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ARK Genesis 2 - How to Tame a Noglin

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A Brand New Creature

Noglin seems quite adorable, cute, nice, and even generates a certain tenderness. But, be careful! Don’t be naive and trust your feelings towards its outward appearance. Noglin is actually extremely dangerous, it uses its jaw and tongue to latch onto any unsuspecting survivor, once it sees you at close range, it will control your mind and twist your will, endanger your life.


Noglin is bioluminescent, with pointed ears, and a grotesque, split jaw, which opens only to reveal the horror of a very long tongue and an endless array of jagged, razor-sharp teeth. Noglins can not only control human minds, they can also control other creatures and dinosaurs. In the right circumstances, this can be of great help. Some of the roles that Noglin can take on are saboteur, and as a relatively small and fast creature, it can also be used as a distraction. And finally, of course, is to give free rein to the imagination and become a ruthless killer.


How to tame a Noglin?

In most cases, the area where Noglins live is full of dangerous and deadly creatures. Therefore, the first step you should do, after locating a Noglin, is to clear the area. Then, you will have to keep a safe distance from the Noglin itself or it may control some creature in the area to try to harm you.

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In order to trap this creature, you will have to make sure to equip a harpoon launcher and some net projectiles, with which you will be able to pin the creature to the ground for a minute. Then you will need to build a containment unit around it to keep it trapped, and offer it some other dinosaurs you own so that the Noglin will attach itself to them. Through them, it will extract memories and thoughts of the different creatures that were your allies, and thus, after several attempts, you will be able to get it.


This creature is, for some, a nightmare with short legs. For others, it is an adorable pet. But without a doubt, it is a perfect representation of a mix between good and evil, 50% Angel and 50% Demon. What do you think of the Noglins? If you had the power to control someone's mind, who would you control?

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