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Thoughts About On Line Casinos In Michigan

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It's now the end of January. Several months ago it became apparent that on line casinos were going to happen in Michigan. Two companies began saturating the television with commercials for their introduction. They were Draft Kings and FanDuel. Later they were joined in this pre announcement activity by MGM with a fourth company - William Hill - lurking on the fringe.

The three major contenders offered incentives to entice players to their sites. These incentives were usually in the form of free play in both the Sports Book activity as well as the Casino activity. They were in differing amounts but were sufficient to look interesting.

On Friday, the 20th of January, the sites went active.

I began accessing the sites on Saturday, the 21st to take a look at the Sports Book and at the Casino activity - slots, video poker, blackjack, and roulette.

The sites needed to be sure you were in Michigan and therefore lawfully able to use their sites. To do this software needed to be downloaded to report on your location. I downloaded the software.

When I proceeded to sign on the sites I expected to be vetted as to location and expected to at least be able to see the incentives that had been touted for several months. I suspiciously thought that activation of those incentive might be tied to actual deposits but wanted to check things out before I proceeded.

The sites allowed me to sign on but didn't allow me to look at my accounts or promos until I was checked by the location software to make sure I was in Michigan.

I was immediately told that I wasn't in a site that could access the Michigan sites. A surprise to me since I was in central Michigan.

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I reloaded the location software thinking there might have been a glitch. I tried again to log in to the sites and was told "NO".

I was unable to see what was offered on the "Sports Book" or in the "Casino" as had been advertised.

My solution is to block the sites from emailing me and to erase the bookmarks to the sites. My covid virus inoculation is coming up soon and I'll just wait and spend my money at a nearby land based casino.

The advertisements sound polished and ready for action but they obviously aren't.

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