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The Sims Freeplay- A Guide to "Life Dreams"


Commitment is Key

It will take a significant amount of commitment to achieve bronze, silver, and gold orbs in the Sims Freeplay. It all begins when you introduce a new Sim to the town. The game will prompt you to select the Sim’s personality- Sporty, Geeky, or Entertainer. You do need the Mysterious Island to reach these goals. Apparently, you will need to be at Level 15 or higher to unlock the bridge to the Mysterious Island.

By earning sporty orbs, you can use them to build the beach on the mysterious island. Once the beach is built, the sporty orbs can be used to unlock snorkeling, swimming, and surfing areas. A new update to the game includes a seashell-hunting task for toddlers. The geeky orbs can be used to unlock the arcade games. The entertainer orbs can be used to unlock the carnival area.

For a beginner's guide on the basics of The Sims Freeplay, check out my article: How to Succeed At Playing The Sims Freeplay

Update: The game now includes platinum orbs, which takes 4 lifetimes to earn. You must give a new Sim a gold orb for them to earn the platinum throughout their lifetime. Once it is owned by a sim, they can permanently pause their life-cycle. This is an amazing new ability, which will allow the player to delegate specific sims to "master" hobbies and sports. You can now have one "master" at fishing, a diving "master", a "woodworking" master, etc. etc. Once you have these masters, you can use them to compete for LP at the competition center!


How It Works- Earning Orbs

Each new Sim will be given the option to begin their life with an orb. In the beginning, every new Sim (even infants) will start with a goal- earn a bronze orb. Once a bronze orb is accomplished, and the Sim who earned it dies, the orb can be stored in the inventory. Once a new Sim is created, they will be able to select an orb from the inventory. If a new Sim takes a bronze orb from the inventory, they will be working towards earning a silver orb (this will be apparent in the life dreams menu). When a Sim begins their life with a silver orb, they will be working toward earning a gold orb. Therefore, it will take 3 “lifetimes” to earn a gold orb. This is why these life dreams take lots of commitment from the player, but it is fun to have a goal to work towards! It is good to plan ahead by reviewing which type of orbs you’d like to use in the future (sporty, geeky, entertainer). For example, if you plan on completing the arcade, you’ll want to focus on earning “geeky” orbs.


These Sims will earn their pre-selected orb as they complete tasks according to their personality. For example, a “sporty” Sim will want to learn diving. Once this Sim performs diving, their progress bar (found under the “life dreams” menu) will fill up more and more. As the Sims advances in age, their preferred task will change. Luckily, a new update to the game allows the player to select from 3 options. Think carefully when selecting which task the Sim will perform to earn his orb. A good strategy is to select a task that the Sim can do for a long time- therefore efficiently earning points without needing much attention from the player. Some good, long tasks are: Diving (select all-day dive and the Sim will dive for 24 hours) Fishing (24 hour fish-a-thon) Bake banana bread (20 hours).

The short tasks are best to be avoided, unless you are playing the game constantly (but, I will assume that you’ve got things to do and cannot spend every waking moment giving your Sims attention). I'd also discourage tasks that involve other Sims, because you'd be taking up their time, wasting time they could be using to achieve their own goals. One example of this is when a sporty Sim wants to "talk about Athletics" to another Sim. This would be a wasteful activity, because the other Sim will become indisposed.

Pro Tip: When the game prompts a new Sim to choose their life dream, it will give 3 options. If these 3 options aren't ideal, select "not now." You can once again click on "choose a life dream" and usually it will give you some different options- how cool is that!?

Pro Tip: Create batches of Sims that all do the same activity. This is especially helpful when earning "entertainer" orbs. Say you have 5 Sims that want to play guitar. Set them all up in one house with 5 guitars. That way, it is easy to remember what their goal is, and they will always be near the object that they need for their goals. This will save you time and help you earn those orbs faster!


