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The Sims 3 - The alchemist career



When creating a Sim, you will be able to choose the traits that can help you get the needed traits for the alchemist profession. These are:

  • Gatherer - useful as it will help you find items/potion ingredients around the town more easily
  • Green thumb - as you will need to do some gardening to get some of the potion ingredients (especially the stronger ones). This will help you gain the skill more quickly
  • Angler - Fishing is also one of the skills needed as for some ingredients you will need certain fish species.

Of course you can gain all these skills without these traits as well, but it will go a bit slower.

How to obtain the Alchemist career

To obtain the career path for the Alchemist you will need to register yourself via phone or computer as self-employed (via jobs and professions, then register as self-employed). Before you can do this you will need at least one skill point in alchemy. When you register as self-employed, your Sim will head off to the municipality building to sign the needed paperwork.

The alchemy station
To gain a skill point in alchemy you will need to use the alchemy station which you can buy via the buy mode in your game (under skill items) or you can use the alchemy station that is available in the potion shop. Should you not have this shop in the city you are playing I strongly suggest to place it into your city (via the Edit Town, then search for the shop in the "outdoor tab section"). You can also get a potion shop venue through the Exchange via the Sims 3 website.

Using the alchemy station
When using the alchemy station for the first time, you will only be able to "research alchemy". This will improve your skill, and the first point is obtained fairly easy. Keep using this option until you have the first point. Once you have the first skill point, you will get some ingredients in your inventory that you need to create your first potion. The option "make potion" will now be available.

Tip: As some ingredients are not found easily, instead of using them directly, plant them if possible so you get more produce. Also any ingredients left could be sold to the potion/consignment shop for some extra simoleons.


To be able to make potions, you will need ingredients for them. The more advanced potions will require more difficult (to find and or plant) ingredients. You can go to the potion shop to find a lot of ingredients needed for the potions, but you will probably not find anything at once, as the shop has different ingredients to sell each day. Also you will have to pay for them and some come at a high price. Therefore look around town for any seeds/ores/harvestable plants you can find and pick them. If possible plant them in your own garden (indoors is safer as it keeps the zombies away ). If you cannot plant certain seeds/crops yet, wait until your skill in gardening is a bit higher.

Here is a list of ingredients you will need for the potions:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Mushrooms (these are rare, plant in own garden when found)
  • Metals and ores
  • Fish
  • Honey and Beeswax (available in buy mode and usually found next to the potion shop)
  • Herbs (find with seeds, such as basil, cinnamon, etc.)

The potion shop

The potion shop that comes with the expansion sells both ingredients and potions. The shop will have a different selection of products each day. You can also sell both ingredients and potions. The sales work like the consignment store does; it can therefore take some time before you receive your profits. Potion sales tend to increase when it is a full moon cycle, so make sure that you have some potions to be sold for the shop then. The shop also has a gem cutter inside of the store, as well as an alchemy station. In the garden of the shop you will find the beehive box. Harvest these when you can, as the honey and beeswax are often an ingredient for one of the potions.

Skills and promotions

The more skill your Sim gains in alchemy the more powerful potions it will be able to create.

Level 1: You will receive some ingredients that you can plant and /or use for potions
Level 2 - 4: Your potions will have less chance in failing
Level 5: You can now also create mystic potions
Level 6: It is possible that when creating a potion, you will make two in one go
Level 7 - 10: Your potions will almost never fail

When you are a self-employed alchemist, you will earn promotions by selling potions. The promotion levels are as follows:

Level 1: Bottle cleaner
Level 2: Assistant Gatherer
Level 3: Recipe Tester
Level 4: Junior mixer
Level 5: Mixing manager
Level 6: Master mixer
Level 7: Recipe inventor
Level 8: Elixir specialist
Level 9: Senior alchemist
Level 10: Alchemy expert


Fred on February 21, 2020:

How do I become “self employed” there isn’t an option

Amanda from Michigan, United States on April 21, 2014:

I'm playing a Sim with the desire to be alchemist for the first time, so I found this hub very useful! :-)