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Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Dota Tiny the Stone Giant item build and guide

Tiny's Best Build

This guide is made for newbies to learn more and improve their gaming skills in the game Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne DOTA (Defense of The Ancients) or Warcraft3: DOta All stars.

So here is a guide on how to properly use Tiny the Stone Giant. Tiny is one of the most easiest characters to use especially when you know how to use him. He can either be a Setter, a Killer type or a Support type. The Setter type is focused more on how to set your enemies into a trap by using your character Tiny as a bait for enemy heroes and when this happens you have your team mates waiting and lurking behind you to kill the tricked enemy hero. The Killer type Tiny is focused more on attack speed since Tiny's ultimate skill the Grow skill greatly increases Tiny's power and changes his size in exchange of his attack speed. Which will be explained later. And last but not the least, most stunner characters is built to support their team mates especially when a clash happens.

I will explain each type of build for Tiny and what items should you use to equip the Stone Giant.


The Setter Type Tiny

The first item that you should buy is an Empty Bottle and a Courier. Every time your health or your mana goes down just use the bottle and pass it into your courier. Then send it to the well of life to refill the bottle. The skills that you should max out first is your Avalanche and your Craggy Exterior skill. But if you reach level 6 you should take your super skill which is the Grow skill. Most players max out their Avalanche and Toss skills, but we are not going to do that since our focus here is to set the formation of your enemy heroes so that your team mates can take them out. So you need to make your character as bait so that the enemy heroes will attack you not minding your team mates. They will attack you because basically you are a stunner and it will give them a hard time killing your team mates if you are there stunning them. So in order for you not to die and keep stunning them, is to make your character as hard as possible. Then your team mates will hit them hard while you take damage. So the next item that you will buy is the Boots of speed for your movement speed and the Energy booster for your mana to stun enemies assembling now the Arcane Boots. The next item that your going to buy is the Kelen's dagger. Kelen's dagger has the Blink skill in it so use this to surprise your enemies and stun them using your Avalanche skill. Since you have your Craggy Exterior skill, your enemies will eventually get stunned if they attack you. As you level up you should max out your ultimate skill and your Toss skill as well, so that you can give more pain and suffering to your enemies. You can sell your Empty bottle now since you already have your Arcane boots for your mana. The next item that your going to buy is the Chain mail. It will add up to your armor. And then buy the Broadsword to increase your damage and finally the Robe of Magi assembling now the Blade Mail. Every time you blink at your opponent don't forget to stun your enemies and if they attack you, use the Blade mail so that some of their damage will bounce back at them reducing more of their health. Then assemble any of the following items one at a time. The items you need to assemble is the Heart of Tarrasque to maximize your health. Because what is the use of a setter if the setter has low health points and die every time there is a clash. Aganim's scepter so that you can increase your Toss damage skill and grab trees to whip it to your opponents. Remember that when you grab a tree you increase your damage range and you have a 50% splash damage. And also remember to buy Ogre axe and Blade of Alacrity when assembling the Aganim's scepter. And Assault Cuirass to increase both your attack speed and your armor. Last word of advice, winning is not about how many enemy heroes you can kill. It's about how you and your team can destroy the enemy's base. (take note of later versions of the game since Blizzard updates different map versions of the game allowing changes on the item build as well)

The Killer type Tiny

This kind of build for Tiny is focused more on attack speed and damage without forgetting your mana. This build is pretty basic. You just have to focus on killing and use your aggressiveness to do it. Tiny is a character which has a very tough armor and health points from the start of the game until to the end of the game.

