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The Ultra-Power Battle Game is the Ultimate Battle Flipping Game


Kids Want To Battle

The only thing a kid likes more than collecting is to have what they’re collecting do something — not just sit there to be stared at. So maybe that’s why card collecting has become a bit less exciting, because kids want to be active and do things and so want what they’re collecting to be the same. What’s needed is for there to be a game connected with what is being collected, but even better for that game to involve the collection. And it had better be active because sitting around is boring. Boring. So that’s why playing the Ultra-Power Battle Game is so much fun for kids 5+, because the tokens that are part of the game aren’t just being collected, but are an active part of the game.

Now something to keep in mind is that the Ultra-Power Battle Game requires two to play — that makes it similar to those tossing card games in a way, because just playing by oneself just won’t cut it. And the kid having to have a playmate to play the Battle Game; that helps to promote social interaction and human contact which is something that has been lost and sorely lacking both due to those LCD screens as well as the recent lock downs and schooling being done at home. In other words, having to have two kids to play with the Battle Game is a huge plus.


Kids Want To Play With Other Kids

So let’s get playing — which means taking the two battle bands out of the box and strapping them on (one for each kid). Yes, it’s a double pack with 2 of these bands because it’s always a two player game. Also found inside the box (besides instructions) are 12 ultra-power tokens and again these get split up into 6 for each.
What are these tokens? They’re a colorful, double-sided flat round disc which just so happens to fit perfectly onto the battle band’s flipping mechanism. Each has a different power or strength on each side and will be risked in each flipping battle round.

Now the Battle Band has a power dial on it, which the player sets to whatever they think will work best for that round. The player then chooses 6 of their Ultra-Power Tokens (obviously that’s why there are 12 provided initially). One by one the player chooses a token and seats it on their Battle Band. Players then go “1, 2, 3” or whatever they want to shriek before both activating the wrist flipper that shoots the token up in the air. The 2 tokens land, with one of each token’s 2 sides now face up. Whichever token has the higher visible rank makes its player the winner, who gets to collect both tokens. But should there be a tie, then in which case the two players flip again.


Ultra-Power Tokens Gotta Flip

Added to this is that after each round, the player who lost must now subtract the appropriate power from their Power Dial. The first player who hits zero power balance loses the battle. Or the player with the most Ultra-Power Tokens wins the battle. But there are options during the battle — because a player can take a break and then resume the battle after they have had their power refreshed or say “let’s play later” and quit or go looking for another Battle Game player to take on. The important thing is to have Ultra-Power Tokens on hand.

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But since just having just those tokens that come with the game won’t cut it, it’s a good thing that there are separate Booster Packs — each coming with 6 mystery ultra-power tokens. There’s 100 different to collect so don’t expect to reach that number anytime soon, but it does make collecting these tokens more fun because knowing what’s in the booster pack isn’t possible. It’s a sealed bag that you have to buy and then open to find out what tokens are inside. Also collectible are the Battle Bands themselves, as there are 72 different ones, because maybe the color of the Battle Band isn’t the lucky one that will guarantee victory.


The Ultra-Power Battle Game and Booster Packs expects those children 5 and up to get those tokens flying and, as noted way up at the top, it’s always a two player game (but sure a kid can practice by themselves all they want). For more details, visit Expand Your Mind LLC’s website at

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