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The Top 10 Most Broken Wargame: Red Dragon Units

Most of the worst culprits come from DLC nations

Most of the worst culprits come from DLC nations

If you have been following news from the game Wargame: Red Dragon, then you know that after years of being ignored by its development studio, Eugen, a new DLC is at last appearing for the game: the nation of South Africa. And if you know Wargame, then you know too that our beloved game will both hopefully get a welcome fresh breath of air and a lot of broken, overpowered, ridiculous units, because Eugen's tradition with DLCs is to pump out broken, overpowered, ridiculous units, to get people to buy them. In celebration of this new DLC, and before all of the new game-breaking stuff arrives, this is a list of 10 of the most broken units that are in the game. Not necessarily overpowered, since there are some units that are overpowered and are very strong but work in the game, but the ones which are simply ridiculous or bugged.


10 - Zelda

Not from the Nintendo game, but definitely a legend, albeit more like something out of Mad Max: appliqué armor, 3 machine guns, and full of battle hardened, cheap, spam infantry. The Zelda is almost without a doubt the best 5-point infantry transport in the game, packing insane DPM which can instantly stun lock enemy infantry, 2 armor which makes it very resilient, and highly effective, 10 point infantry which is perfect for being deployed en masse. Cheap infantry lead the way and Zeldas come after them, offering incredibly potent fire support, and there are massive numbers of them. The Zelda is one of the principal reasons for why Israel is considered an overpowered deck in Wargame, since it so brilliantly fits in Wargame's meta of cheap spam infantry. Unfortunately, fixing it is hard since Wargame uses a 5-point price system. At 5 points, the Zelda is overpowered, but at 10 it would be worthless and no one would take it. To bring it somewhat better into balance, the 7.62mm machine guns should be changed to not be stabilized, so that they only fire when it is still, and an availability penalty should be applied.


9 - Mi-8KT

Not only is the Mi-8KT ridiculously powerful, but it also fits a crucial element of what I consider making a unit truly broken in Wargame: arbitrary changing of rules and performance compared to other units. The Mi-8KT is a Finnish fire support helicopter, on the Mi-8 chassis, equipped with 80mm rockets and 23mm autocannons. The autocannons get a ridiculous rate of fire, which is by the armor tool 250 rounds per minute compared to 140 on the Yak-B or Vulcan, plus 50% accuracy, a .2 second aim time compared to .6 or .8, and while other Mi-8s get 250 kilometers per hour as their top speed, the Mi-8KT gets 280 kilometers.

For an illustrative video of how devastating they can be, look below.


8 - Erikoisrajajääkäri

I dare you to try to pronounce the name of Erikoisrajajääkäri. Maybe it is a deadly curse: simply to say it summons them to kill you. It is easy to see why the Soviet Union had such terrible casualties during the invasion of Finland in 1940: if Finland had supermen like the Erikoisrajajääkäri, then the miracle is that any Red Army soldier managed to get out. Erikoi have murderous close-range carbines, rapid-fire, high accuracy, high AP APILAS AT weapons with devastating anti-tank capabilities, and Igla MANPADs which make for deadly anti-helicopter weapons. They can and will obliterate anything on the battlefield, and will do so, especially since htey are extremely fast and stealthy.

They are perfect for ambushing helicopters, like MANPADs are, but they also have the speed, survivability, and optics to take and use much better positions, and the weapons to defend themselves - more than just defend themselves, to exterminate anything opposing them. Sneaking around the lines, they are atrocious pests. They are at least equal to the East German LSTR, but they are stealthy and with very good optics.

Erikoi deserve to either have a less performing RPG, such as the RPG-7V, or a less powerful missile, such as the Strela instead of the Igla. As it stands, they are simply better LSTR, and are broken units.

The Mi-8KT deserves to be significantly changed to be brought in line with other helicopters. If its excessively fast aiming time was fixed and speed reduced to 250 kilometers, it would still be very goo, but not broken as it currently stands.


