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"The Sims 4" New Scenarios Help You Start Your Game with Goals

Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

"The Sims 4" Scenarios

New game scenarios are supposed to inspire you, and completing them will win you in-game rewards.

New game scenarios are supposed to inspire you, and completing them will win you in-game rewards.

“The Sims 4” Added a New Element to the Game

In the November 2021 game patch of The Sims 4, game developers added a new element for players to try: scenarios. Once you update your game, you will find the option to start with scenarios on the left of your screen.

According to, scenarios are meant to provide the player with "goal-based stories." These stories are meant to inspire you to keep your Sims on track to reach different goals and experience different things in their lives.

Each scenario has a theme, such as money or romance. Each scenario also has different possible outcomes. This means you don't have to feel boxed in when playing a scenario; you still get a lot of freedom to play your game the way you like to play.

The games are not timed with scenarios, but the game will keep track of how long you take to reach goals. If you do complete an outcome, your Sim will win some in-game rewards in the form of satisfaction points. You can spend these valuable points to gain certain perks that will help your Sim in the game or enhance his performance.

If you get tired of your scenario and don't want to continue, you can cancel it at any time. If you are really into the household you created for a scenario, you can keep playing it even after you complete your goals.

Two initial scenarios are being offered for now, but according to, more are to come.

Finding Your Fortune

Can your Sim earn a million bucks? How will you do it? Have you considered running a rubber duck stand at a busy intersection?

Can your Sim earn a million bucks? How will you do it? Have you considered running a rubber duck stand at a busy intersection?

Scenario #1: Making Money

The first permanent scenario added to the game is entitled "Making Money," and the theme is all about making your fortune.

You begin this challenge in a new or existing game by creating a new Sim. You then move your Sim into whatever home they can afford with the start-up funds. As soon as your Sim moves into the new home, his simoleons are set to zero.

The goal of this challenging scenario is to earn $1 million simoleons. You can do this however you wish—by putting your Sim on a career track, by doing odd-jobs and dabbling in different lucrative hobbies, or even by stealing.

This is a great scenario to help you start a "rags to riches" challenge game.

Love Among The Sims

Will your Sims find love after a break-up? Will they want to? Will it be with each other?

Will your Sims find love after a break-up? Will they want to? Will it be with each other?

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Scenario #2: Finding Love After a Breakup

This scenario has a romance theme, and it requires you to create two new Sims. They can be young adults, adults, or elders, but they must not be related. After creating this household, your two Sims move into a lot.

At the start of this challenge, your Sims will be very sad because they have just broken up. Both the romance bar and friendship bar between these two will be in the red. How will your Sims recover from this blow while living together?

There are several potential outcomes listed that you can work toward. Perhaps your Sims can improve their relationship and rekindle the romance, becoming soul mates. Perhaps they will just become friends again. Alternatively, your Sim might just meet someone new and find his true soul mate.

What do you think?

Temporary Scenario: Too Many Toddlers

This is the first temporary scenario challenge, so you might want to get it started before it disappears. It was released on November 4 and will only be available until November 17th, 2021. You must start the challenge before it goes away; once you begin it, you can complete it at your leisure.

In this family-themed scenario, you begin with a Sim who is a young adult or older, and three toddlers. The challenge is to care for the tykes and make sure they reach level three in at least four different skills by their birthday.

As you know, toddlers can be quite difficult in the Sims. Just dealing with one toddler can be a full-time job, let alone three. It's hard enough keeping them fed, clean, and rested while you take care of the adult Sim. Can you help them race through their skills as well?

There is no one else around to help your Sim in this challenge, can you manage without going crazy?

If you were thinking about trying the 100 Baby Challenge, a popular fan challenge, you might want to try this scenario first. Think of it as 100 Baby Challenge boot camp.

Check Out My "Too Many Toddlers" game

What Is In Store for "The Sims 4" Scenarios?

According to the Sims Team, more scenarios will be added in the future, and they plan to shake them up once in a while. Some scenarios will only be available for a short while, and others will be long-term. Sometimes they will update a scenario with something new, which will help keep popular ones from getting stale.

Even modders are getting in on the fun. Already they are coming out with their own scenarios to add to the games. If you use mods, you may soon find an endless stream of different scenarios to try.

Love them or hate them, scenarios will now be a part of the game. If you do hate the idea, don't worry—they won't affect your game at all. Just keep playing as usual. You don't have to start a scenario. If you do start one and find you don't like it, you can cancel it and just go on playing your game as normal.

The Sims 4 scenarios seem to be taking a page from popular fan challenges, giving your Sims some direct goals to achieve. A lot of players love taking on challenges, myself included. The addition of scenarios for those of us who enjoy challenges will certainly enrich our games.

It's also a great addition for those players who find themselves stuck in a rut. You make similar Sims with the same traits and aspirations, they keep falling into the same old jobs, lifestyles, and habits. If you have this problem, scenarios will help spice things up for sure. Give them a try.

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