The first item you should buy is once again, an Empty bottle and a Courier. Use the same procedure as mentioned above. The skills you should max out this time is your Avalanche, Toss, and Grow skills. The next item you should buy is the Boots of Speed and the Energy Booster assembling now the Arcane boots. Way back before when the Arcane boots is not yet available, we use the Arcane ring for the Setter build. But it takes too much space for both the Setter and the Killer type builds. Your going to use the Arcane ring, another set of any boots that you prefer like Phase boots or Power Treads, making you lose one item slot that you can still use to improve or strengthen your character. So you should use Arcane boots instead. And then the bread and butter of this build, the Mask of Madness. This item has a skill which you can use to increase both the movement speed and the attack speed of your character but causes you to take 30% more damage. How will you get damaged if you can keep on stunning them with your character? So this item is the perfect item for a Killer type Tiny. Now you must buy any of the following items, it's gonna be either the Ogre axe or the Blade of Alacrity. I would prefer the Blade of Alacrity since you need to focus on your attack speed because your damage is increased by your Ultimate skill. Then the next item that you are going to buy is the Point Booster assembling now the Aganim's scepter. Aganim's scepter upgrades your hero's ultimate skill. Allowing your character to add damage on your toss skill and lets you pick up trees to swing at enemy units including hero units. Once you are holding a tree you have a 50% splash damage and gives you a longer attack range. Making it harder for your enemies. As you level up. Max out your bonus stats after maxing out your Avalanche, Toss, and Grow skills. Max out your Craggy Exterior skill last so that your character will be perfect. The next item your going to build is the Assault Cuirass. The purpose of this is to max out your attack speed and max out your armor. You can sell your Mask of Madness if you want to replace your slot for an added item but I suggest you must keep it just for safety. Now your build is complete. You can add any item that you prefer like Heart of Tarrasque to max out your damage and health or Black King Bar in case you don't want to be hit by enemy spells. Another item I can recommend is either a Kelen's dagger, Linken's Sphere or a Blade mail to stay safe on the other side. After all, your build is both offense and defense in order to survive wipe out attacks.

Last word of advice, before copying this build make sure you read the items menu on what items are required to complete the items mentioned above since Warcraft 3: DOTA updates new map versions of the game adding new characters and new features including effects of the items on the game.

The Support Type Tiny

Tiny is one of the best support type characters because of its skills. As we all know, Tiny is one of the toughest characters in the game. It can withstand all sorts of attacks and can deal massive damage as well. This build is mainly focused on Intelligent and Strength. As for the both previous build, you will start out buying an Empty Bottle and a Courier to earn enough gold to buy your equipments. Remember that when using this build your focus is to help your team mates not to die and deal enough damage to enemy units especially to hero units. The main source of your income in this build is by assists or by kill steals.

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The skills you should max out first is your Toss skill or your Avalanche. After maxing out those skills you need to max out your bonus stat points. By doing this you increase both of your mana and your damage. The next item that you need to buy is an Arcane Boots followed by a Kelen's Dagger to catch enemy heroes from fleeing and stunning them again. Remember that you can Toss your enemies back to where they came from if they are running away from you or your team mates. This tactic can be done by using the Blink skill caused by the Kelen's Dagger and tossing your enemies to your team mates. Damaging your enemy and letting your team mates finish the job. A good example of this is when you have Earth Shaker as your teammate. Tossing him and using his Ultimate skill which is the Echo Slam skill. This serves as a damaged blink skill combination. Use this if your Earth Shaker team mate has not yet bought a Kelen's Dagger during the early start of the game. Next item that you should assemble is either a Dagon, Eul's scepter of Divinity or Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse. Use your Dagon's Energy Burst skill to kill steal. Your Eul's scepter to escape or disrupt enemy formations. Like if their setter or support characters comes charging in, you can disrupt their team formation by using the Cyclone skill. Causing their setter or support characters not to take the chance of attacking or using their skills against your team mates. And finally use your Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse to disrupt enemy formations or to stop enemy heroes from escaping. Your final item will be the Shiva's guard. Can be used both to deal damage and to slow enemy units that are attacking your team.

Final word of advise. Being fully aware of your team mates and your enemy's tactics is the key point of being a support type hero. Using all your skills to help as much as possible. Even sacrificing your own life because you will still gain enough gold even if you die as long as you assist your team mates. The more gold you have the more items you can buy and assemble. The more items you have, the greater the advantage against other enemy heroes. Again I need to emphasize that winning is not by getting the most number of kills but being able to destroy the base of your enemies. It also pays to read the updates in the event that Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne has map updates.

Final tips

You may choose any of the above said builds depending on the situation and depending on your team mates characters. If all your team mates are killer types you should build a support type. If most of your team are composed of hitter types like Traxex, Rikimaru or Spirit Breaker then I suggest that you build a Setter type. And if your team are composed of both Setter types and Support types, they need you to tank in and kill all your enemies while they support or set the game to help you.


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