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The Video Game With a Real Cash Economy: Entropia Universe

Corey Chappell is a Closing Options Analyst for 181-Close-Now LLC. In his free time he's a professional gamer and YouTuber.

Entropia Universe Logo

Entropia Universe Logo

A Game With A Real Cash Economy

Imagine a game based on a real cash economy. A game where every activity you do has a real cost associated with it. Do well and you could make money. Play on a whim and you could lose money. A game where you can make money without having to be a famous YouTube celebrity or having a million followers on social media.

That game is Entropia Universe. A futuristic Sci-Fi MMORPG where playing smart can be rewarding and not paying attention can really hurt.

About Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe was first launched back in 2003. It was the first of its kind. A game where you could have adventures, make friends but also make or lose real, cold, hard cash.

The game is free to play. No monthly fee, no subsection service. Players can deposit money if they would like or they can try and build their fortune from scratch. An open world with 9 planets to explore and endless possibilities.

MindArk, the company that develops the game, is constantly trying to make it the best it can be with regular updates and new content. There is always something new to explore.

Playing Entropia Universe

For those players who have managed to gather some PED playing Entropia Universe is rather straight forward. The three main professions are being a Hunter, Miner or Crafter.

As a hunter you will use weapons to hunt creatures and gather the loot they contain.

As a miner you will be looking for materials buried deep beneath the surface of the games 9 planets.

As a crafter you will take the materials collected by hunters and miners and use them to construct items and equipment that other players need.

The crafters create the weapons, armor, healing devices and other items that hunters and miners need. Those items are sold and the miners and hunters go out to gather more loot. They then sell this loot back to the crafters and the cycle continues.

Project Entropia Dollar

Project Entropia Dollar

Project Entropia Dollar

For most players the main goal is to collect Project Entropia Dollars or PED. PED is unique in the realm of in-game currencies because it has real world value.

PED has a set exchange rate of 10:1 with the US dollar. If a player wished to deposit $10 they would have 100 PED. If a player withdrawals 1,000 PED they would have $100 of actual real world money! This is what draws most players to the game.

Everything in-game requires payment in PED. That means when you buy armor or purchase a vehicle that item or action has a real world cost. It also means that players who know the game better stand to make more; or at least lose less.

A new player who makes a lot of mistakes early on could be spending a lot of real money to learn the basic lessons of how to play the game. That's why I always suggest learning as much as you can about the game as early as you can.



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Free To Play

There's nothing wrong with being a free-to-play player. It just makes life a little more difficult. Some players get a real sense of satisfaction from being F2P and consider it a badge of honor since it does make reaching goals harder.

As a F2P player you can gather sweat from creatures and attempt to resell that sweat to other players. You can also gain defense skills while sweating that you may be able to sell later on.

Some F2P players chose to fruit walk. Literally just explore the planet on foot and pick up whatever fruit you happen to find. That fruit can then be resold to other players who would rather not take the time to gather it on their own.

World Records For Most Expensive Virtual Item

A lot of players see the numerous world records that Entropia Universe holds for most expensive virtual item ever sold. This leads to dreams of making a full time living playing the game.

While there have been a lucky few who made some serious money from Entropia Universe not everyone gets so lucky. Most players are lucky to break even; much less see an actual profit.

That's because playing the game is often more fun than using the game to make money. Other players go with a high risk; high reward strategy that has a VERY small chance of making a lot but a large chance of losing everything you risk.

There are a FEW players who make a full time living from the game. But they often live in places where the average monthly income is EXTREMELY low.

A Fun Hobby

I usually suggest using the game as a fun hobby. If your goal is to have fun, make some friends and kill some time then this very well may be the game for you.

As one of the games most well known players I've also created some resources to help people who may want to give Entropia Universe a shot. My YouTube Channel is packed with information that will help you play smarter; not harder.

I also created a website which helps F2P players earn in game currency through micro-tasks. You can also find some helpful information on the sites blog that will help you get started and learn a little more about the game.

You may want to spend some time farming skills at Zychion Citadel to boost those defense skills while you learn more about the game. That's how I got started and a lot of my friends have used the same technique. Here's a video of how to do it properly:

Entropia Universe: Farm Free Defense Skills At Zychion Citadel

These links will be useful if you want to explore the game a bit. They will help you shorten the learning curve and will make the game a lot more fun:

Entropia Universe This is the actual link to the games official website. The download does take some time even with a high speed connection but well worth the wait.

Entropia Wiki This is the wiki for the game. As a new player you will want to use it often to learn about specific items, creatures and missions.

Planet Calypso Forum Use with caution. While this forum is super handy it is player moderated and new players tend to receive lifetime bans. Feel free to use it to find information about the game but avoid posting until you're an experienced player.

LeeLoo's Mining Guide A specific post on PCF about mining. Probably the best EU mining guide ever written. Read it a dozen times; the more you play the game the more you'll understand.

NOTE: There are websites ran by players (including myself) that will allow players to complete micro-tasks in exchange for PED. I am not listing them here but they are easy to find.

© 2021 Corey Chappell

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