Age Levels

Sims Change age levels several times throughout their life cycle. If they begin as an infant, they'll first change to a toddler, then a preteen, then teenager, then adult, then senior. At each age level change, you'll be prompted by the game to choose a new task for the Sim to perform for their Life Dreams.

When a Sim fulfills their life dreams quickly, the game will give you the option to advance their age level. If you are very committed to achieving life dreams, you’ll accept this option. Note: LP can be used to advance or rewind a Sim’s age, which comes in handy. This is a good option if you have a Senior Sim who is very close to accomplishing their life dream, but who’s life is close to ending. Use LP (life points) to rewind the Sim’s age, giving them more time to complete their goal.

Note: A new update allows a Senior Sim to immediately complete their life cycle for free, as long as they have completed their life dreams. Once your senior Sim has completed his goal, the orb will appear above his head, click on it for the congratulatory message. You can then go to the Life Dreams menu, and select "advance age for free." This will not cost you LP, and the grim reaper will transform your senior Sim into the orb. Click on the orb and select "add to inventory." You can then save the orb or give it to a new Sim.

Pro Tip: When married Sims have a baby (who has a life orb), the baby can be immediately advanced to the toddler stage. Go to the Life Dreams menu and select "advance age for free." This can also be achieved through the Life Cycle menu. The toddler stage is the youngest age that a Sim can begin earning life dreams. Toddlers will often want to “play with a tea set” or “play in the sandbox.” Be prepared that certain tasks require items from the furniture store. These are often specialty items that must be purchased with LP.


More Tips and Strategies

Here are a few more strategies that will be to your advantage:

Pro Tip: When you have 2 Sims with duplicate goals, send one of them to a neighbor’s town (assuming you use the neighbor option which requires a facebook account). For example, you have two Sims that want to do ice skating, so, you can send one to do ice skating at a neighbor’s ice rink (if your neighbor has built their snow park.) This is also helpful if you do not currently have the snow park built for yourself.

Pro tip: With a town full of 34 Sims, it can be tough to remember everyone's life dreams, which can always be seen on the Life Dreams menu. Scrolling through the menu can be a time-waste, so I change the Sim's appearance in a way that helps me remember what their goal is. For example, my geeky Sim wants to "watch a marathon of Mrs. Vampire Slayer on TV" On that Sim, I changed her face to goth makeup, which reminds me that she wants to watch that show. For Seniors, if they've completed their life dream and I decide to keep them around, I put a hat on them, to avoid confusion, and seniors who are still working on goals will not wear hats. The Sims who want to dive will wear bathing suits. These little changes in their appearance save me from having to check the menu all the time.

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Pro Tip: Be sure to use 3-star furniture, or have the best quality item for your Sim to use, the higher-star furniture takes less time to perform actions. Many Life dreams involve a computer for example, and the 3-star computer will cost LP to purchase. Keep these things in mind while you develop a good strategy for efficiency. The better the items, the faster your Sim will get to his or her goal in life.

Pro Tip: For best results, it helps to have built everything you possibly can build in the game, so you'll have access to these places. Many Sims will require use of the community center, park, snowpark, diving center, horse farm, etc. to achieve their life dreams.

Note: While working on these goals myself, I noticed something helpful. Sometimes, the Sim can go to the item or place they need to use for their goal, and a different task will still help them earn!! This may be a glitch in the game, but as long as the Sim uses the right item, a different task with that item will sometimes earn them points toward their goal. No guarantees, but with a little trial-and-error, I have used this to my advantage.


I'd Appreciate Any Comments

If there are any tricks you would like to share, please comment on my article! I don't endorse cheating, so please don't link to cheat sites. If there are any questions you have, I'll try to answer them in the comments. Enjoy the game!!


Cat on August 06, 2017:

I have a toddler Sim whose life goal I hate, and in Wardrobe I can't change it. Am I stuck with it?

Shari on October 22, 2015:

Just a comment:

I don't endorse cheating either...kinda ruins the point of playing and furthermore, why risk ruining your game?