7 - Merkava IIA

There is a myth about the Merkava tank that it is used as an APC or IFV by Israeli. In fact, while it is possible to fit in infantry into the ammunition section when the ammunition is removed, this was not the designed purpose: the rear mounted ammunition space was designed around the idea of needing to rapidly rearm and resupply the tank in the context of the high intensity war that the Israelis had experienced in the Golan Heights or the Sinai. Of course, Eugen then went ahead and took the idea of it being used as an APC at face value, and threw it into the game as the Merkava IIA. This is an Israeli IFV, costing 90 points, which can come with Israeli line infantry - providing a very effective meat shield for it. It is a superb forest fighting tank, since its heavy armor, up to 18 frontally, makes it very resistant to all but the most powerful enemy AT weapons, while it has a cannon packing 2,100 meter range and 15 AP - normally rather mediocre, but very effective in forest fighting. Worst of all, it gets an automatic grenade launcher in addition to its machine gun, and the automatic grenade launcher has an unusually short aiming time. Other vehicles get automatic grenade launchers, but no vehicle has a combination of the extremely thick armor, fast aiming time, and an AP gun: the Russian BMPT in the game gets an HE gun and an autocannon, but cannot take on enemy tanks, while the Japanese Nana-yon Shiki G gets a grenade launcher and a powerful cannon but has terrible armor, making it very cost ineffective in forests. The Merkava IIA by contrast, will eat fire directed at it, if the enemy even fires first, almost instantly panic and stun any infantry unit facing it, and cost efficiently fight enemy tanks in forest - especially with its accompanying infantry. Its supposed balancing factor, a low ammunition load on the main gun, simply doesn't count for enough.

The Merkava IIA should be removed from the infantry tab, and either its price increased or its grenade launcher removed.


6 - XA-185KT

Imagine a fast, wheeled transport, costing 15 points, and which has both a Browning .50 caliber machine gun and a devastating 30mm autocannon with 4 AP, 1750 meter range, 60% accuracy, 55% stabilizer, one of the best in the game - arguably the best outright, as far as striking a balance between anti-infantry and anti-vehicle performance goes. But the KT is married to the ability to be deployed with Finnish 10 point line infantry, itself highly effective, and makes it incredibly cheap and effective. No other faction gets such a powerful wheeled autocannon vehicle matched with such effective 10 point line infantry: the closest is China, with the WZ-511, but it has to use 15 rather than 10 point infantry. The KT is a devastating fire support vehicle which can utterly shred infantry, lighter vehicles, and even tanks and more heavily armored assets when flanking, and its 50 caliber machine gun even adds on some important suppression damage. If you want a good example of how bad Wargame's pricing system is at times, compare it to the BTR-60PB, which gets 1 armor like the KT, worse speed and range, but above all else gets the KPVT with a laughably inferior 10% accuracy, 5% stabilizer, inferior rate of fire, only 1,400 meter range, 1 AP, and far worse suppression compared to the Bushmaster II. And yet the BTR-60 costs the exact same amount! The KT is brokenly overpowered to the BTR.

The question is whether the KWT can afford to be fixed in the most reasonable and logical Wargame style: a price increase. Can the KT be increased in cost to 20 points? I'd say that yes, given that this would still leave it, compared to an equivalent 20 point transport (the BTR-80A) with a superior autocannon and the browning machine gun, in exchange for losing armor. The other option would be to dramatically lower the effectiveness of the autocannon.

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5 - M-84AN

Stealth mechanics can be wonky in Wargame. There is nothing like getting shot at by medium stealth autocannons or cannons from a forest, that you can't even see to shoot back at unless if you have very good optics nearby or are exceptionally close. Why can't infantry see a whole tank shooting at them? But most of the time, these assassins lack the firepower to take out your own tanks frontally, and so while units like the AMX-10 RC are excellent flankers, they aren't capable of seriously threatening enemy heavy or better armored medium tanks. Not the M-84AN. With 19 AP and 2,250 meter range, autoloaded, and high accuracy, the stealthy 110 point AN has very good optics and can fire concealed from forest cover to annihilate any enemy tanks up to superheavies, and even they will die quickly to flanking shots from stealth. These stealth mechanics make the tank a nightmare to deal with.

