using air strikes, granted, they're a little tougher to use, but they DEFINITELY bring more BOOM than a predator missile, and for the same price too.

Dick on June 10, 2012:

OK Made it to Wave 15... enemies and JUGS again... (2+1 shielded)

Wave 11 to 14 was easy hiding behind my counter....

On wave 13, I made a mistake of getting a Shield Squad and buying a predator... but then in Wave 14 I lost my sentry guns and couldn't buy more because I had a Missile... in the confusion, I forgot to deploy C4s but then again I thought it wouldn't be safe to be behind my counter without the sentries helping me while proning behind it... so I run up the stairs... lost my revive (got up by shooting down a dog, then I run out) while handling one of the jugs, then the other 2 were coming with other dohs and enemies and without a revive, I couldn't run away fast enough... LOL.

[Lesson: Wait to buy the predator missile until just before wave 15... but if no sentries, at least lay down the 5xC4 at the counter entrance so if I need to buy wentries and a predator, I'll have time to come back and set down the senty... or else... try leaving one enemy alive in W14, and do the rounds buying at least the sentry, then put it down and go get the missile...]

Dick on June 10, 2012:

Made it as planned... Wave 10. C4s worked on both Jugs... My Sentries survived unharmed... I did waste a Missile when I tried to take out chopper before the 2nd Jug... but then I got it later using my LMG...

W11 Will start with me behind the counter with 2 sentris.. and lets see what comes next...

Dick on June 10, 2012:

It's best to accumulate cash proning behind the counter and waiting for the enemies to come at you.... Take as many headshots, etc... Keep taking their MP5 and Amo right from the beginning...

By Wave 4 yiu should have enough to buy a LMG 36, after round 4 get the Scope and Grip... plus collect a AK47 and amo from the enemies... also go buy a round of C4 if you have any money left for the Jug in the next round

Wave 5, get back to the counter and get the dogs and enemies from the safety of the counter, then run out to the building with the stairs without getting shot down by the chopper... then go out the corridor on the right (the side where the Equipment box is) and turn left asap and go into the building at the end... to your right.. throw 5 C4s inside by the entrance and wait for the JUG to come in... stay as far back as possible.. then double X on your controller to kill or seriously damage the JUG, then finish him off with your LMG... then go back to the middle building and from the edge of the corridor, look up towards the skylights and take out the chopper...

W6, if you have enough $$, buy a Sentry Gun (a regular one) and go back to the counter and deploy the sentry gun...) You should still have enough amo so don't waste $$ on refill yet so you can buy a second senty before the next round...)

W7 and W8 W9, stay behind the counter and let the sentries do their thing, keeping an eye on the enemies not to damage them... make sure you always have a REVIVE

After W9, carefully run to the equipment box (watch out for the Claymores from enemies), buy more C4 and come back... put 5 C4s at the entrance (outside your zone)...

Wave 10, you'll get 2 JUGS (1 regular + 1 Shieled) so you need to kill that first shileded one who's going to come up to you in addition to all the dogs and enemies... so try to get them from your proned position behind the counter as much as you can get... or crouch and take them out from a distance... then keep an eye on that JUG so when it comes close double X so set off the C4... then jump out and run inside and do the same as what you did on round 5... C4 the JUG 2 then the chopper...

So far I've only made it to round 10... LOL as last time I forgot abour deploying the C4 by the counter and I was trapped.. when I finally jumped off the counter the chopper got me... I was hoping I cound make it to the Air Support and buy a Predator Missile... but should have had more patience to keep running around until maybe I got enough distance between me and the jugs so I could take down the chopper so it would be easier to get to the air support box...

Ah well, next time.

Dick on June 10, 2012:

Hi Wraith

Your technique seems to be the best I've tried so far... it got me to Wave 9... I was nicely camped at the counter with 2 sentry guns (one of them was actually a grenade launcher, and I had put it by the openning/gap) but got killed by a Claymore put by the enemies near the entrance to the Ammo Box and near the amo box... I should be more careful next time...

I also played with a few team members, but couldn't go beyond Wave 6.... And I have a huge beef with team members playing... these guys are mostly sooo selfish and rather than playing as a team, all they are interested is competing with me for $$... one even stole my sleigh of hand before I could get to it...!!! In this map it's hard to get ahead if one does not have a good gun (like the LMG36) but I can't seem to get any $$ accumulated when my team member is trying to monopolize all the kills and collecting all the amo from the enemies before I get a chance to do anything... On top of this, because they are so careless and won't camp anywhere, they keep getting killed and then I have to run and revive them.... and getting killed in the process.... very frustrating. Why can't they be more like a team. I know I am ranting, but some have their mics off or if they have one, they don't even respond to a dialogue... Oh well.

Wraith on June 01, 2012:

For the most part, it works since the enemies have an apparent aversion to that particular store front. Eventually they will start to swarm you, but if you can figure out good spots to put claymores and c4s for when they group up, you'll probably last longer than I did. (I forgot what wave I reached...)

Also, do NOT get grenade sentries. They can't shoot over the counter.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on June 01, 2012:

Ill give that shot, never have in the past in fear of getting bogged down, but if it worked for you, I'll see what I can do with it.

Wraith on May 31, 2012:

A funny little strategy I came up with... the storefront across the main street from the truck next to the "B" flag in domination. Take 2 REGULAR sentry turrets and set them up in the corner then get into a crouch to the left of them.

It should look something like:


space (you) (sentry) (sentry)

The tough part is making sure you can figure out where to shoot to hit the enemies on the other side of the bushes and off to the right. Suicide dogs are a PAIN if you don't kill them before they reach the store...

On the juggernaut waves, just get out of there, head right or left, and the juggernauts will ignore the sentries. I THINK this will work even if the sentries start shooting the juggernauts a bit. If it doesn't, try shooting the juggernauts a little before your sentries can.

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