One thing I do to get extra Life Points is have two Sims driving around simultaneously, each in a luxury car (first one came with an accidental mansion purchase--hate it when that happens:) An LP is given about every 2-3 instances of initiating the cruise around town/island, so after maybe 5-7 minutes of mindlessly clicking (put volume on low) while you're watching tv, you've earned an LP. Sounds lame, but they do add up if this is one of your go-to activities while you're supposed to be watching a ballgame/whatever.

Shari on October 22, 2015:

Thanks for your quick response and ideas, Jennifer!

The issue spontaneously resolved...go figure. And I don't use Facebook, but that would certainly help with the Neighbor/Party Boat situation--Social Points pretty hard to come by, except for in watching those mini-video ads.

Jennifer Reeves (author) from East Providence, Rhode Island on October 17, 2015:

Maybe try saving your data to facebook, then try to upload your saved game on a new device?

Shari on October 17, 2015:

Thanks for your helpful commentary & advice here. Have had quite a problem for almost two months now, and Firemonkeys just altogether ignores my request--waited 3 weeks and they just marked it as RESOLVED without doing a thing.

"Choose a LIFE DREAM" has been stuck on the red "Not Now" 15/21 SIMS are effectively stuck. Everything is up-to-date, saved app to cloud/deleted/reinstalled...have asked for advice from any source I can think of. Was extremely surprised and disappointed that Firemonkeys made no attempt to assist me.

Any ideas at all? Thanks, Shari

! Mari55a ! on June 28, 2015:

hi thanks so much for taking the time to write this amazing blog & replying to hundreds of questions.

I was wondering if there's anyway to change the life dream of a sim without resetting their personality and losing the orb they have started working towards?

I have a teenage sporty sim, master dover and accidently aelected the surfing life dream. If I do this I will lose all her diving skills. Plus can only have one sim surfing at a time and already have another one doing this.


Orange posies on April 05, 2015:

excellent lot of information thank you

Karen on March 01, 2015:

I was wondering i completed my silver and golden life orb but i can't use them in building Ice Ape Arcade, high top carnival, dog park .but its in the inventory .. It Only workd at public beach .. Please help me out im level 49. I feel frustrated.

Glenda on December 20, 2014:

Never mind. I figured it out. They were looking for Gold orbs not bronze orbs.

Glenda on December 20, 2014:

Tmichealtracey! I have the same problem. I can't access the gold orbs when I try to build the Ferris Wheel or when I try to build the sections in the Arcade, I can't access the silver orbs. I have more than enough orbs. Did you find a fix?

kab79 on September 16, 2014:

If a task is going to give you points towards your life dream it will show up with a little dreaming cloud next to it. So if watching TV will earn points towards your life dream when you click on the TV it will have a little cloud instead of the little happy sign next to each option that will earn you points... I hope that made sense :)

Daisy on September 10, 2014:

I was stuck at that one as well and finally gave up and started again. Now I'm stuck with my elderly needing to be funny for her life dream. I've clicked on several other Sims, but being funny is not an option for her. Ideas?

Kizzie on September 07, 2014:


Just wondering if you know this one? A preteen needs to do impersonations of Sims on TV for amusement for a life dream. I clicked different TVs doesn't have anything that sounds right. I had the preteen to do it to another sim still nothing, help?

Tmicheltracey on August 25, 2014:

I have just spent weeks and a lot of money to get enough life orbs to build the Ferris wheel. I now have 3 gold and 2 silver available in my inventory which is the required amount. To build it, it will only free up the gold orbs and I can't access the silver orbs. Grrrr

Jennifer Reeves (author) from East Providence, Rhode Island on July 21, 2014:

Wendy- the only model train that I can find is located in the furniture section of the main menu, and is in the "toddler" section. I hope this helps you!

wendy on July 21, 2014:

I need to make train models or something in my life dream. Do you know where i can find a train model ?

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