Really, the entire concept of stealth on tanks should be reworked, to increase the fire noise penalty at the least. Perhaps so that they can't exploit bushes and forests so easily but will instead be spotted when they fire. Missiles should be kept as they are, since regular vehicle-tab ATGM vehicles without stealth are almost completely useless with a few rare exceptions, but for gun and autocannon armed reconnaissance units, stealth is a ridiculous and infuriating feature.


4 - AMX-10 RC

If you liked the sound of the M84-AN, and using its broken stealth, then just imagine putting it on wheels: The AMX-10 RC is hands down the best motorized opening engagement vehicle in the game, with excellent speed, good optics, stealth, and a very impressive cannon boasting 2,100 meter range and 12 AP, plus 9 ROF and 55% accuracy, if no stabilizer, for just 30 points. Add 3 armor frontally which makes it highly resistant to autocannon fire, and which often enable it to take a hit from enemy tanks, and the AMX-10 RC will simply roll over most opposition during an opening motorized engagement. Sure, the lack of a stabilizer requires micromanagement, but this isn't hard to do - just move to attack move as soon as they enter range.

What's more, AMX-10 RCs make excellent fire support and flanking vehicles during the rest of the battle. 12 AP plus some scaling is very effective against the side armor of enemy tanks, and they are excellent at deep penetration raiding, and their stealth and optics makes them very good at detecting enemies and avoiding them. Stealth also helps greatly with survivability too, so that some AMX-10 RCs in bushes are great at flank defense and gunning down infantry, or the same for providing supporting fire to the infantry.

Just like the M-84AN, the AMX-10 RC deserves a nerf to its stealth, and perhaps too to its ROF.


3 - Kurnass

Kurnass means sledgehammer in Hebrew, and in Wargame the Kurnass definitely is just that, and is an overpowered plane to the extent that it is clearly broken. Kurnasses are Israeli laser-guided bomb planes, equipped with x2 20HE laser guided bombs. This is tied with the Nighthawk for the most devastating LGB strike in the game. The difference is however, that you get 2 Kurnasses - twice the killing power. While they lack the Nighthawk's stealth, they have the advantage of having 30% ECM, vs absolutely none on the Nighthawk, and being significantly faster, at 900 vs 750 kilometers per hour. If a Nighthawk is spotted, it is almost certainly dead if any AA is present, while a Kurnass has a far better chance to survive. This makes the Kurnass more conventionally useful in the battlefield strike role, even if it is not as good at interdiction. To add insult to injury, it only costs 135 points compared to 150, as well as having defensive armament with Sparrow missiles and an autocannon.

Fixing the Kurnass is best dealt with via price increases. The cost should be raised to 150 points at the least, and 160 points perhaps above it. As it stands, the Kurnass is the most devastating and effective bomber and an excellent AT plane, far more than it deserves to be.


2 - Mig-29.13

If there is a single unit which encapsulates the idea of what a broken unit is, it is the Mig-29.13, not so affectionally named the meme mig. A while ago I remember there being a discussion on /r/Wargame, about what sort of unit would be worth 500 points, other than a naval unit. One of the only contenders was the F-22, with exceptional stealth, ultra performing missiles, superb air detection, excellent maneuverability, and incredible ECM - but the poster who mentioned it pointed out that even with all of that, it would still probably get butchered by the Mig-29.13. This Finnish fighter jet is cheap, at just 110 points, but what makes it so excellent is that it gets 2 ripple fire missiles. On a normal air superiority fighter with fire and forget missiles, the missiles fire one after each other, with a delay in between. On the Mig-29.13, they are shot out with only a miniscule .4 second delay - almost instantly. The R-77 Vympels have very good, 60% accuracy, and on elite a pair of them can ripple fire 4 missiles, essentially guaranteeing a kill on anything. At that point, they instantly evac, and their excellent turning circle and strong 40% ECM makes them almost immune to counter-fire. True, the Mig-29.13 has no short-ranged missiles, but there is nothing in the game which can compete with it for sheer survivability: they are essentially impossible to kill when well managed, and are very deadly. Sky predators, they take advantage of a broken mechanic which no other aircraft gets.

