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Deglingos Stuffed Animals: The Ugliest Toys Your Baby Will Love

Molos the Lobster

Molos the Lobster

Scary, Fun Toys for Baby

Admittedly, I had never even heard of these Deglingos toys until I was exploring the Amazon Lightning Deals over one Thanksgiving holiday weekend almost eight years ago, and up popped one of the ugliest toys I had ever seen in my life. I clicked on it just to see what it was, and I met Molos the Lobster.

My initial reaction? "Oh my gosh! That would scare Julie (my ten-month-old) to death!" But then I realized something: I couldn't take my eyes off of that lobster. I was fascinated by it, and if I was fascinated by it, I imagined that any really young child (especially infants who need visual stimulation) would be, too.

Now, that wasn't enough to make me run out and buy one, but it was enough to peak my interest and get me looking for more information about them. You might say I've become a little Deglingo-obsessed - so much so that I decided to write a hub about them.

Molos, and the rest of the Deglingos stuffed toy line, is designed in France. They are marketed in the U.S. by Geared for Imagination. The original collection even comes with their own unique story line. You see, the Deglingos want to be rock stars. And, this music video from YouTube showed that they had a pretty decent chance.

Deglingos Music Video Featuring Ratos and Nonos

Ratos the Rat

Yes. It's a rat. It's a stuffed rat with big yellow fabric buttons for eyes. Here's the manufacturer's description of Ratos:

"So crazios and always in a good mood, I'm the excitable guy with the big heart. Poilodos tells me I need to chill out and loosen my suspenders a bit, but I prefer to blow off steam by playing the drums with my tail. Not everyone appreciates this talent. Party poopos!"

See what I mean about each one having their own unique story? These stuffed toys definitely have a sense of humor, I'll give them that much. I mean, whoever came up with the idea of a big stuffed rat had to have a sense of humor, right? Even if that sense of humor is a little warped.

Still, when I saw Ratos in that music video, he kind of stole my heart, so I had to include him in this list of the best of the Deglingos.

The orginal Deglingos

The orginal Deglingos

Nonos the Dog

Nonos is decidely cuter than his drumming bandmate. You gotta love those mismatched, asymmetrical fabric button eyes. Or maybe you don't. I find them kind of endearing, anyway.

And I just love those long ears and big purple nose!

Pikos the Hedgehog

In the world of the Deglingos, Pikos seemed to be the most popular (at least among Amazon buyers), and I guess I can see why. The big nose and the fabric spikes are great for baby to play with.

And, truth be told, Pikos isn't quite as ugly as his bandmates Ratos and Molos.

Ronronos the Cat

This is, by far, my favorite of all the Deglingos stuffed toys. After all, he's a cat, and I am a cat person. And I adore his striped scarf and his bright orangey-yellow body (complete with long, skinny kitty tail).

According to the manufacturer, Ronronos is the comic of the bunch (as if the rest of them aren't funny?). He's always got a joke or two up his soft fabric sleeve.

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My Favorite Deglingos Amazon Review

I laughed when I saw one Amazon review written by a guy who said something like, "Don't expect women over 30 to be crazy about these things." I guess it's because I am a woman who is over 30.

My initial reaction was something along the lines of, "OMG! That is the ugliest baby toy I've ever seen."

But then the mother/developmental psychologist voice took over in my mind, and I started to appreciate these baby toys for what they are - a sensory delight for little ones who are just getting in touch with the world around them.

Sure, if you're a woman over 30, you will know how ugly these things are, but your baby won't. He/she will just see the bright colors and will feel all the little buttons and bits of fabric and string, and this will be a favorite toy that will occupy him/her for hours!

The Sad End to This Tale ... But Some Happy News Too

Just as is the case with so many real, human bands these days, The Deglingos never made it big. In fact, most of the original members have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The good news is there are still backpacks and baby toys you can buy that feature the orginal Deglingos style. You can find some of my favorites below.


Delingos on August 15, 2012:

The Delingos toy line is extremely unique! You wont find these types of toys just anywhere. I like how they use non-traditional animal faces and different materials. Maybe a great toy to help spark creativity! We love Delingos over at

Dawn Conklin from New Jersey, USA on December 30, 2011:

I have never heard of these guys before! They are ugly but kind of cute at the same time. I am sure young kids would really enjoy these, what a neat idea really. The colors are probably eyecatching for young kids too.

Mishael Austin Witty (author) from Kentucky, USA on December 25, 2011:

Hi, Kris. Thanks for reading, I thought the names were pretty funny. :-)

Kris Heeter from Indiana on December 20, 2011:

I agree, they are pretty ugly:) They have very interesting names too!

Mishael Austin Witty (author) from Kentucky, USA on December 12, 2011:

Hi, Chatkath. Glad I could help. :-)

Kathy from California on December 12, 2011:

So now I know what these are! Someone was talking about these creatures the other night and because my son is grown now, I had no idea what they were talking about! They are cute, a great gift idea for all ages :-) Thanks for sharing.

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