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Things you can invest yourself in during this pandemic to earn small money

Meme Enthusiast and an occasional memer. [happiness noises]


1. Making Memes

The meme universe is vast. There are genres within in. A meme isn't a thing you can simply laugh off right now. There are of course memes that make no sense or have least to do with reality. But then there are memes that make you think, memes that make you search and understand. You like history? Make history based memes and build your audience. Post them on reddit or submit to pages that curate memes to market your memes.

2. Learning a New Language

The internet has come as a saviour in terms of studying an academics. To learn a language you don't need to go sign up for a university course. Duolingo, Coursera etc are sites that provide intriguing learning experiences that keep you hooked as well as competitive. A free language with just 15 minutes or even less everyday? Why not?

3. Taking photos

Shutterstock and many other websites allow you to sell your photographs. If you have what it takes to take amazing and trendy photos then shoot away. Every click could bring you money or even better, help you choose a passion, who knows?

4. Learn about stock market

I'm a noob at this and no matter how many times I'm explained to about investing in stocks, I will forget it the exact next minute. But that may not be the case for you! There are many sites like Binance/ Etoro that allow you to trade stocks. It also let's to mimick the successful traders and make money. So if you are willing to take the risk, why not give it a try?

5. Write and publish a book/ poetry

There are many poetry competitions available online that pay a small amount for your work or help you get published. If you are great at working magic with words and imagination then this might be right for you. Write a story or poetry as a word document, submit it and wait for your luck to shine.

6. Draw and paint

There is me who can at most only replicate a painting, but then you could be one of those people who have wild imaginations and the ability to put those colours of your imagination into a canvas. If you are, pick up your pencil or paint brush and get started right away. Any art is art and one of them might just get you to places!

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7. Content creation

Social media has the power to make money out of nothing. Youtube, Instagram and any social media can be a tool to your side income. All you got to do is build a dedicated audience, if not through your content, you could earn money through affiliate marketing.

8. Start a business

Selling a convenience store product through WhatsApp is also business. All you got to have is the ability to fulfil what your customers expect you to. From selling a service to selling a product, you could do anything if you have a little motivation. Thought of an amazing idea? Sketch out a business plan, conduct a feasibility study and get started!

9. Research and publish

If you have a hypothesis in mind and Internet you could research and get published in a journal. It could be associated with your area of study or something that you you personally interested in. Softwares like Minitab, Google forms, SPSS help you sort out the survey results. You could publish with the help of your university or self publish by submitting to journals. These could be mentioned in CV's or on applications for higher education.

10. Personal Well-being

At the end of the day your well being matters the most, so take some time our for yourself and never force yourself to do something you don't like. Listen to music, watch a series, play a game, watch YouTube videos, search for your favourite actors/ idols, exercise or meditate, eat what you like and drink what you love. Know that sometimes it's okay to think about yourself and be selfish than thinking about earning money or making your family or friends happy or proud.

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