Fixing them is the height of simplicity however: just remove the ripple fire. A 110 point fighter with two fire and forget missiles, a 300 meter turning radius, 40% ECM, and 900 kilometers per hour speed would still be very strong, but not utterly broken like the current iteritation.


1 - Maglan

If there is a single unit which is rage inducing, to play against, it is the Israeli Maglan. This commando recon unit has the spike missile, which is incredibly fast, accurate, especially with the buff brought to it by commando level training on the Magland, and its 21 AP means that it is a serious menace to almost everything save the frontal armor of a superheavy tank. Maglans are stealthy, move fast, and are incredibly deadly: they are great both on the front lines, where they can often find side shots, exterminate support units, and spot. In infiltration roles behind the lines, they are even more terrifying, since they can assassinate CVs, artillery, air defense, and other valuable units at long range. Nothing else in the game is capable of such a role, spotting and killing efficiently at long range as a single unit, remaining stealthy, and moving around quickly on foot.

Even more frustrating is that Maglans are highly effective frontline infantry. They have carbines and machine guns with elite training and rate of fire, and they effortlessly gun down advancing enemy infantry seeking to attack them. One of them in a building can murder multiple attacking enemy shock squads, almost effortlessly. The normal solution to this is fire support vehicles, but these die like flies to Maglans. Dealing with them is exponentially worse than a normal ATGM team, requiring careful coordination of artillery, bombers, mortars, infantry, smoke, and tanks.

The entire idea of the Maglan was a bad one. At this point, fixing it requires removing their MG and reducing their training to shock, while keeping their ability limited to commando levels, as preliminary nerfs. This would still leave them extremely strong, but not as terrifying as before.

Honorary Mention - the W-3W Sokol

The Sokol isn't actually overpowered like any other units on this list. It is still a pretty good helicopter, with medium optics - very useful, since the bad optics on most helicopters are a real handicap - good Igla anti-air missiles, rocket pods, and good speed and maneuverability. but the Sokol actually is broken in the very literal sense that it is bugged: it's 23mm autocannon simply will not fire quite often, aiming forever and not shooting. Since it is affixed directly to the helicopter, it should take longer to aim than other helicopters which have their gun in a turret, but it is more than that: it is a broken unit which should be fixed.



If you want to stop an enemy tank push, there is no better option than a Longbow. Fire and forget, 2,800 meter range, 70% accuracy, 26 AP missiles that fire in salvos of two, with exceptional optics on top, the Longbow is a terrifying foe. It is especially broken against nations lacking a 2,800 meter range AA piece, like with the Poles, Czechs, and North Koreans, and it can be hard to deal with them during the beginning of a match with tracked AA that has trouble keeping up, such as the Soviet Tunguskas or with East Germany. Even against AA with equal range, it can "kite", in and out due to its fire and forget missiles. A powerful 30mm autocannon, married with the exceptional optics, makes it very good at hunting down infantry hiding in forest edges or infiltrating.

But the Longbow also has limitations, and so while it clearly is a broken unit, it probably doesn't deserve a change. The US is a faction geared around special unicorn units like the Longbow, which are deadly killers that sit on top of cheap, mediocre filler units. There are counters, with anti-helicopter planes (although these can be countered by the US's fighters and its patriot missiles), and many countries have 2,800 meter + AA. The Longbow is incredibly strong, but it is situational and a required unit for the USA.

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