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The Sims 4:10 Challenges for the Bored Simmer

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Many simmers love the serene calm that comes with the repetitive gameplay of the Sims 4, after a while it gets...well...extremely boring. This is where the addition of some fan-made challenges bring life back into the game. Challenges have long been a part of The Sims community as far back as The Sims 2 and have been adapted for newer generations. Although there are a vast selection of options to choose from to shake up your gameplay but here is a five-star list of some of the absolutely exciting challenges to shake up your Sims 4 game in unique ways.


10. 100 Baby Challenge

The 100 Baby Challenge is a truly classic idea that has continued to entertain simmers since it was first thought up back when the Sims 2 was popular. But there’s a reason this challenge has been around for so long, it's While keeping players overwhelmingly busy juggling multiple babies at once, the ultimate goal is to have one hundred tiny sims in as few generations as possible adding an exciting beat-the-clock element to gameplay. The good news is, simmers can choose to ignore rules for supernatural sims for those who simply want to focus on raising their multitude of babies.


9. Breed Out The Ugly

They say beauty is only skin deep, but there are a lot of thin skinned people in the world. With this challenge is about making the most heinous looking founder and using their winning personality to romance a better looking mate with each generation. While hoping that genetics works it's magic through the bloodline, the goal is to dampen the wildly deformed features of the original founder sim. The legacy is only complete once a normal looking heir is born. The distinctive feature about this adventure is that players may choose additional rules in order to increase the challenge difficulty.


8. Parentcy

The Parentcy Challenge is absolutely perfect for those simmers who enjoy family-oriented gameplay and loves to nurture their little sim family. What makes this challenge truly special is that each generation offers a several different types of parenting styles that players with have to "work though". (Being a single parent, a workaholic, having commitment issues, etc) Also each descendant will have only be able to have a set number of offspring and as they work through their issues, players can earn points for completing certain side goals such as maxing out a skill or advancing to the top of their career.


7. Rainbowcy

The Rainbowcy Challenge is a vibrant variation of the original legacy challenge. In this challenge, each generation symbolizes a different color of the rainbow beginning with the first heir representing the color white. The heir's hair, skin, clothing, (even home decor) and all other aspects of their world is decorated with their given shade. Based on their various hues, each descendant is given a fixed set of personality traits and goals to complete. For example, generation one is given the traits; Perfectionist, Family Oriented, Ambitious, Snob, Neat, Materialistic and must have a net worth of fifty thousand when they die.

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6. Four Immortal Sisters

The Four Immortal Sisters Challenge is a simple enough concept to grasp. To begin, simmers create four sisters, each embodying one of the four elements. Each of the elements has its own specialized set of traits and aspirations. Their main goal is to improve their neighborhood by bearing and raising multiple children. Unique to this challenge, they all live on the same lot but are separated into four individual houses stocked with a small amount of furniture. But one very vital item is also given to each sister, a cow plant in order to achieve immortality by drinking it's milk.


5. Life And Death

The Life or Death Legacy Challenge is a lot like the original legacy challenge with each successor having a mile long list of goals to complete before they die spanning ten generations. The legacy members are also given their own set of traits and a backstory. But the surprise twist is that the player causes the death of the previous generation in a predetermined manner. Some heirs will be able to die of old age while others will die of embarrassment, drowning, or (unbelievably) die of exhaustion from having too much woohoo. At least they die doing what they loved.


4. Passing Down The Business

Your grandmother started the bakery and is the best in town but as she began to grow old and frail, she turned to your mother to take over. Disappointed to find that her daughter was clueless around the kitchen, she offered to sell anything she wanted to make, even if it wasn't baked goods, just to keep the business in the family. As a bestselling writer, the bakery becomes a bookstore with sims flocking to buy her novels. As you grow up you begin to wonder what you will sell in the family business when it finally passes to you.


3. Decades

The Decades Challenge is a twist on the legacy challenge that is perfect for history buffs. Simmers play through different challenges assigned to each time period over ten generations until ending with modern times. For example, it starts with the 1890s where sims have no electricity, make their money through gardening, painting or woodworking and must only try for baby when woohooing. With each generation sims are required to dress and decorate to the according style for the era but in order to really add to the aesthetics, players should download themed custom content (like tudor decor and flapper dresses.)


2. Black Widow

A black widow is someone who seduces people into becoming their spose and then kills them, usually for monetary gain, then moves on to the next victim. The premise is pretty much the same for this challenge, except there are a few requirements. When a sim finds a partner, (after throwing a dinner party) they take another lover and move them in. After being caught cheating by their mate, the sim is required to kill them and marry their lover. This continues until their are ten gravestones. Experimenting with different way to kill off the husbands keeps this challenge interesting.


1. Bloodline

The Bloodline Challenge is very storyline focused and gives simmers completely creative freedom. The premise is to have a single sim rule for ten generations, keeping them alive through youth potions. When the ruler has an heir and they come of age they are killed off or somehow disappear so there is no one to challenge their reign. Something foreign to legacies is having the option to adopt, adding a refreshing twist. Each descendent has a list of goals to complete before they become young adults, leaving behind their offspring each generation to fight for the crown and ultimately lose.

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