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The Sims 3 Base Game Traits Guide


The Sims 3 Trait System

Traits are one of the many new features in the Sims 3. Depending on the age of your Sim, they can have between 2-5 traits total. In the Sims 3 base game alone, there are over 50 traits your Sims can have. Depending on what traits your Sims have, they can have different Lifetime Wish choices, such as a Sim with the Athletic Trait will most likely have the option of the Professional Sports Career Lifetime Wish. Traits can be beneficial to your Sims, negatively impact your Sims, or can do both depending on the current situation your Sim is in. In this guide, Traits under Positive only have benefits, Traits under Negative only have shortcomings, and Half-Half Traits have both benefits and shortcomings. Next to the trait will show its main feature, and any trait with a star next to it are traits that I find most useful for Sims.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Which Sims 3 Expansion Packs unlocks the Education Career?
    • Late Night
    • Ambitions
    • Pets
    • Generations
    • World Adventures

Answer Key

  1. Ambitions

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Positive Traits

Angler (Faster Fish Skill Gain)

Artistic* (Faster Painting, Writing, and Guitar Skill Gain)

Bookworm* (Faster Writing Skill Gain)

Brave (Fights Fires and Burglars)

Charismatic (Faster Charisma Skill Gain)

Computer Whiz (Hack Interaction Unlocked, Computer Games boosts Fun Need Faster)

Daredevil (Never die from fire)

Easily Impressed (Receptive to Boasting Socials)

Excitable (Gets Positive Moodlets from a lot of things from big to small)

Family Oriented (Start off with better familial relationships and help children better)

Flirty (Romantic Socials work better and uses Romantic Socials more often)

Genius (Faster Logic Skill Gain)

Good (Don't React Badly to Socials and Interactions often, can donate and help other Sims)

Good Sense of Humor* (Easier time starting relationships, jokes are more effective)

Great Kisser (Kisses have larger positive influences on relationships)

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Green Thumb (Faster Gardening Skill Gain)

Handy* (Faster Handiness Skill Gain)

Lucky (Can get the Feeling Lucky Positive Moodlet, which lowers the chance of misfortune)

Natural Cook* (Faster Cooking Skill Gain)

Party Animal (Can get the Awesome Party and Life of the Party Moodlets, Wooo! Social)

Schmoozer (Can more effectively befriend neighbors, co-workers, and bosses)

Virtuoso (Faster Guitar Skill Gain)

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Negative Traits

Absent-Minded (Stops often while doing anything)

Can't Stand Art (Negative reactions to art and don't like to talk about art)

Clumsy (Drops food, trips, and lose fish when fishing)

Commitment Issues (Reacts badly to relationship-oriented socials)

Coward (Gets the scared Moodlet often, runs away from things they are scared of, or can faint)

Dislikes Children (Reacts badly to Sims with children or around children)

Grumpy (Rarely in a good mood, takes more work to put them in a good mood)

Hates The Outdoors (Gets the Plagued by Outdoors negative moodlet from being outside)

Hot Headed (Negative moodlets related to anger have worse effects, can get negative reactions to almost any little misfortune)

Hydrophobic (Hates being around a pool, will not play with rubber duckie in the bathtub)

Kleptomaniac (Can come home with stolen objects, which can damage relationships)

No Sense of Humor (Reacts poorly to jokes and humorous socials)

Technophobe (Negative reactions to computers or TVs)

Unflirty (Negative Reactions to romantic socials)

Half-Half Traits

Ambitious* (Fulfilled Wishes give more Lifetime Happiness Points, can get the Anxious to Advance Negative Moodlet if advancements don't come regularly)

Athletic (Faster Athletic Skill gain, don't like to hear other Sims complain about exercise)

Childish (Loves toys, can play with toys, are easily bored in conversations)

Couch Potato (Comfy Moodlet is stronger, TV boosts Fun Need quicker, needs more sleep)

Evil (Gets Positive Moodlets from other Sims' misery, hard time building relationships with Sims with the Good Trait)

Frugal (Can get the Got a Good Deal Positive Moodlet, can get coupons from newspaper or computer, reacts poorly to expensive objects)

Heavy Sleeper (Cannot be awoken by objects or other Sims, sleeps through burglaries and fires)

Hopeless Romantic (More receptive to Romantic Socials, the Stood Up and Heart Broken Moodlets are more potent)

Inappropriate(Cannot use the Apologize Social, has the Make Fun Of Social)

Insane (Not afraid of ghosts, random response to marriage proposal)

Light Sleeper (Always awaken when a burglar or fire starts, awoken by other Sims and objects)

Loner (Gets the Enjoying Solitude Moodlet when alone, Too many People Moodlet when around other Sims)

Loser (Rarely wins games, complains more often in conversations, gets a bigger mood bump from the Winner Moodlet)

Loves The Outdoors (Get positive moodlets from being outside, need to be outside more often then other Sims)

Mean-Spirited (Always win fights, regularly make enemies, uses more negative socials)

Mooch (Can mooch food and simoleons from other Sims, but not everyone goes with it)

Neat (Automatically clean their surroundings and get negative moodlets around dirty surroundings or Sims)

Neurotic (Can use the Freak Out Interaction, which gives a mood boost, and take longer to get rid of stress moodlets)

Never Nude (Wears Swimwear when taking a bath or shower)

Over Emotional* (Positive Moodlets and Negative Moodlets are more effective)

Perfectionist* (Make higher quality paintings, recipes, and novels, but they take longer to make)

Slob (Not Negatively effected by messes, objects used by them get dirtier faster)

Snob (Loves expensive objects and compliments, are harder to impress in conversations)

Unlucky (Grim Reaper sometimes automatically revives Sims that died from accidents, can get the Feeling Unlucky Moodlet which increases the chance of fires, losing games, and other misfortunes)

Vegetarian (live longer, get Nauseous Moodlet from eating meat)

Workaholic* (Gets the Like Work Moodlet while at work, get the Missing Work Negative Moodlet when skipping work)

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