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The troubles and problems of Disney CARS diecast collecting

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Wingo  Disney CARS diecast

Wingo Disney CARS diecast

Shu Todoroki Disney CARS diecast

Shu Todoroki Disney CARS diecast

Bad news for Disney CARS diecast collectors –

Collecting Disney Pixar CARS diecast is a fun but addictive thing. These small scale diecast collectibles are adorable, has amazing details, and it is always nice to see a character of the film comes to life and to be able to play and display them.

Unfortunately, there are numerous troubles when collecting Disney diecast CARS characters. For one thing, almost all characters that appeared in the CARS movie (both 1 and 2) as well as its mini series (Mater Tall Tales) has a seemingly diecast counterpart. Aside from this, there are tons of variations for many Pixar CARS characters. Lightning McQueen alone has numerous diecast variations and the list below contains some of these:

  • Spin out McQueen – this is the scene where Lightning first arrived at Radiator springs and is caught on the barbwires trying to escape from the Sheriff
  • Cactus McQueen – this is where lightning lose footing on the track and stumble to the cactus. Happened during his race with Doc Hudson on the desert.
  • Night Vision Lightning McQueen – this CARS diecast collectible is extra nice as it included a mini notebook checklist of the characters and Lightning is sporting a set of whitewall tires. This diecast depicts the part where Sarge lends a pair of night vision goggles to Lightning after Luigi changed his tires to whitewall thus tire version on the diecast.

As mentioned, other Pixar CARS characters also have numerous diecast variations like the brand new Mater (the one where he has a different light blue color scheme), the different paint jobs of Ramone, lenticular versions, color changer variations, etc…

Another disadvantage of collecting Disney Pixar CARS diecast is its availability – especially chancing upon a package with the word “Chase”.

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“Chase” CARS diecast are considered rare as it is produced in limited quantity. Being rare, this follows that it is hard-to-find, highly desirable, and also attracts hoarders and scalpers (the few and limited quantity is already a problem and now these goons have joined in the hunt)

This obviously spells bad news for movie diecast collectors especially to those who consider themselves “completists”. Such diecast collectors are willing to spend, even if the amount is triple the SRP, just to get the particular rare Disney diecast CARS.

Disney Pixar CARS diecast

Disney Pixar CARS diecast

How to collect Disney CARS diecast collectible wisely –

Fortunately for newbies or new diecast collectors who are just starting out, they can pick or choose which Pixar Disney CARS diecast to collect. A good tip on how to collect Disney Pixar CARS diecast wisely is don't choose or go for the Chase variations (the one with a “Chase” label on the card) just because some collectors are going for such. A rare or hard to find Disney CARS diecast does not necessarily mean that it is a must have for collectors. Besides, the Chase characters are actually obscure ones that didn't enjoy much airtime in the movie.

New Disney diecast CARS collectors, even seasoned ones, would be better off to choose collecting those that are simple to find and easy to accomplish. I for one started out with one thing in mind, to get all the four members of the delinquent road hazards – DJ, Boost, Wingo, and Snot Rod. As can be seen on the introductory pic of this hub, I accomplished my goal and completed the four rare Disney diecast. I mentioned rare because Boost and Wingo are quite hard to find.

As can be seen on the options below, some of the "Delinquent Road Hazzads" diecast (Boost, Snot Rod, Wingo, and DJ) are quite pricey. But collecting them would be a great start as it can be enjoyed by kids, can be excellent gifts, and can be used as house / wall display

Disney CARS diecast collecting tips

Another great tip for collecting Disney CARS diecast is to buy those that have a great impact on the film or TV series. This may include Lightning McQueen, Mack, Finn McMissile, etc… Jeep lovers may want to collect Sarge as his character is based on a military jeep.

Newbie collectors who have kids may want to look at the Disney diecast CARS' Mack Hauler. Mack Hauler usually comes with a free Lightning McQueen and will surely be loved by any kid out there. It is also durable so when they got tired off playing with it, you can then use the Mack Hauler for display.

Finally, if you have the extra cash to spare, buy Disney CARS that are on discounted sale. As can be seen on the uppermost pic, I also have night vision Lightning McQueen, Cruisin McQueen, and Radiator Springs Ligthning McQueen together with the four delinquent road hazards.

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