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Tips On This Week’s GTA Online Event Week

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For those who doesn’t know, GTA Online has weekly events where you can get triple and double cash &RP in certain missions. This week is going to be a great opportunity for you to make much money, though, as you will get double cash & RP in VIP Work/Challenge & Vehicle Cargo. Initially run from June 10th – 16th, Rockstar extended the event to June 24th, near the launch of the new update.

Completing VIP Work missions with the highest payout (including cool down) will give you approximately GTA$300.000 in only an hour. You can also do this in private-only sessions, should you are concerned with rivaling organizations and don’t bother with them. On vehicle cargo, you might earn payout as high as GTA$600.000 per cargo (including delivery cost), assuming you and three associates delivering four top range cars.

Without further ado, here’s my tips on how to make money in this week’s GTA Online Event Week:


Oppressor Mk.II

The hoverbike can be your best friend in doing missions. Thanks to its compactness and being easy-to-drive, you can obliterate enemies with no hassle and reach destination faster. Unfortunately, Oppressor Mk.II has limited number of missiles, so pay attention with it. Not to mention you are much more vulnerable on the bike.


Buzzard Attack Chopper

Given the case you don’t have the Oppressor yet, the best option would be Buzzard which can be summoned via CEO Vehicle option. The attack chopper is available to request for USD25.000. You are free of charge if you have already owned it, though.

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Driving a sourced car to your warehouse can be PITA as you're struggling against traffic and attacking NPCs. If you don’t bother with crashing with other cars and paying additional repair cost, then this airplane would be highly recommended would be a great pick. The normal cargobob is available to purchase for ­$1,790,000 at Warstock Cache & Carry.



Make sure you get your Terrorbyte service active on free roam. The truck allows you to access Vehicle Cargo missions anywhere, speeding the process. Entering the truck also lose a wanted level, given the case you are getting overwhelmed by cops.



Pick Sightseer and Headhunter Missions

Among all missions available in VIP Work, choose Sightseer and Headhunter missions as the two missions will give you the highest payout of around $40k. If you are willing to grinding, playing the two missions back-to-back will earn you $200.000 - 300.000 per hour enough to fill your in-game cash.


Source Five Cars or More

On vehicle cargo missions, source five or more cargo to your vehicle warehouse. Per five cars will give you $250.000 bonus which will be deposited into your bank account. Given such a case, sourcing 20 cars will reward you healthy $1.000.000.


Sell Top Range Vehicles

Prioritize selling top range cars as they have the highest selling prices. Example of a top range vehicle is Emperor ETR-1, a Super-class car.

You can also add a mid range car to the mix if you don’t have enough top range cars to sell. Oh, and don’t forget to sell them to Specialist Dealer to maximize the profit.

Hope these tips helps and have fun making money in GTA Online!

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