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The Sims 3 - all about scuba diving


How to get started

To be able to go scuba diving you need to get to level 2 of the scuba diving skill. There are several ways to gain a scuba diving skill:

  • Follow a scuba diving class at the Science facility (can only be done once for 400 Simoleons)
  • Go snorkeling in deep waters (can be in any ocean part as long as the water is deep enough)
  • During scuba diving under water you keep increasing your skill as well (after level 2)

So, the first chance you get, find some deeper water and go snorkeling or take a class. Leveling up while snorkeling does not go fast, but meanwhile you could find some shells underwater that you could sell for some Simoleons.

Dive spots

If you enter the city map and scroll around the map you will find 2 dive spots (later more) which are marked in the ocean with light blue icons. In total there are four dive spots, of which you only the first is available to you in the early levels. Once you level up you will be able to see and go to other dive spots. The Dive spots are:

- Rocky Reefs
- Davy Jones’ Locker
- Mermaid Grotto
- Pearls Deep

Once you have reached level 2 of the diving skill you can choose the option “scuba diving” at a diving spot. Your Sim will then go underwater so make sure you have right-clicked your Sim’s icon so you can follow it under water. Underwater you will gain more skill in diving and you can find seashells, fish and treasure chests under water. Some treasure chests can only be opened once you have a certain level though. Caves can be found throughout the dive spots where you can explore. You might find items there or an exit to another area. Sometimes you will find an air pocket so your diving time is increased again. If you are in a higher level, the cave might lead you to another island.


Depending upon your level of scuba diving you will be able to stay a certain amount of time under water. In the early levels it will be about 2 hours (you can check the moodlet you receive then for the time). After you resurface there will be a 2 hour de-compression time before you can dive again. Once you have gained 15000 lifetime points you can buy the “lungs of steel” lifetime reward. With this reward you can go underwater without a timer. The only disadvantage is that at the point that some of your health bars are low the decompression moodlet might suddenly come up and you will find your Sim back on land again. This might be a mistake in the game.

The scuba diving job

Once you have gained 1 skill in scuba diving (by snorkeling), you can register as self-employed scuba diver. You will earn promotions based on the profits you make from selling (or consigning) the fish, shells and other treasures. You can also visit some of the community lots that can provide you with some diving work for extra income:

  • City Hall
  • Science Facility
  • Restaurant
  • Bistro

They will request you to deliver shells and fish, things you can find while scuba diving. Take into account that you can only take on one diving work task per time.


While diving you may get attacked by a shark. When you see one it does not always attack but it might. There is a 50/50% chance of surviving a shark attacking you. The chance of survival will increase when you gain more athletic skill. Also note that sharks are attracted to you when you have raw fish in your inventory.



While you are under water you could swim into a mermaid (male or female) and talk to them. You can befriend them, which gives you some opportunities. When you become good friends (without using cheats) then you have the chance that the mermaid shows you the location of another
deserted island. Eating Mermadic kelp will turn your own Sim into a mermaid. This can be given to you by your mermaid friend or you can get it as a lifetime reward for 40.000 lifepoints.

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