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Tiberium Alliances: How to get Your Second Base in Under a Week.


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There is a reason it is important to get your second base up and running as early and quickly as possible on Tiberium Alliances. It allows you to have two bases to take territory. It also gives you twice the repair time which starts to become a problem just before the end of your first week if you are playing actively. If you wait too long you will fall behind and since it is a game of exponential growth there really aren't many options to catch up on a specific server.

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Getting resources is essential. You cannot build an empire with no bricks, unless of course it is space age, but it is not. You have two main options. You can attack forgotten bases and outposts or you can build up your mining abilities using harvesters on Tiberium and Crystal blocks. I highly recommend you attack the forgotten as much as possible as efficiently as possible and anything left over be dedicated to upgrading your harvesters. I found this is the fastest way to achieve your second base.

Doing purely forgotten raids or harvester upgrades really gets you nowhere as crystal and tiberium are used separately for units and buildings. The key is to never max out on command points yet, never run out of repair time!


Another important reason to raid forgotten bases is because it is the only way to gain research points which is how you unlock your second base and the rest of your bases for that matter. Credits and research points become vital for increasing your bases. You can find out more about all this at my Tiberium Alliances Blog. For out purposes we will skip over that and simply discuss what and when you should research. A lot of people are tempted to research firehawks and predators before base number two. You will notice that the points add up and you get your second base days late. Where if you get your second base first it only takes one additional day to get firehawks. You can easily use the initial unit combinations to raid effectively for about the first week. In fact anything more than that is overkill by far. Firehawks against level 14 forgotten camps is just ridiculous!


Location is not a minor detail. The location of your second base can allow you to cut enemy forces in half, it can allow you to control a Point of Interest all on your own. You can also cleverly use it to your advantage to snipe strong enemy bases. You have to realize you now have 24 hours of repair time you can save up as well as two separate unit combinations. This makes it impossible for any one base to counter all of your military prowess that you can bring to the field.

Always, and I cannot stress this enough, Always keep your second and first base close together. If they kill base number two base number one is right there to kill them. So on and so forth.

Do not allow yourself to become a target and get your second base up as soon as possible using the ideas I have given you here!


youre dumb on August 07, 2017:

So you completely contradict yourself on that bs blog of yours. this says don't get firehawks before the 2nd base, blogs says to get firehawks. /spit

Jon on February 21, 2017:

Good tutorial

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