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The Smart Way to Use Your Brain

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Last night,I was thinking about tomorrow's lecture. At the last day of university, students usually feel the sadness, gloominess, but, at the same time, they are going to start their career professionally after a month.

Being a teacher, I need to change their minds in a positive way, I thought. I started to look outside from my room's window, I saw the darkbess, quietness, suddenly, I saw a blinking of light. That was the light of firefly. A light of firefly.

Yes, I know what I have to say tomorrow.


First Phase: Identify Who You Are

Students! I believe that you all are born with some distinct qualities. You have been gifted with unique talents.

Need is to utilize that talent in the right direction.

You need to identify Yourself as a responsible and important person of this society.

I'm going to show you three categories;

Identify in which category you'll fall?

1. Gain Experience and Learning: These people every day focus on their personal growth.

2. Gain Experience but no Learning: These are very dangerous people because learning new things can explore new worlds.

3. No Experience and No Learning: These people just blame the circumstances and lead the life with any positive change.

Discover who you are. Focus on your strengths.

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Have you seen firefly at night? It's hope in darkness. In Urdu spiritual poetry, firefly is named as jugnu means essence of life.

Realtime firefly


Second Phase: Train Your Mind

Great Private Thinking isxthe secret to achieve big.

Imagine your mind is like a cup of coffee. If you like to pour another cup of coffee, you need to empty the cup first. Just like before putting new ideas, empty your mind that is full of wrong beliefs.

Strat training you mind by;

  • Before going to bed, writing something positive.
  • Thinking about the purpose of life.
  • Change your mind when negative thoughts will distract you.
  • Imagine yourself what you have dream of.
  • Start dreaming in day time as well.
  • Make plans for atleat 1 year ahead.
  • Keep telling yourself that you are the one who can achieve your goals.

Third Phase: Apply and Inspire

Students! Now you are in this stage where you are going to see the world's new perspective, meetings new professionals, facing ups and downs etc.

You have explored your hidden potential, trained your mind to adopt new ideas and now it's time to apply these techniques in the professional world.

Here the key is; Keep on motivating yourself and take charge of your actions and empower people around you to live their vision in context of unlimited joy and peace.

Be the mentor and an inspiration for others.

Sara Shahid.

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